Pay It Forward Curation Contest Entry - Week 9

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This is my entry for the Pay it forward Curation contest by @thedarkhorse.

Woohoo, this is always a nice time of the week. A break from writing posts about democracy and just going out and seeing if the people I've collected and watched over the last few weeks are:

  1. Still active
  2. Not hacked
  3. Still under Rep 50
  4. not turn out on closer inspection to be a plagiarist...

At the moment, I have a small group of accounts that I've stashed away waiting for this moment each week! Unfortunately, some of them don't post anymore and others grow up so fast that they bust through Rep 50 while I've turned my back....

Anyway, on to the good stuff!


Haha, surprise! I'm leading with a music blogger again (@davidcentenor, Rep 44) is a guitarist and singer who sings some pretty catchy Venezuelan songs. The clip from above is from this post, Curruchá - Juan Bautista Plaza which is the post that caught my eye (ear...). However, it is nearing the end of payout, so I am including another post (but I prefer the first one!), El Espanto popular venezolano.

Catchy stuff!

Life observations

@lifeobserver (REP 44) creates posts about life observations, just like I create posts about bengys. Sometimes the observations are mundane, funny or strange... just like real life! Take a teaser look out of the eyes of another person here: Honesty Observation: Not The Right Time To Be Honest and Free Observation: Free on Top of Free?.

Just paying it forward

Image by @plushzilla aka @fibrefox

@plushzilla aka @fibrefox is the ultimate in Paying it Forward. He joined Steemit a little bit ahead of me, and I'm always seeing him run ahead of me in the Discords, helping out left, right and centre! If there is a new initiative to help out new bloggers or a community that is in the early stages of launch, he is there in the Discord helping out and providing support. These days, he seems to be more active on Discord behind the scenes of new communities, rather than making posts on Steemit.

His first account (@plushzilla), he only has access to his posting key. However, he still promotes others from that account as it has the most active followers. However this has led to him accumulating a lot of SBD and STEEM that is just locked away from him. This has to be the most generous and selfless thing!

We had a little funny moment in the @ifc contest, where we were tied for a "Shilling" contest. As the tiebreaker, we were supposed to shill for each other, my post about him still holds true! Although we did decide to have a little fun with the judges and pretend to create identical entries, here and here. And now that I look back on the posts, we might have tied in the tie breaker...

He designed free of charge the logo for the #classical-music community account that I run, @classical-radio.

I haven't seen him around so much lately, as we have drifted into different discords, but he did message me recently just checking to see if I had heard of another music discord. So keeping an eye out as always!

This guy (@fibrefox) is the embodiment of the "Paying it Forward" mentality!


My musicoin artist page (tap on banner), come support your favourite music on the crypto-ecosystem!

One of the orchestras that I play in, specialising in Early Music. Click on the banner for the Steemit page, featuring music and various articles about music!

The classical music community at #classical-music and Discord.
Follow our community accounts @classical-music and @classical-radio.
Community Logo by ivan.atman


Proud member of the Alliance!

SteemBulls community Discord here

Horizontal Rulers by cryptosharon
Team Australia footer by bearone


Great as usual @bengy. Thanks for continuing to support the project. I have visited, commented and upvoted your featured authors (and bookmarked 2 music clips). I may have to start a special bookmark folder for Bengy's suggested artists. I love the music choices. Wish you continued success.

It's a great thing to do each week! Glad you like the music!

Good picks, and good luck!!

Thanks for your entry. Once again you have some great content featured.

Thanks for the contest!

I was going to say that getting back to working full-time really cuts down the time you have to be active on Steemit, but you don't seem to have any problems with that (plus you also have a family to juggle as well) :D

Luckily I managed to put together another Steemit Bingo post otherwise I would feel a bit embarrassed reading about all these nice things you wrote :p

I'm always seeing him run ahead of me in the Discords, helping out left, right and centre! If there is a new initiative to help out new bloggers or a community that is in the early stages of launch, he is there in the Discord helping out and providing support

I could pretty much say the same thing about you!

I manage to scratch out time while travelling... But not always in depth posts!

Taking into consideration how many Discord groups you juggle, I am surprised that you can keep all the balls in the air (apparently 15 is about the physical limit on Earth)!

thank you @bengy another great post . I supported all your featured posts :)

Thanks and thanks again for running the contest!