Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 8 entry

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This is my entry for the Pay it forward Curation contest by @thedarkhorse.

Unfortunately, it has become a sad fact that as I am searching around for authors to include in my curation here, that it has been just as useful to keep a tab open at Steemcleaners. I often find a nest of bad accounts that I may as well report whilst I am doing the more fun job of looking at new posts.

Anyway, enough of the downer...

Photos and drones

Or photos from drones! @melbourneswest[REP 46] has a blog with photos taken from drones! These are some pretty awesome shots that he's got, just stay clear of the Dad jokes... or some of the more questionable shots...

Writing and Drawing

Phew, I never thought I would find an account that wasn't Steemcleaner material.... but I finally stumbled upon @lightoj [REP 43]who is a writer and sketcher! Here is an example of her(?) work ART: HOW TO DRAW ANIME BOY; A STEP BY STEP GUIDE.! I can't draw at all, so this is pretty impressive to me!

Optional Choice

My option choice for "the person who has helped me" is @silentscreamer (REP 60 and growing exponentially). She is a Classical violinist and a great singer who started around the same time as me. We met whilst toying around in the #classical-music community that was started by @remlaps. Whilst I've pottered around writing randomly about this and that, she has found a niche of singing and violin playing, becoming a Curie curator and a Musicoin ambassador!

However, more importantly, she has become the model Steem Citizen who is spreading her good fortune (that is the result of a lot of musical skill) around the Steemit community. Posts like The Case for "Enlightened Self-interest" on Steem /Help me fill up the @openmic reward pool this week/ and Why CURIE "needs" to be your choice for Witness /My thoughts/ highlight her commitment to a better Steem chain, one that hopefully is built upon communities and the support of other Steemians. She has a great sense of humour and an easy and engaging writing style, in addition to some kick-arse musical ability. However, it appears it isn't matched by the ability to write shorter titles for her posts....

She was a great help in helping in my early days of trying to aid the #classical-music tag and community, and although she has gone in leaps and bounds ahead of us, I do feel she keeps an watchful eye out for us! Most recently, she generously delegated to the community account (@classical-radio) that I run, which is a sister account to the main @classical-music run by @remlaps.

I would like to say "Thanks" to @silentscreamer, and although you probably don't remember it, I've done 2 Bach's to your 1 Tchaikovsky!


My musicoin artist page (tap on banner), come support your favourite music on the crypto-ecosystem!

One of the orchestras that I play in, specialising in Early Music. Click on the banner for the Steemit page, featuring music and various articles about music!

The classical music community at #classical-music and Discord.
Follow our community accounts @classical-music and @classical-radio.
Community Logo by ivan.atman


Proud member of the Alliance!

Horizontal Rulers by cryptosharon
Team Australia footer by bearone


No surprise here! You have found some great authors to feature and I got some cool music to boot. Love it. Thanks for all your hard work finding quality authors for the #payitforward contest. I truly appreciate your effort. Wish you continued success.

Thanks for the compliments and the support!

Awwww thank you Bengy. Of course i remember! But i cant bother you with all the great work you are doing for the classical music community here.
Its really lovely reading things like this.
Thank you....

im still waiting to hear from you on our RL collab haha ❤😁

Ha, I think we all feel like that sumo picture that you posted on your own post... Building a community feels a lot like that!

Real life, we ended up planning UK for our holiday instead of Croatia. So a collab would have to be via the interwires...

😕 i hate you Bengy. May your kalofonium run dry and your notes be lost in the wind. 😂❤

It's always like that, I'm an Early Music guy, our stuff is always dry and screwed up and no one can hear us!

I'm going to be in Russia later in the year! Close enough?

PS: May dust mites eat your horse hairs and the breath from your violin forevermore be stolen!

Thank you for the mention, great profile and blog

Once again you have brought some great posts together for us to visit. Thank you for your curation efforts!!

Ta, it took longer than expected this time!

I hear you Bengy. It's like I post as soon as it hits new I have 20 new followers and all of them are crap. All 60 days old rep 25 with crappy posts. I'm sure if I opened @steemcleaners more often I would see the same. I have 2 I really like, they post a little bit with their pictures and the talk when you comment, but their postings are only a couple of lines.

Still good people this week :)

On the plus side of I make a couple more posts I will hit 1000!

But I do keep a hit list of accounts that I will revisit for their bounty potential. It's hard to do the tracking on phone, but in a computer it is easy money!

I also have a few curation aces up the sleeve, but sometimes they don't post for a while...

I've been keeping a mental note and I thinking of making a more concrete list. I have the same issue. I'll see some good ones, but I want to watch them a bit and they sit idle.

I just save their profile url into a Google keep note. One for trash and one for curation.

Hi - while music and art aren't while I"m here I love the diversity of the platform - this is a great entry! You'd get my SBI vote!.

Ha ha, weird, I was just reading something on your blog, but it was from ages ago... Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Hopefully it's something 'quality'!

Do you post otherwise?

It was about the various curation guilds that are on Steemit. Very good collection, I'm curious about the early retirement plans, might check it out later when the kids are out cold...

It's a good question on integrity... I'm currently debating with myself whether I shld post my runs - seems a bit thin but I do enjoy them!.

As to early retirement - bit obsessed.

Thanks @bengy More great posts from you and most of all experiences

Thanks again for your work in running the contest.

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