Fake Copyright Claims

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Banning Oatmeal:

People are sending in fake DMCA Takedown Claims on my posts, my articles, on Steemit, @joeyarnoldvn, similar to the fake copyright claims that terminated two of my YouTube channels, Ojawall and Joeyarnoldvn, in 2017 and 2018, content that has been protected by Fair Use and other such laws in America, the USA. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. They are sending emails to [email protected] and this was my email that I sent Steemit. I told Steemit about what is happening and on what might be happening. It is a long story as seen in the Banning Oatmeal series that I've been writing. For the record, I'm not trying to divide. I'm trying to help. I'm trying to address and raise awareness to a bunch of different issues at the same time. I'm trying to address censorship for example. I'm also trying to address the legal system, the laws in America, how things are done or not done in a court of law. I want people to know that I'm dealing with a bunch of different things in my life, including this. I hope things don't turn out for the worse, but better safe than sorry. People might be attacking me. No, I didn't say that some people are attacking me, but they might be. It appears to be pretty scary. Maybe, I'm wrong. Maybe this and maybe that. We can speculate on the variables, but I'm still a bit concerned for a variety of reasons. People might be trying to take me down. They may try to take you down. Maybe the problem is them. Maybe the problem is other people. So, again, I'm not trying to specifically swear to who might be the problem. Some of these people may be trying to help as well. Maybe, some of these people think that I'm the bad guy. Wait, maybe not bad guy but maybe they think that I really am stealing content from other people. Maybe, they really do think that I'm plagiarizing. I'm not. But maybe they really do think that they are innocent and that I'm guilty. Maybe we are both innocent.

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2019-03-26 - Tuesday - 06:10 PM - 06:59 PM: Fake Copyright Claims
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Is Oatmeal going to jail?

I want to tell you about what's happening in my life. For over twenty years, I've been filming since 1996 in Oregon and writing online since like 1998. I've been publishing my autobiography, my blog, writings, videos, etc, on websites, on social networks, etc, all over the Internet, for so many years. I've been posting a variety of articles, memes, pictures, videos, GIFs, links, quotes, ideas, questions, concerns, feedback, commentary, all over the world wide web, and what I do has been protected by Fair Use in a variety of ways. What I reference is in the public domain and is not private stuff. How so? Well, my content has been informative, transformative, educational, supplemental, and these are the requirements (criteria), the prerequisites of Fair Use that I've been meeting. However, some people have said that they are trying to get my stuff taken down via DMCA. So, that means that I may be taken to prison, falsely. If they can go after Roger Stone, Alex Jones, and Donald Trump, why wouldn't they go after me as well?

But I'm not stealing.

I'm helping. I'm sharing. I'm doing many different things at the same time. I've been doing many different things for many different reasons in different ways as the Original Green Oatmeal Joey Arnold. It's a long story and people are lying about me even if they don't know it. So, some people may not think they're lying about me. They think they are right. They think I'm either wrong or partly wrong. They may think I'm going about some things improperly, illegally, or what have you. It's a long story and it depends on the person, the variables, the issues, the things. I will continue to write about these things. It's important to talk about these things for many many reasons.

They're Lying About Me

They are saying that I'm stealing, plagiarizing, copying, content, pictures, etc. No. Wrong. False. I'm quoting, referencing, linking, citing, talking about, public things from other public websites. I've added commentary that is educational, transformative, supplemental, which is what Fair Use requires. I quoted what some people said, wrote. I cited them. I didn't say I said it. I linked it. I shared a photo. I said that Norma drew it. I included a link to where I found the picture to give it free advertisement. I talked about it. I didn't steal it. I referenced it. I talked about it. I talk about many different things. Not just that. I've been doing this for years. I didn't say I drew it. I didn't. I said she was the artist. But these people are sending Steemit emails. They are contacting DMCA to get my posts removed. They want me banned off Steemit and other websites. They made videos and wrote articles and comments about it. I have been writing about this in my Banning Oatmeal series.

Needing Attorneys

I may not have enough money for lawyers who can defend my cases. I don't know if anything will happen or not, but I do know that they claim that they are trying to get my posts pulled, hidden, blocked, banned, terminated, censored, erased. I am scared and concerned. I quoted some things from public message boards, websites, social networks, forums. Nothing private. Public things. I quoted them. I included links as a journalists. But I don't just link and quote. I do more than that. I talk about them in detail. I include them mostly because they were talking about me and I wanted to defend myself in some articles even as they try to get me banned from these other websites. They might be mad that I was trying to defend myself. Plus, I was talking about many different things in my posts, my articles. It is a long story and people are lying about me which may mean that my stuff could be maybe taken down. Maybe I'll be banned from some more websites. Maybe, I'll be fined a bunch of money or even thrown in jail for things I didn't do, for lies, allegations, accusations, hearsay, etc. I'm very scared. Some people might continue to go after me. I'm not sure what I can do.