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February of 2015. Finished watching Aladdin 2019. CPS is a good topic - Satellite Hell - Evolution. Devolution. Mutation. Which ones doesn't belong? - Circuses Abuses Animals?

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2015-02-11 - 2 Girls - Rabbit Kiep (I forget her real name) and Anna Barbie (February of 2015)

Some highlights from Wednesday the 29th of May of 2019, as follows:


11:51 PM - 01:57 AM - Watching - Aladdin 2019


09:01 AM - CPS is a good topic. Child Protection Services almost split up my family back when I was a kid in Oregon in the 1980's. The CPS might be more destructive than the IRS.

Satellite Hell

09:36 AM - People should at least have the right to vote on whether they want to look at stars or man-made objects in the sky. But then again, who owns the sky and should we all vote on these things or what? Aware - People should at least be aware of stuff like this. First off, 5G is a problem. Second, geoengineering is a problem. We should spray some anti-geoengineering things in the sky to undo geoengineering. Then people will tell the world how bad the anti-geoengineering stuff is. Then we can ask, "Oh, but is our stuff half as bad as what you guys are spraying in the sky already?" That could raise awareness. Third, we have satellites and stuff in the sky. Yes, brain damage. Yes, many things.

Abortion vs the IRS

10:09 AM - Facebook - I just don't want to pay for it via taxes. I want to have the choice not be imprisoned by the evil IRS. Linnéa Swartz, the problem is the slippery slope of taxes as it takes money from the employers. When employers have less money, that means they pay employees less money. It also means companies leave America. It means less money for a lot of things that the employers have to take care of. Slowly, over many years, taxes has been increasing. The problem is mostly in the corruption of government. I don't want to give government money because they generally waste too much money, too often. I believe in the free market over the tyranny of big government, which reminds me of the mad queen, Danny, from Game of Thrones.

Animal Abuse

10:20 AM - Facebook Video - Circus Animals are trained - 2 million views - The debate is in regards to whether animals are trained or abused. In the video, you see trainers tap them with a metal stick. Psychologically, the tapping may be a reminder of when they are beaten off-stage. The debate is in regards to which animals are too abused, too beaten, aggressively, and which animals are domestic enough like pets like dogs. You can train dogs without beating them. Some animals may not be trainable enough to the extent that dogs are. In those cases, they may be tortured, beaten. People are promoting a boycott of animal abusing circuses and zoos and pet stores and that is a good idea. Also, think about buycotts, not boycotts, where you promote things you like with your money. Buy it if you like. Promote it. Focus on what you love.

February of 2015

10:36 AM - 01:12 AM - Thursday - February of 2015 - Karaoke for my birthday on the 11th with Barbie Anna and her mother. Took dozens of photos, daily, generally, at the 23/9 Park where I taught English for hours each day for free. Had other classes. I was watching House on my laptop in my Old Ink room. I was hanging out with Anna, Zizi, and their mother, for Tet, on Thursday, the 17th. I probably continued teaching the Medical English Group.

Chinese Technocracy

11:37 AM - LIVE: State Department URGENT Press Briefing with Morgan Ortagus - Morgan talked about how technology can be used for good or for bad. Some technologies are more vulnerable to leverage by tyrannical governments, groups. She mentioned 5G. She talked about how Chinese law can require technology companies to turn over things to the Chinese government for example. It was good and it was nice that she mentioned these things to say the least. She should have talked more about the problems with 5G, vaccines, geoengineering, etc. i love alpha females but not captain marvel.


12:03 PM - Japanese Reaction of Trump's State Visit in Japan Summarized - She was born in Japan. Japanese like Trump and America. It can be tough to understand English and American culture and other things. She talked about how things get lost in translation. I was teaching English in Vietnam for 5 years to 2017 and I saw similar things with the Vietnamese. I subscribed to randomyoko2 on YouTube.

Will Smith Broken World

12:28 PM - Here is what he wrote - Shared on Facebook - this happens when foundations rot.

Man DShocked By Couple Grinding

01:10 PM - Facebook MTV Video - 8 Million Views - I replied: "This happens when foundations rot."

Evolution vs Devolution

01:48 PM - Facebook - Evolution. Devolution. Mutation. Which ones doesn't belong? - YouTube - Ken Ham Speaking at Answers for Women: Why Genesis Matters

Self Collusion

03:14 PM - Facebook - Boy colluded with his mother to become a man. Mommy is a criminal.

Mueller Statement

03:20 PM - Bitchute - Infowars - The Alex Jones Show - Hour One - Ron Gibson - The Mueller Statement - Owen Shroyer - Mueller said in his statement that there are two parts. However, originally, there were only one part. The second part, dealing with obstruction, is hypothetical. He spoke in third person, generally. He distant himself. He uses language that does not make objective statements. Instead, he uses words like allegedly and so on and so forth. Legally speaking, he made very general statements that don't mean much. He talked about Russia but did not talk about China. He didn't talk about Hillary Clinton or Obama. He did not talk about the Uranium Russia deal that Obama and Hillary were part of. There were many crimes done by the left. Many crimes are ongoing. There are so many things he did not say. 50 million dollars down the drain. What I'm saying might be satire but it has a point or a few points. Collusion may not be a crime. Beyond that, there are many crimes on the left that we must continue to shed light on.

Psyche Out

03:36 PM - Free Square - Real American G.I. Joe Hero - File Name: Rich, Kenneth D. - Psyche Out got his degree in psychology from Berkely and worked on various research projects involving the inducement of paranoia by means of low frequency radio waves. Posted to the Psychological Operations Command at Fort Bragg, he continued his pioneering work in the field or wave induced behavior modification. Since joining the G.I.Joe team, he has led numerous classified PSYOP and Military Information Support Operations (MISO) against the legions of Cobra. While destroying enemy assets is crucial to any battle, it is the psychological struggle to persuade, change and influence their minds that seals the victory. With complicated thinking and multiple layers of deception, along with using portable transmitters to hijack enemy broadcasts and relay misinformation, Psyche Out already has them doubting their loyalty before the first shot. By the time the smoke clears, enemy soldiers are often begging to be taken prisoner. “A tactical mind is always thinking multiple moves ahead.”

Post a Video

03:40 PM - Post Videos Here - Click Here

Geeks & Gamers

03:41 PM - Free Square - Game of Thrones Star Kit Harington Checks Into Rehab

Zombie = Couch Potato

04:41 PM - Facebook - Kid: Mommy, what's a zombie? Mom: A couch potato lol.

Illegal Tantrum

04:49 PM - 2019-05-29 - Wednesday - Alex Jones Show - 2nd Hour - Mueller Statement - 14:54 Minutes - Jeremy - California - He called into the show and said he believe there were no or was no Trump Russian Collusion but that there may have been an illegal tantrum done by Trump. The caller might have said that Trump illegally fired Comey by firing James Comey and by talking about it which then obstructs justice. However, there was no collusion. Secondly, everybody wanted Comey to be fired. Third, Trump is declassifying everything or as much as possible. Beyond that, there is probably more to this story than just that. Jeremy might have been talking about process crime which is different. There is more that can be said about this. Sadly, Jeremy is not getting the full story or situation. Jeremy kept on saying that tantrums can be illegal. This is why we all should study law a little bit more. If we don't, then fake news can lie to us about so many things and trick us like they may have tricked Jeremy.

Bible Study

05:00 PM - 07:00 PM - Romans 7. Fellowship. Soteriology. Following Christ, eternal principles, our solid rock is our foundation. Paul and John were persecuted by the Roman Empire.

OBS Problems

07:06 PM - I would recommend 16 GB RAM minimum for making videos. So, if OBS is struggling, then more CPU and GPU and RAM and cache and a 64-bit or 128-bit architecture motherboards. Most computers, before 2010, were 32-bit. So, this reminds me of Nintendo when they went from 8-bit to 16-bit for the Super Nintendo. If your computer has enough processing power and if OBS is still struggling, then I would want to blame that problem on OBS and then consider other programs.

Religion of The State

10:06 PM - YouTube - Lauren Chen - Stefan Molyneux on Immigration & Libertarianism PLUS Borderless & Single, Childless Women - Stefan talked about how he was able to debate religion with Christians, generally, more so than he could with leftists and their religion of the state, of socialism. He talked about what the world wars did to Europe in pushing them towards loving socialism as they associated capitalism falsely with war and death. Globalists are trying to divide up America in the same way they divided up Europe during the world wars of the 1900's. So, that means that the United States is a century behind Europe, if not a few years behind the fall of Europe, that is unless if people continue to fight back each day.

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