Pay it Forward - Week 71 Entry

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

I'm on holiday at the moment.... and it's been with the bigger side of the in-law family... which makes for some pretty hectic days and evenings... big families make for late sleeps! Anyway, it also makes it a bit tricky to dissappear to write out a post or two... I really should have had some ready to go and saved up as drafts... but I didn't... so, here I am scratching one out before I go to sleep!


@free-reign (REP 60) is a fellow member of the PowerHouseCreatives... but someone whose posts I haven't come across in the promotion channels yet. Quite probably we are frequenting different topics, and we just aren't running into each other... hmmm, sounds very much like a microcosm of STEEM!

Anyway, in this featured post, they are writing about his Life's Treasure... a topic that we have for this week's in-house creatives contest. It is a beautiful read and lovely story!

Featured Post


@irvinesimages (REP 60) is a photographer who has been on STEEM for quite some time... but not all old timers are whales, some are just going along the same as the rest of us. Anyway, he posts some pretty great photography if you are interested... not so much in the writing department, but the pictures more than make up for that (I hope...)!

In this featured post he has a great shot of some lightning in dark conditions from Arizona (USA). I'm always really quite in awe of people who have the patience to wait and capture the right shots!

Featured Post

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Awesome picks!

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Thank you and thank you for supporting them!

Thank you for your entry.
I've supported both of your bloggers even though the second one is rather short compared to the 200 words minimum.

Thanks! I know... the word limit... I have been watching them post, but I never seem to get a longer post. I was hoping the creative work would be enough!

I know it can be really difficult, especially with people leaving Steem - or being shy due to HF21 tomorrow!!!

Still, at some point the 200 word thing was added to make sure the post was good quality. (There are lots of people, I'm sure you know, who post the one picture, their exit data and that's it - and, as a reader, you're sitting there wanting to know more about this amazing place!)

But yes, sometimes, it's hard to find 200 words to say about a great image. I've been finding this recently when posting some of my trip pictures - that's why I supported them despite the short post. :-)

Thanks for supporting them anyway... it is pretty tricky finding decent people these days... half my saved list for @pifc have disappeared and are inactive. I have to prune it down again!


Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 71 is confirmed.

Ta, thanks for the contest!

Thank you for the entry @bengy; I enjoyed both of them :) It's nice to have some powerhousecreatives pics as well ... kill two birds with one stone, so to speak :)

Oh... I missed that memo... we are killing bloggers now?


Thank you for curating and help people's posts to stand out. =)

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