Pay it Forward - Week 76 Entry

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

"Curation" is all the rage these days on #newsteem and all the cool kids are doing it! @pifc has been sticking in there for 76 weeks now, and we have a mission to bring some light and love to authors who might just need that little boost in those early dark STEEM times (you know, when no one reads and comments on your work...). We don't have a huge payout for featured authors and we don't jump in before the big votes come in (in fact, the big votes rarely come in for our featured bloggers...)... we just trudge through the unknown STEEM wilds for something interesting to show and tell... It's not glittery and fancy (and takes a touch more effort than having a look at the feed of already followed bloggers) but we are there week in and week out... without requiring the on-chain curation incentives!

This week, we have organs and movies!

Organs... but jazzy!

@woody-mc (REP 51) is an organist who has posted a pretty cool (well, cool... I think it is cool... but I'm a classical musician... so your milage with the word "cool" might differ from mine...) video of the rock classic, House of the Rising Sun... in a jazz version! You can catch the performance in this featured post... woah... Genres colliding... Jazz, Pipe Organ... Rock! My head is spinning!

It's a really interesting combination and it does really work quite well! Drop in for a listen!

Featured Post

Movie Reviews

I can't do any sort of horror movies... even old ones from the end of the 70's. Anything even vaguely spooky will get my brain running in overdrive... and I will not be able to sleep for the rest of the week! In this featured post, @richardfyates (REP 62) has a review of the 1979 mini series adaptation of Steven King's Salem's Lot (hmmm... that is a lot of apostrophes... I wonder if that is right...).

In the days of limited special effects, the director would have to rely on other tricks to ratchet up suspense and fear... I think that I would prefer to read this review rather than experience the actual mini-series! I'm that much of a chicken... The review is quite engaging to read and really very informative.. I do feel like I've got a good gist of what the series was about. It does sound quite interesting... and there does seem to be some interesting and disturbing ideas that aren't just restricted to the stereotypical monsters.

Featured Post

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Thank you so much for the curation, @bengy!

To play weird and unexpected stuff on the pipe organ is my hobby --- most prominently, but not limited to movie themes, video game music and improvisations on almost everything else.

As a side note, I should mention that I do play solely by ear and not from any sheets as I appreciate the freedom to do so and the creativity that is unleashed by it. That's why each one of my performances is so unique and irreproducable when it comes to the details (well, at least for me).

Hope all the listeners will enjoy the fun part, too! :-)

My pleasure! it is nice thing to be free to improvise and follow a train of musical thought! You should also use the #classical-music (or #jazz is also okay) tag as well so I can drop by more often with the @classical-radio account!


Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 76 is confirmed.

Thanks! Belated thanks! Somehow, you stop replies for a day and then it all starts piling up!

Oh I know this all to

yup yup! We've been at it for a while now!

@bengy - thank you for being such a consistent curator and bringing us undervalued quality posts. If everyone had followed yours and @payitforward's example all along, what a wonderful place Steem would be today.

Oh we all do our own little thing to make the place better...