Pay It Forward Entry - Week 16

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This is my submssion for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

This week, I'm making a bit of a better use of the REP 55 level cap, it meant I could keep an eye out for any bloggers that I had previously discounted as over the REP cap of 50. As is starting to become the norm, I have a couple of hours of Steemit time sitting on the floor of the toddler's room, while she decides whether or not she wants to stop rolling around and chatting and singing and JUST GO TO SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!! It's great time for playing Steemit... although, I considering streaming some games from my gaming computer in the attic...


You would think that the old Japanese art of paper folding wouldn't mesh well with the new fangled tech of Blockchains, but somehow it works! @ivan-g (REP 52) has an account that posts some really interesting origami "how-to" and videos... interspersed with hour long marathon Tetris sessions. Come for the Origami...

If you are interested, his post Making more Omega Star is the one that I'm featuring.

More Origami posts:
Modular Origami Spinner Model
Origami Rose Bouquet (Past Payout, but really interesting!)

Playing some Tetris


Now, I pretty certain (I did a search) that I haven't featured @danieldedosd2 (REP 44) on my PIFC entries before. He does often play with some of the Venezuelan people that I have featured, but I haven't actually done a feature on him yet! So, this week, I'm fixing up that mistake and highlighting a recent post of his, Primavera Arpegio en Sol Mayor. Nice to be able to feature some music again!

The classical music community at #classical-music and Discord. Follow our community accounts @classical-music and @classical-radio. Community Logo by ivan.atman

Steemit Bloggers
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Animation By @zord189

Upgoats by ryivhnn
Account banner by jimramones


Posted from my blog with SteemPress :


Thanks for supporting the #payitforward contest. We truly appreciate your participation and willingness to help find undervalued writers on Steemit. It's a great project and I'm glad you joined us. I have visited, commented, and upvoted each of your featured authors. Wish you all the best. AND MUSIC!!!! woo hoo.

No problem, and thanks as always for supporting the featured bloggers!

No problem, and thanks
As always for supporting
The featured bloggers!

                 - bengy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Drat! I thought I wouldn't see you today!

Thank you so much for another great entry @bengy!

I had to laugh, imagining you on the toddler's floor; I have similar memories of sitting at the top of the stairs, just outside my toddler's room, waiting for him to climb out of bed and peak through the door, just to see me there and run back to bed. It could and often did, go on for hours!! There are some things I do not miss from those days haha

Ha ha, Yes, it's one of those things when it is happening to someone else! Our little one also does the same, stands up to peek and see if we are there... And then flops down quickly when we look! Hopefully this stage is over soon...

haha @bengy, that seems so cute to me, but I'm sure it's driving you crazy!😅

have viewed and support your featured bloggers @bengy... really like the guitar player, I don't do origami but got some inspiration from the post. Thank you

Great! Thanks for supporting them!

Great picks once again. Always enjoy your picks, thank you! Both have been upvoted.

Thanks, and thanks for organising the contest!

Great features @bengy. Both so unique. Both very enjoyable :)

Thanks and thanks for supporting them!

Hey, you know what? I learned making those omega stars through @ivan-g's blog which I may not have known if you haven't picked his blog. So thanks for curating and sharing his blog.

Here are my products. I'm gonna share them too to @ivan-g 😄

Wow! These are great! Glad you were able to discover how to make them!

Excellent choices, @bengy! I liked both posts! 😃

Thenks for getting around and supporting them!

Thank you for the mention, I'm flattered :)

No problem, thanks for the great work!

Hey @plushzilla, I forgot to mention you in the main post, but this origami might be right up your alley if you didn't know them before!

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