Pay it Forward Entry - Week 34

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Well, I'm finally back at home after a long stretch of being away... which means my wife is getting a bit of a well-deserved break from the kids! It also means, I'm back to writing Steem posts whilst sitting on the ground waiting for the toddler to go to sleep!

Unfortunately, it also means many interrupted nights of sleep again, as my wife is a deep sleeper and I'm a very light sleeper. She's had the little one cranking out right next to her, and she didn't wake up!

A Proud mother!

... which leads me to my first blogger (wow, what a segue...). @carolinacardoza (REP 54) is a proud mother of a 13 year old son who has just did his first performance with the "Vicente Emilio Sojo de Guatire Orchestra".

It is a beautiful post from a mother about her son, rightfully bursting with pride and joy! Every parent knows this feeling at one time or another, and it was just a pleasure to read!

Anime (and gaming)

@dlstudios (REP 51) is a pretty new blogger, but one who is producing some amazing content already! He writes about anime and gaming and in some great depth and detail. The post that I'm featuring is about a 2 season anime called Bungou Stray Dogs. Anime isn't really my cup of tea, but after reading this, I'm intrigued! I also enjoy his gaming reviews, but they are much closer to payout, so I have featured the anime post instead!

My past entries

I'm going to keep a record of my past entries mostly for my own ease of finding them again!

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Just realized I missed your post when I was giving out votes. Found posts not past payout for both the bloggers and gave them votes. Sorry for the error.

No problem, it all balances out in the end!

I've supported both of your bloggers. A lot of fun this week!

Thanks as usual for supporting them!

great that you featured my fellow steemitmama @carolinacardoza, the proud mum i relate and commented and upvoted, i am not in to animee, but did the same with the second contestant.
greetz britt

Thanks for supporting both of them! Even if you aren't into Anime!

Pay it forward is one of My favorites we need to help

I really appreciate the shout out. I've been pretty lucky to have been noticed by so many people as quickly as I have been.

I'm still slowly starting to learn how the Steemit community functions, both in terms of technicals of the site as well as the community aspects, but overall I"m liking it here.

Yep, luck and a bit of right place at the right time helps! Like in all things! Thanks for producing great work!


Wonderful recommendations. I visited both.


Thanks for supporting them both!

Hi there! I've just visited and supported both candidates. Nice entry!

Thank you for supporting them!

You work hard