Pay It Forward Entry - Week 18

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Congratulations to the @pifc, we have all moved to a new account home and things are looking good! I'm still quite surprised by how long this contest has been running (18 weeks), and it has been great to see the looking back retrospectives of everyone! Big thanks to contestants, judges and sponsors who all keep this well-oiled machine running, it's a great highlight of my weekly Steemit routine to write this post (and also to keep an eye out constantly for people who might be interesting!).


I recently started seeing posts from @caripiano (REP 42) start popping up in the #classical-music tag whilst curating for @classical-radio. She is a great pianist, posting some really high quality performances of herself. This particular performance is of her own composition Experience. In it she writes of the thoughts and ideas that went into the composition (first in Spanish, and then in English if you scroll down). She is a great addition to Steemit, and in particular the #classical-music community!


@quillfire (REP 49) publishes some interesting and engaging poetry. Poems are not really my favourite type of written genre, but what I really enjoy in his posts is the breakdown and analysis of the poem that he has written. This particular poem was written for the teacher of his daughter, a teacher that taught her when she was younger but obviously helped form her development up to today, "Adieu ... but not forgotten". The post is nearing payout (4 days), so I will just include a more recent post, "As He Demurs".

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Thank you for the entry @bengy. I don't know your first one, but I've followed "Quill" for sometime and he's great :) ...just like you :)

Ahhhh, transparent flattery is the best! Thanks for supporting them!

Thanks for your entry. Both bloggers have been upvoted.

Thanks for supporting them!

Oh that piano piece is wonderful - so moving! I've followed her and am looking forward to hearing more of her work. Also going to hop over and meet Quillfire in a moment too. Thanks for the interesting new people to stalk follow. E x

MINE MINE MINE! I'm not sharing!

...but, yes, she is pretty good, and I'm glad that others are hearing her work!

Heh, I see that @dreemsteem and @welcomewagon has trained you well! I'm starting to wonder if you aren't the same person... Although, there is a slight difference in writing style...

PS: Thanks for the minnowbooster vote!

You're welcome. And come on- share your toys!! 😁 haha- best compliment I've had all day... but sadly I am not the same person as Dreemie! E xx

Or are we.....

AWWW - The cute fluffy kittens will get me every time!

They are my spies! Watching you....

Wah- so that's how you do it? The kittens all along...

All commented and upvoted where I could. Very nice entires, but you know that LOL Keep up the great work @bengy.

Thanks heaps for supporting them!

Can't thank you enough for all your effort in finding great under-valued authors on Steemit. You are by far one of my favorite people on the platform. This week's entry is no exception. Of course, I have visited, commented and upvoted all your featured authors. I wish you continued success in all your endeavors. Best wishes.

Thanks for the kind compliments and for supporting the featured authors! Best wishes also to you!

I did not know your first entry user, but I can tell you that @quillfire is on fire! His poems are amazing!

He definitely is! I prefer the bit that follows the poems, the analysis and the reasons for the poems! Poems, I've struggled to appreciate them since... Well, always... But I do enjoy the analysis!

Awesome choices, definitely two very original individuals! Thanks for sharing! 😀

I missed your comment, stuck between two huge community banners! Thanks for supporting them!

Yeah, bots tend to do that. 😂


Thanks for the nomination. The honor is mine.



No problem! Thanks again for the interesting poems and analysis!

Qué maravilla. Gracias por la iniciativa! Sigamos en contacto!

No problem! Congratulations on the good work!

Thank you @bengy, I love the piano peace and the story about teachers .. really inspiring and made me think, why can't I appreciate my teacher all this time? done my round.. and lucky that I haven't missed you post this week.

Hey! Thanks again for supporting the featured bloggers!

Good going on finding this initiative because its not all about just ourselves!

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I'm loving this curation contest as well! It is a really great chance to pay back to others who are beginning the long climb!

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