Pay It Forward Entry - Week 24

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Finally arriving back into Europe... at least physically! I don't think my brain ever left Europe in the last few days... at least with the sleeping schedule! This week, I was looking over a few of the bloggers that I seem to see around on similar Discord servers or projects! The big surprise for me was that they were still both eligible to be featured! So I did!

All round good guy!

How can you not like a face with that much make-up? @dollarsandsense (REP 55) a is blogger with a great sense of humour and a new baby daughter! I guess the two have to go together if you want to survive the first years of child rearing...

This post about his Army time is an absolute hoot to read, as is this fun game!. The game is a cinch to play, and it is going to be a hilarious point in each week to read through the comments!

Definitely a great blog to check out if you are up for a laugh and a good read!

The Champ!

I can't believe that @janton (REP 54) is still eligible for being chosen for this contest (being under REP55). If you haven't heard of the The Curation and Engagement Leagues run by @abh12345 then you just should register and check it out! However, that isn't the purpose of this contest! @janton (the arch-nemisis of our beloved judge @lynncoyle1) is the long running champion of the engagement portion of the league, which means he is doing some serious interaction (posting, commenting, voting) with the Steem chain!

Check out his latest post, which is an interesting dive (series) into America's Wild West past! Then pick a side, are you a @janton fan or a @lynncoyle1 supporter?

My past entries

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We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

interested in joining the Steemit Bloggers Community?

Thanks for the support!

Ah yes, well familiar with both @janton and @lynncoyle1 for Asher's leagues, watch them "duel" every week (I'm just a "minor bit player!") for top spots. On the other hand @dollarsandsense is one of Steemit's great commenters with insight... off to check out their latest!


Yes, this week it was a surprise to me that I had known of both featured bloggers for a while... and yet, hadn't thought to feature them! Just goes to show that REP is not a really useful indicator of quality or respect!

thank you so much sir bengy! I am highly honored by this, God bless you sir!

No problem! I was a bit surprised that you are still eligible to be featured! REP under 55!

yes sir I know, don't remind me. lol. well I didn't start posting until the last week of April so I guess it's not too bad but still it seems like I'm crawling at a snails pace with people who just joined matching me because they keep getting hit by curie.

but it's all good, I'll just keep plugging along.
thank you sir for all you do!

Here supporting your post @bengy, into our Pay It Forward Community's weekly curation contest.

I really liked these two choices and have supported them both, as well. In the short time I have, I just want to express my appreciation for your efforts to find under-supported new Steemians.

It is a lot of work, but for a good cause - building a healthy, thriving "middle class" here inside our "Steemisphere."

All the best to you, moving forward, as we all work together to add value to our Steem blockchain!

P.S. Really enjoyed finding out the Champ, @janton, also posts. Great story teller!

Thanks for supporting them! I was also surprised to see that @janton audio posts I thought he just replied to comments all day!

My pleasure @bengy. I appreciate your faithfulness to put these together. I'm working on it myself, but time is always against me ...

And, yes, janton apparently gets far more enjoyment out of comments, but he's also a pretty good storyteller.

Have a great day!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them!

Thank you @bengy! I’m honored that you’d pick me, and I feel truly blessed. You’re one of my favorite Steemians, so it’s great to know I’m adding to your experience here too!

I've enjoyed reading your last few posts! Love your sense of humour!

hay @bengy, awesome entry as always for @pifc. I cant pick a side, I am both a @janton fan and a @lynncoyle1 supporter.

Also checked out @dollarsandsense, nice share

Ha ha, at some point we must pick a side... Our true colours will be revealed!

nooooooooooooooooooooo I will not pick a side..........I do black and white, @lynncoyle1 know this......this is way to colorful for me....

awww you're so sweet @paulag, but don't worry, @janton's got some tough skin. You can tell everyone that you like me more hahahaha

actually that's just another myth spread about me, probably by you. I'm really a soft little lovable furball of feelings. lol.

ah man, I'm so better out of this one. Love you both

haha! I'm just playing around of course, please go with Lynn, ya'll have history and she is the best!


Thanks for featured bloggers...not your normal pics but as always great ones.

Yes, something different this time! I noticed on my feed that there were people who fit the category! All this time, just sitting under my nose...

Sometimes we complicate simple...well at least I know I do. Nice that you realized you could highlight a couple people you already follow.

Thanks for supporting them!

Wow! You're really trying to stir the shite up with this one, aren't you @bengy??!! :)


(Did you ever watch Seinfeld; how Jerry used to say, "Newman!". haha)

He he! Sorry, can't feature you because your REP is too high! That would have been a funny post if I could have had you both on the same curation!

well! if THAT'S they way people feel about me I'm just gonna take my keyboard and go home!

I visited and supported both of your featured authors. That was a fun read with the first one. And really, I can't believe @janton is there. 😂

Yeah! @janton is a noob!

The unbeatable League engager is a noob! 😂

We all have to start somewhere... Most of us start at the bottom...

Great Job @bengy. I've been visiting @janton all week with his post on Doc Holliday as you probably saw :D Left a nice comment and vote for @dollarsandsense.

Great! Thanks for supporting them!

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