Pay it Forward - Week 61 Entry

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Phew... I was starting to get worried that my Tuesday routine for the past year was starting to get broken... but now, I'm still on the floor... typing up my Curation Contest entry for @pifc whilst waiting for my toddler to fall asleep! That's kind of nice... I'm not a big one for sudden change.. however, this would be one case where I would make an exception....

Anyway, two very different bloggers this week! Hopefully, neither of them get upvoted by anyone big in between me writing this and posting it!

Aggg... poop, literally, I smell poop, and I don't think it was me... time out from writing... BRB!


@quantumdeveloper (REP 40) is someone whose blog description is the time-independent version of Schrodinger's Wave Equation. Case closed... that is all you need!

Okay... fine, it is an interesting blog that is full of programming tips and instructions. It has been quite some time since I tried my hand at programming, I am slowly slowly relearning it so that I can teach my daughters, but I wasn't ever as good as the real computer guys... This featured post is partly a demonstration and partly an small exercise for the reader. Sadly, it really shows my rustiness that I need to grab my old textbooks to remind myself what all the language means...

Featured Post

ARRRRGH! It's a Violin?

@montycashmusic (REP 63) is a travelling musician and poet, who has in this featured post designed and built a Franken-violin!

As a violinist myself... I'm both horrified and entranced in equal measure! However, if you listen to the YouTube recording... it kind of works! I'm gobsmacked!

Featured Post

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Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 61 is confirmed.

Thanks and thank you for the contest and the support of the featured bloggers!

Thank you for the entry @bengy! I had no idea what the first one was talking about haha (proof I'm not a nerd😂), and I loved the second one! So cool!

Ha ha... You are just being modest!

Ha, the most popular take away from Quantum Mechanics!

Thanks a bunch for picking my post. I'm so glad you didn't run for the hills after seeing how I changed this violin, being a violinist yourself.

Anyways, all the best!


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My pleasure... the history of violins has had many many interesting experiments... many of them are much more weird than yours! Anyway, I play on original types of instruments from around the Baroque era... the violins that are commonly thought of now as "Classical" instruments are different beasts!

Thank you for your entry. I've supported both bloggers. I really, really wanted to hate the violin one, but I actually liked it. He did a great job!

Ha... yes, I was the same about the violin as well! But it sort of works! Thanks for supporting them!

Thank you bengy! You've just received an upvote of 34% by artturtle!

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