Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 7 entry

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This is my entry for the Pay it forward Curation contest by @thedarkhorse.

EEEEP! I really thought I was doing this ahead of time, but now the cut off is Saturday sometime in the world! So, as usual with this contest, I'm only just on time!


Well, some of my aces in the hole haven't posted this week. However, @talmid (REP 46) did, and I'm so happy because he is a really talented guitarist! This is a dtube link of him practicing Etude No. 1 by Heitor Villa-Lobos. The video is a little out of sync with the sound, but that happens with these videos. The Etude (study piece) is chordal based so there isn't to much going on in the left hand, but that right hand technique is out of this world! Enjoy listening!

More Music!

Sorry, more music, but what do you expect from the guy who is trying to build the Classical Music community up from the ground at @classical-radio! @mayneth (REP 25), I'm not sure which is the account owner, but these two guys are phenomenal! There must be something in the water of the guitarists in Venezuela , I guarantee you will be blown away by their Tango Suite by Astor Piazolla! If you are not impressed, you have to be a bot...

Blogging, Art and Homeschool

@wildflowerjessi (Rep 49) is someone I came across whilst scouring the new members of TeamAustralia. Team Australia was one of the first communities that came into contact with, and their support has been absolutely central to my growth on Steemit. So, it is nice to find others and try and help them grow. @wildflowerjessi lives in Tasmania, the bit of Australia that keeps getting left off maps, and her writing about many things is easy to read and interlaced with beautiful photos. Her most recent post is here:


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Happy to see your entry beat the deadline. I really appreciate your continued support and participation in the #payitforward contest. You always provide us with great entries. Thanks again. I have visited all your authors, commented and upvoted them.

Yes, it caught me by surprise! I hope you enjoyed the music, I still listen to the guitar duo. I really think they are quite amazing!

Thanks for yet another great entry. I have upvoted all of your featured bloggers. Ran out of time to comment, but will try to get back to them Sunday as I won't be around much tomorrow.

No problem! Hope you enjoyed the music!

You received a large vote from kaliju due to being a Judges Choice Winner in Week 7. Keep up the good work! Week 8 Judges Choice winners will have at least one of their featured bloggers receive an SBI share too.

And I did enjoy the music. Not all my normal listening choices, but that actually makes it more fun.

Wow, thanks @kaliju! And thanks to you as well!

Heard, saw voted, and commented on all three. Nice picks.

Thanks so much for including me @bengy :-) it’s very much appreciated and a real honor!

No problem! You write well!