Pay It Forward Entry - Week 25

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

I'm back at home and I've been bitten by the day trading bug over at KuCoin for their birthday celebrations! There are various bounties and prizes, but I'll probably write about them tomorrow, a bit too tired to do it right now! Fast trading, playing in between the walls and tiredness....great combo for trading.... but I am playing it super safe! I can afford to lose the little bit that I'm gambling with! Although that said, I'd prefer not to!

However, for a little break from the nerve wracking excerise of willpower... I'm going to write this @pifc Curation Contest Entry! Already, I can feel the ease and relaxedness seeping into my body as I take my eyes away from the greens and reds and all those little numbers!

This week, I'm featuring two travellers! Travel is something that I'm hideously familiar with in my life as a musician, however, these people get to do it properly... to stop and see the sights, rather than running from hotel to airport to concert hall on half a nights sleep!

Travelling in the United States

@xcountytravelers (REP 52) is travelling all through the United States of America, according to their byline:

There are 3,144 counties in the United States and we are going to do our best to collect them all. We started traveling in 2013....

So, there are a few things to unpick... they are trying to collect American counties like Pokemon (or Steem Monsters if you must....), and they started before Steem was cool! So, this was a travel collection that was just waiting for the Steem chain solution! Who says blockchain doesn't add a certain spice to every situation? (WOW, someone just got smacked down on Kucoin for being greedy, that will have hurt a lot!).

There are two of them on this travel, and it appears that they are doing the counties of the USA by road, which sounds like a great way to just slowly experience and take in the countryside and culture of each place that they stop in at. Also it is pretty amazing that the two of them are not at each other's throats after 4 years of travelling together! Definitely a sign of a strong and durable relationship!

Obviously, for a travel blog, they are writing about their epic journey which involves outwitting dinosaurs or just being [philosophical](]! Either way, if you are in for photos or just some Steeming community spirit, this is a great blog to follow!

Travelling in Europe

@mattifer (REP 51) is also on a travelling kick in Europe! The account name is a Portmanteau of their names, I think it is Matthew and Jenifer, or maybe Matthea and Lucifer... Anyway, the byline that they are using for their adventures is:

Thanks for joining me in my adventures. This blog is dedicated to travels off the beaten path. You won't find my review of Disney World here, but you might just discover a new way to explore your world. If you're a fan of the road less traveled, I think you'll like what we have in store today.

Currently they have just arrived in Switzerland, having come in from the East via Lichtenstein and Austria. Oddly enough, I had just left Switzerland, so there was an off chance that there might have been a passing of Steem trains in the night, without either of us being the wiser! The benefits of belong to a secret blockchain society, we really need to work on a secret handshake or identifier!

They do feature some pretty amazing photo work on their blog, which also serves as a good publicity for their travel services company! It seems like these guys like to sample the goods before recommending it to their customers! Anyway, drop by and have a look, and maybe you'll be tempted into using their services to help you plan your next getaway?

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I'm going to keep a record of my past entries mostly for my own ease of finding them again!

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Are you in need of a vacation? These posts make me realize that I need one...bad! Anyways thanks for the entry and both have been upvoted.

Thanks for supporting them! I think I am dire need of a trip which isn't running from airport to hotel to concert hall with barely any sleep...

The travel gig isn't one I could ever do. Not sure how people jump from city to city, airport after airport, and a different bed each week. It has to be exhausting after a while.

Yeah, it suck... But not ball my work is like that, so I get a mix and balance!

Great finds, @bengy. I took a few time to read those posts but it was worth it.

Thanks as usual for dropping by and supporting them!

Many thanks for the curation! I'm honored. :-) And you had me rolling at Matthea and Lucifer! :-) :-) :-)

Ha ha, it could be your real names and you are just using pseudonyms in public!

Damn it, that was supposed to be a secret!!!

Lol, but seriously... Don't kill me!

No promises. :-D

Oh my goodness! I am blown away by your wonderful words! We do appreciate you sharing our post and even the Question of the Day. I must say, you made me laugh so hard and I do love that.

Yes, we are actually trying to "collect" all 3,144 counties of the United States and it is wonderful. As you mentioned, we try to experience the different cultures, people, and whatever the counties have to offer. I know it sounds a bit odd to be doing the travel this way, but it has enabled us to see a lot of the US already and we are only at 442 counties so far!


We believe you have to "Get Out, Live Life Outside Your Box" to experience life. Unfortunately, there are some who can't do the travel and our goal is to help them see our world through our videos, photos, and blog posts.

If you want to see how we got started on this adventure, go here:

Oh, and yes, we love to travel together, but it's not all roses! There have been threats of leaving one another along side the road a time or twelve. However, it's usually because we have been driving too many long hours and we need a break.

@bengy, thank you, again for sharing us with your readers.

Oh wow! You have a few more to go! I like the way you have mapped this out! It's like a puzzle, or a mathematical networking/optimisation problem, you can't cross a path that you already traversed, and what is the minimal path you can find!

The hardest part of the whole thing is sitting down and mapping it out. We live in a small county in the Northeastern area of Oklahoma. This means we have to take major highways to get to the places where we can go to new counties. For example, we are making a trip to Tucson, Arizona, in October. This means we have to travel all the way across Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle to get to a place we have never been.


Here you see (from left to right) the states Arizona, New Mexico, Texas Panhandle, and Oklahoma. We have We have completed Oklahoma and a lot of the Texas Panhandle. The red counties are the ones we will pass through to get to Tucson and the orange counties are the ones going home. We try not to go the same way twice. This enables us to pick up more counties.

We have decided, if we can get a good reaction to our GoFundMe, we will get every county of Arizona. This would be a first for us because we have had to work on Oklahoma and Arkansas in about three or more trips. If you want more information on this, you can visit our blog and look for the post Every County Counts in Arizona.

I am sure this is more information you were looking for, but you never know.

Oh wow - then the best is yet to come! You've not been to any of the counties I've lived in!

Oh, I can't wait to get to your counties. What state are you in?

I grew up in Oregon, but have also lived in Washington (several different parts), Wisconsin, New York and currently live in Wyoming.

Oh so many wonderful counties to visit!

If you make it to Chicago let me know (@thedarkhorse).

Oh, most definitely. We are planning a trip up highway 75 to Canada, then going east and coming back down through the Chicago area. Not sure when, but sometime in 2019.

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Thank you for the entry @bengy; I love both of these selections! I've alread traveled to Switzerland with mattifer, but need to check out the latest from xcountrytravelers ... love them!

Nice job buddy :)

Thanks for supporting them!

My pleasure buddy!

Dropping by and supporting your post @bengy. I visited and upvoted both of your entries into this week’s contest.

”... however, these people get to do it properly... to stop and see the sights ... “

Yes! While blessed with a wonderful vacation in July, both posts definitely fit your description. And made me think we are about due for another one ... 😉

Thank you for your effort here in support of our growing PIFC Community!

Due for another vacation! That was quick! Thanks for supporting the featured authors!

I've supported both of your bloggers. Thanks for the great entry!

Thanks for helping them out!

Thanks @bengy for all that you do. Great featured posts as always

No problem, thanks for the support of the featured authors and hope everything is good with you!

I can't really complain. it never does any good anyway

True true, I often say that myself!

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