Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 5 entry

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This is my entry for the Pay it forward Curation contest by @thedarkhorse.

It appears when you host a giveaway with the question, "What are you reading?" all sorts of interesting people come out of the woodwork!


Food and Fishing


@papacrusher (rep 50) writes lengthy and interesting posts about his two passions. Fishing and food, I had never heard of grits before reading this post.


General blogging and writing


This post about Going beyond the scientific method by @sue-stevenson (rep 48) was an interesting read. In the end, I don't agree with her, but I did enjoy reading!


Long form Articles


This post by @agmoore (rep 49) is a incredibly interesting and informative read about Migrant Farm Workers in the United States. It is a photo essay, but the text is quite descriptive and really takes you along the journey.


Referral links

Mene, Investment jewellery (5 dollars credit just for making the account).
Humble Bundle Monthly, PC games package every month! A version of Steemit that allows small accounts to use the Vote Slider! When they get a dark theme, I'll be there full time!
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Coinbase, the biggest fiat on and off ramp.
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Cryptopia, Lots of lesser known altcoins.
HitBTC Even more Altcoins!

My musicoin artist page (tap on banner), come support your favourite music on the crypto-ecosystem!

One of the orchestras that I play in, specialising in Early Music. Click on the banner for the Steemit page, featuring music and various articles about music!

The classical music community at #classical-music and Discord.
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Proud kiddie member of the Alliance playground group!

Horizontal Rulers by cryptosharon
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Thank you so much for including me in your curation! It is greatly appreciated.

My pleasure, thanks for teaching me what grits are!

Thank you for featuring my post even if you don't agree with it. That makes it even better, somehow! :D

Thanks for entering the Pay it Forward contest @bengy! You got in just under the wire :)

Yes, getting tighter each time! I have a couple of nominations up the sleeve for the next one,if only they will put up a post in the week!

I was only thinking though too that your showcased steemians might not get much notice from anyone because they're now looking at week 6 now. Just something to consider. I went to papa-crusher's post (I'm a steemitblogger too like him:), loved his post and will check out the others too :)

Thanks for taking the time to check them!

Yes, I didn't realise I was only squeaking in on the last day. I noticed the new post went up today, I think I'm going to be better on top of this one!