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Borderless - Soph - Fake Joey On Free Square - Tim Pool & Bill Ottman on Tech Censorship PLUS Sexy Burkinis - Read the comments on this Lauren Chen YouTube Video - Participate #SPUD! [Steem Power Up Day] with Travelgirl - Banning Oatmeal - July 2014 - Wayback Machine & Robot Dogs - Xanga - Info Graphic News For Kids - Fake Dreck Briana is Not The Real Marissa Da'Nae - Home Alone Podcast - February 2015 - Fair - Video Games - Gardens - Sunday School - Infocomms - Mueller Report - Game of Thrones Finale

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Info Wars

Some highlights from May of 2019, as follows:

William Bar

2019-05-01 - Wednesday - @TravelGirl - Participate #SPUD! [Steem Power Up Day] with Travelgirl - Game of Thrones spinoffs disaster | Jack Posobiec Periscope Video - Tim Pool & Bill Ottman on Tech Censorship PLUS Sexy Burkinis & Game of Thrones - Read the comments on this Lauren Chen YouTube Video - Bible Study in Romans 5.

June 2014

2019-05-02 - Thursday - June of 2014 - Found red ants under the tarp behind the bookshed. Tilled that ground. Spring cleaning. Vacuumed behind the window couch. No Barr. Children running a fever - Dangerous or not? - Why not choose to love out of choice as opposed to emotion? - If I Die Young - @jamilavonperger - Back in the game!

July 2014

2019-05-03 - Friday - Reviewing July of 2014 - Watched Black Mirror. Dug more. People are trying to destroy America. Trump must act before it is too late against technocrats, globalists, corporate monsters, and others. Meanwhile, some people think I'm the monster.

August 2014

2019-05-04 - Saturday - August 2014 - Dad On My Life - Oliver is just jealous that she is not the grandma of ISIS - Trump, please save me from 5G. It's eating me like Cancer Water - The biggest problem is that Big Tech is banning people from Social Ghetto Networks online. Trump must act and end the Black Contracts that Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, YouTube, and others, have, may have, and other things - Part 23 of Banning Oatmeal - I will continue to talk about this series of Banning Oatmeal. The purpose of this thread is multifaceted.

Internet Problems

2019-05-05 - Sunday - Game of Thrones 804 - Facebook Has Billions of Employees - During worship, I thought about the process of life of going up the hill and then over and down the hill - @stefan.molyneux - Freedomain Livestream - Free Speech and Ask Me Anything! - Trump may be blind to only what Trump wants to see. Trump may not see how bad 5G, geoengineering, technocracy, Big Pharma, etc, is, are..... How do we get Trump to see what we see? Started reviewing September 2014. Internet & Sleep problems.

Deplorable Hill

2019-05-06 - Monday - I met Seven Angels Last Stop at Walmart - Reviewing Game of Thrones 804 - I was also reviewing September of 2014. Bought a VHS DVD Recorder for eleven bucks. Good number. Seven is also remarkable. Tiger Woods was at the White House to receive the Medal of Freedom.


2019-05-07 - Tuesday - Ford Flat Tire. Gardening Day. My Xanga Blog: 2005-12-07 - Wednesday - December 7th of 2005.VIDEO: Faceb00k Caught Raping First Am3ndm3nt. Pardes Live #25 Social media is banning everyone. Is this the future? Tire fixed. String strung.

Wayback Machine & Robot Dogs

2019-05-08 - Wednesday - January of 2005. I watched Black Mirror 405, 406. It dealt with Robot Terminator Dogs and Uploading People Into Google Clouds. 2003-10-02 - Thursday the 2nd of October of 2003. Friday the 24th of September of 2004. Monday the 21st of September of 2009.

Revolution Hawaii

2019-05-09 - Thursday - Holistic Approach Melissa. Sunday the 27th of September of 2009 - 2 RevHI Pictures - Will BitCoin allow people to "Go Galt?" We have to try really hard to save the USA from these threads (I mean threats) before it is too late as they are all in a free for all fight to take over this country and is back-stabbing each other in order to conquer America in the next few years if not sooner and each second and each day counts in these information oatmeal wars and everything as all of this happens at the same time in a big Disney melting pot of terror.


2019-05-10 - Friday - Spaceman & Diaperboy - Thursday the 14th of May of 2009 - Amazing Lucas - High School Girl says NO Ma'am! - I wrote a day ago that Facebook is too dangerous to exist in its present form and its co-founder agrees with me! - While going to bed, I was thinking about choices. You can do what you want to, most likely, to some extent. SOme exceptions may apply. It may depend on a few factors. But generally speaking, each day is a new day. Don't give up hope. Don't live in the past. Learn from the past. Don't get stuck in the past in past decisions. Focus on what you really believe in and not in how you feel. Ask for help. Get help from yourself, from God, from others. Smile. Make the most of each moment.

Info Graphic News For Kids

2019-05-11 - Saturday - October of 2014 - Twitter - Sex Strike is trending on Twitter. Great News - Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Writer Doesn't Like The Last Jedi! Mom told me about how they're making religious exemption from vaccines for children illegal or whatever in Washington State and other states of the United States of America (USA) in 2019, this year, and the last few years in general. Over the years, I've had great conversations with my mother in regards to health, natural remedy. We had great conversations yesterday, Friday, for example and since the 1990's in many regards. Hypothetically a vaccine could be good if it was an injection of a germ, a single germ, a single strand of a disease, into the body to gain immunity. If your body is strong enough in hte immune system, then you can become stronger when overcoming your introduction to a disease but not so much if your immune system is low. Understanding things can happen. People are killing other people through vaccines and other means.

Book Dany vs TV Dany

2019-05-12 - Sunday - Happy Mothers Day 2019. November of 2014. Speaking of cults, globalists are trying to create a one world religion. Free Write - Special. Game of Thrones S08E05. We have to try to go after technocracy and the farmocracy as well. America is like the biggest dog. China is a tiger. Most countries are like small dogs.

New Person

2019-05-13 - Monday - November 2014 Review. You Can't Watch This . com. Try Tails. In Game of Thrones, they turn good people into bad people to brain wash us to fight good people on the assumption they are now bad.

December of 2014

2019-05-14 - Tuesday - Began writing December of 2014. Paul Joseph Watson (PJW) Predicts His Own Future. Would you rather have your computer tower on the ground? Yummy soup and potatoes. Nobody is viable because nobody is independent of air: Abortion Argument? Jesus is and is not the Messiah Savior that we can become?


2019-05-15 - Wednesday - They're trying to destroy this 14 year old girl named Soph Sewer Nugget Lt Corbis. I wrote an article about 2012 in Vietnam - Version 1.0. Atom Camera. I also began writing an article on 2013. Good talk around the city. Nice cherry pie from 7 Angels. Encouraging to see Soph on Infowars. Pardes Seleh was covering the Tommy Robinson trial in London.

Trump We Are Banned Form

2019-05-16 - Thursday - Tell Trump You Were Banned, Censored, Etc - Official Form - Tell him your story. I filled it out. You can submit screenshots, links, etc, to that website. 2013 in Vietnam - Version 1.0 - I wrote: "Washed dishes at Papa Foods. Ventured to Hanoi with Yoga Anna. Hoa Binh Museum Adventure. Thanh Hoa Adventure. Moved to Saigon in February 2013. Was encouraged to move there. Worked at Tan Van & New Star. Moved to Balo Hostel in April. My first apartment in May. Visited Dalat in June. Visited Cambodia in August. Moved to District 12. Moved to Tan Phu. Began teaching in Thu Duc, a high school, the Leaf Pagoda, Fellowship Youth Group (FYG) in District 1, English Rain, etc. Met people. Kathy took my first bike in March 2013. Lost another bike like a month later. Lost my third bike in December. Visited Long An with students in December...." Inbox - I wrote: "I've had an electronic inbox since like 1998 back when I was thirteen years old in Oregon. It all began around that time. I was born in 1985. My first email was from Yahoo, I think...."

Gotham City Free Write

2019-05-17 - Friday - Gotham City - The first thing I think of is Chicago, which is what Gotham City is based on to some extent, right? Give it where it is earned - Yeah. I agree. Sometimes, the wrong people can demand for unearned respect. Like you said, give it to where it is due. You Can't Watch This (2019) | Official Trailer. My Laptop is Lenovo. It does Yoga. No Windows. Just Ubuntu Mate. What do I need for Windows or Apple for? Crypto Sally is beautiful and smart. I'm a Mill. What about you? Irony Between Russian Collusion Delusion Versus Banning Trump Supporters.

More Soph Soap & Matlock

2019-05-18 - Saturday - Soph - Part 0002. Girl Was Kidnapped - Agenda-Free TV. You gain privacy as you gain management responsibilities. As kids, our mothers may bathe us in our age of innocence up to the age of seven, generally, or at least for me. As you grow up, you begin to do things on your own. As a kid, you have less privacy between you and your parents. As you get older, as you become independent, you gain privacy. If government, technocracy, corporatism, and others, violate our 4th amendment, our privacy, in the name of safety, in the name of keeping us safe, in violating our freedoms, rights, liberties, in order to help us, we may deserve neither freedom nor safety and we may still be children if we put up with that type of tyranny to any extent. Live Stream: What?! ICE to Hire Contractor to Dump 225K Illegals to Shelters Across the US. Leftist Zombies: The biggest problem may be with the people in the larger cities... Andy Griffith 2003 Reunion.

Game of Thrones Finale

2019-05-19 - Sunday - Censored For Dumb Questions. Bear Shares - What do you think about the separation between church and state? Have alternatives to the bad habits. Focus on the new habits and accept the feelings you have for the bad habits. You can always feel like you want to do the bad habits. We want to wait until our urge to do bad habits go away. Just accept it and choose not to give into the temptation. It's not easy but it does not have to be as hard as you make it out to be. I should write more about this. I could start a series on this. There is so much to it. I'm not saying it is too easy. But I am saying it is not too hard to change.

Saving AOC - Lost Coins

2019-05-20 - Monday - We might want to start some protests for saving the life of AOC. Transparency: Should there be a law requiring securing cameras in the emergency rooms (E.R.) or wherever births and abortions are done in? That is the value of learning stories like that of the Trojan Horse.

Reviewed Game of Thrones Finale

2019-05-21 - Tuesday - Game of Social Thrones - What's next? Artificial farms? They're making things more fake, AKA artificial. Not just with Artificial Wombs, but many things. It is turning into the Matrix. If you don't like it, what can you do? What will you do? What are we doing? We are talking about two different things. Dumb & Dumber Man - This is Not a Joke.

Fake Dreck Briana is Not The Real Marissa Da'Nae

2019-05-22 - Wednesday - Norman (NOT NORMA LOL) Lear is only 96 years young. Dreck Brianna is Pretending to be Marissa Da'Nae? Debating Game of Thrones: Yeah. Agreed. The story was not told very well. America was a republic until certain things happened. Mike didn't know that. Also, the electoral college is not supposed to be winner-takes-all. Mike got that wrong as well. They're trying to take over America. What are we doing to stop that?

Fake Joey On Free Square

2019-05-23 - Thursday - Fake Joey. Could the Night King hop into Bran like the guy hopped into Chucky, the doll, in Child's Play? But all the armies of the Night King died. So, how was that?

YouTube Blocked This Girl

2019-05-24 - Friday - YOUTUBE BLOCKED THIS VIDEO MADE BY A KID - Infographic News for Kids 5/24/19. Pardes Seleh in a Shower. Grand Theft Auto. Walmart. Window. Wii. Weed. Care Giver. Pokemon Go. Sticker Bush Weeding Around. No Dishwashing. Poems. Life Talk. Cake. McDonald's. Video Games. Debates. Opening Up. Neighbors.


2019-05-25 - Saturday - Bordlerless. Firefox Blocked Gab? Brighteon is still up for me. Repetitive Simpson Memes? Pew Die Pie Reaction.

Last Watch - Game of Thrones Documentary

2019-05-26 - Sunday - Air Force v Space Force v Brain Force. Whole Tunes 2 Sleep. How Childhood Shaped You - Mike Cernovich Ever Talk TV. Joanna Garzilli. Taught Sunday School.

Macaulay Culkin

2019-05-27 - Monday - RedLetterMedia - The Warriors - re:View - Jay is joined by Mack to discuss the 1979 street gang fantasy action movie The Warriors! Special thanks to Macaulay Culkin. Check out more of his stuff at BunnyYears.com - YouTube.

Aladdin & January 2015

2019-05-28 - Tuesday - January 2015. I Will = I Will Not = Yoda Was Right - Do Or Do Not - There is No Try. Ten Types of Trolls according to Life Wire are: 1 Insult 2 Debate 3 Grammar 4 Offended 5 Blabber 6 Profanity / All Caps 7 One Word 8 Exaggeration 9 Random 10 Greedy - Doesn't this mean we are all trolls according to Life Wire?

February 2015

2019-05-29 - Wednesday - February of 2015. Finished watching Aladdin 2019. CPS is a good topic - Satellite Hell - Evolution. Devolution. Mutation. Which ones doesn't belong? - Circuses Abuses Animals?


2019-05-30 - Thursday - February of 2015 - I saw Aladdin 2019 on my laptop for free and I liked how Will Smith, the Robin Williams genie, got Jasmin's secretary - "You’re Temporarily Blocked - It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast. You’ve been blocked from using it. - Learn more about blocks in the Help Center." That is what Facebook told me. So, I messaged President Donald Trump and told him about this - In other words, I told the White House about this situation

Banning Oatmeal

2019-05-31 - Friday - Free Born Angel wants America to die? So, you love Soros because he is helping with that via Open Borders in Europe and America. You are against Brexit and Americana. You are promoting Globalism which agrees with you that people should be able to live anywhere they want in the world. Free Square - Infocomms - It means we have at least two websites now for this, Infocomms and Free Squares. Banning Oatmeal. Reviewing March 2015. Chinese Technocracy Hell

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May of 2019

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They're Trying to Ban a 14 Year Old Girl


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2019-02-18 - Monday - 12:31 PM LMS - The Walking Dead 909
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2019-03-04 - Monday - 08:51 PM LMS - Envisioning 2030
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2019-03-07 - Thursday - 10:23 AM - The Fake News Song - The Deplorable Choir
2019-03-09 - Saturday - 02:12 PM - Power Plant Blackout Alternatives
2019-03-17 - Sunday - 08:14 PM - Campbell vs Trolls
2019-03-18 - Monday - 02:48 PM - Banning Oatmeal - Part 022
2019-03-20 - Wednesday the 20th of March - 09:58 AM PST: Is college too expensive?
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2019-04-11 - Thursday - 12:21 PM - Jumanji Assange Arrested
2019-04-16 - Tuesday - 01:39 PM LMS - April - Lost My Master Key
2019-04-16 - Tuesday - 02:20 PM LMS - Reputation Declined
2019-04-20 - Saturday - 01:58 PM - March of 2014
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I heard someone make a great point. Why hasn't sellout jones brought a multi million dollar lawsuit yet?

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You have not been following the lawsuits?

You mean the one where he walked out on wolfgang?

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