Pay it Forward - Week 78 Entry

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

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So, I'm having a bit of time off from writing about the stuff in the picture above.... my head is a little sore, I'm having to use it in ways that I've not had to do since studying Theoretical Physics in my past life... anyway, it is nice give myself a bit of a work out. But it is nice to come back to writing in a different more conversational style as well.... let's me just think and type rather than learning, researching and then trying to make a coherent sentence out of words that are longer than 5 characters in length.Anyway, it is the 4th out of 5 articles that I'm writing... so I'm almost done, just one more... about something a touch simpler....

Anyway, to keep myself amused, I've been jerking around a crypto scammer on Telegram... I'll write about that later in the week... it's pretty funny. Well, I think it is... and downstairs, my oldest girl is sick and just lying in bed and reading.

Organ Playing

Due to the efforts of the #secretsoforganplaying crowd... I get a lot of pipe organists crossing my @classical-radio feed! @jeremyowens9501 (REP 51) is the latest one that I'm featuring... and he is playing here an unusual composition by a female composer, Jeanne Demessieux. Now, often (like many other fields) we think that the history is dominated by male legends... however, the truth is that in many fields (including Science...) there were females that were doing great work but due to the cultural mores of the time were not permitted to "work" or even to contribute formally. Thus, often their works were hidden or attributed to someone else...

That might not be necessarily the case in this case... I haven't done the research and I'm not familiar with organ music in general... but it wouldn't surprise me if these gems were not very well known in the wider music community!

Anywa, enjoy the playing! The pipe organ is pretty damn impressive as an instrument... but as always, it pales in comparison to the violin! It's also less portable...

Featured Post


#steemsilvergold is one of STEEM's oldest communities... and @dfinney (REP 63) is one of the group community leaders. She's pretty funny and welcoming on both Discord and on chain as well! Interestingly enough, she is an adopted Australian and so she is also a member of #teamaustralia... her husband is Australian (but apparently she is American... it's okay.. we all have problems...). It's our subtle way of turning the American empire into an offshoot of the Australian Commonwealth... one citizen at a time. Unfortunately, there are more Americans than Australians... so we might have to marry a few to the spare kangaroos that we have.

Anyway, like most of the #steemsilvergold people... she is pretty into silver and gold... (and steem...) the hint is in the title of the group. Just like @pifc people can't get enough of the circle ratio and football clubs.

In this featured post, @dfinney gives us ample warning before dumping her latest discovery on us... she doesn't mention that she bought it... but I think we can safely assume it.

Featured Post

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That might be the first porn post for the curation


Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 78 is confirmed.

Haha... I wonder why it took that long...

Thanks for your entry. I had already voted both posts a week ago, but I only visited and commented today.

Thanks! I'm also running quite a way behind on commenting!

Time off? are you allowed that? 😂🤣😂
Visited and all the good stuff.

Haha... yes, I think so... not from the parenting.. but from other stuff....

Good luck with writing, by now perhaps finished?

🤔 I don't know about the kangaroos. Better ask them first.

Happy Sunday 💕

Thanks.... all done with the writing project, thankfully!

Ok you tricked me into a porn-curation and I freaking loved it hahahahaha upvoted man!

Ha ha... I might have accidentally forgotten to write exactly what it was about!

.. But you had ample warning on the featured post!


I did NOT buy it.

Did you see that picture is silverd? He would TOTALLY buy the bar. 😉

I did see it... It's okay, your secret is safe with me and the rest of the public STEEM blockchain...

Thanks for mentioning organists 😇 We are slowly growing in number here. @organduo had a record 7 entries last week.

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