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Bordlerless. Firefox Blocked Gab? Brighteon is still up for me. Repetitive Simpson Memes? Pew Die Pie Reaction.

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Lauren Southern Screenshot at 2019-05-25 18:16:02.png
Lauren Southern - Borderless 2019

Some highlights from Saturday the 25th of May of 2019, as follows:

Not Me

12:12 AM - Leviticus said I'm a troll, that I'm people I'm not. The @joey account in https://FreeSquare.com is not me. I'm not a troll.

Pew Die Pie

09:11 AM - Would you press? Yoda - Bart & Homer Simpson Memes Mixed With Other Audio Bits

Brighteon is Not Down

09:22 AM - Brighteon is still up for me. @GreggHuestis67, my browser does allow it and yours does not. Therefore, the problem might be your operating system, assuming we both tried to do the same thing with the same browser, like Firefox for example.


09:46 AM - Craig Mason - Saturday LIVE Treason, Coming Soon (to a theater near you...) - obvious things are still good to hear... @GreggHuestis67#5167 I can access Brighteon with Firefox today. Did you say you can't? Maybe an OS problem, assuming Apple and Microsoft is blocking sites or something.

Firefox Blocked Gab?

10:01 AM - @antonworeakilt, here is a screenshot from a second ago of my Firefox accessing Gab with no problem. I don't understand why people say that Firefox can't do certain things when my Firefox can. So, is my Firefox different than your Firefox? It might be the operating system itself. Alex Jones is RETARDED because he wants to filter cancer water. Alex Jones is RETARDED for promoting BREXIT. Alex Jones is BAD for trying to save children from leftist cross-dressers in schools.Alex Jones is BAD BAD BAD BAD for saying mother and father. Because some people don't have parents lol. Alex Jones is SO BAD for promoting RACIST Trump 2016 over BEAUTIFUL Hillary Clinton. Cancer Tap Water YUMMY. Alex Jones does not want me to get cancer. BUT I LOVE CANCER. I LOVE EU TYRANNY and BREXIT FREEDOM is so RETARDED because I love OPEN BORDERS.YES. I am RETARDED because I DRINK CANCER WATER... AKA TAP WATER. I am retarded because I get VACCINES.

Retarded Recovery

11:02 AM - Me too. I like to draw, film, write, create, sing, dance, many things. I was diagnosed with many problems as a kid, like that I was retarded and would not pass the 6th grade but I went on to attend 4 college and I taught English in Vietnam. Welcome to Steemit. I love Canada. Upvoted. Resteemed.


11:11 AM - Beautiful. I love cosplay. This looks so fun and beautiful. So exciting. Wow. Upvoted. Resteemed.


11:30 AM - 05:00 PM - Planted six or seven plants at a house on an island. Three Stooges. Seven Dwarfs. Name them all. Abortion was mentioned. Choices. Minimize government, taxes, regulations. Shoes. Water. Rain. Pump. Well. Wheel barrow. Piles. Up the hill. Far into the bushes. Work boots. Didn't wear gloves. Sticker bushes. Enjoying tea. Semi-professionals. Better than them. You know. Volunteers. Hosed off the back. Sweep out the back of the truck. Put away the tools. The art of planting bushes, plants, flowers. The steps. Prepare stuff needed. Locate. Mark. Dig. Wheel barrow. Stick the plant in. Check. Put in soil. Dig a bit to mix the soil in with the dirt. Put the plant back in. Settle. Dig. Mix. Soil. Water. Bark dust rake back. Follow those steps each time. Something like that. Roughly. I'm semi-professional, so don't take my word for it, what do I know. You had me at old guy noises. Tom Sawyer. Stairs. Bag of stuff. Building. Car. Dry. beans. Rice. Coffee. Now. Dinner. Four hours of work today. Raking. Planting. Picking. Cleaning. Helping. Finished transplants via planting them.


05:36 PM - 2019 Lauren Southern Europe Documentary - Bordlerless - Open Borders - Sex Trafficking - Soros - Globalism - I'm watching this right now. I'm excited and scared for so many reasons. Backup Link to the documentary. If I told you, Facebook would probably you know what to me. Oh, look, I'm self-censoring me. Why? Because Facebook is a big bully. Borderless is by Lauren Southern. Alright, I think I said too much. Alright, Facebook, ban me right now and I will report that to Trump via a website that takes reports on the censorship happening. Jorge Peralta, it is documentary that came out Friday on what and who is going into Europe, how much money it costs to pay for the tickets to board the boats that go to Europe. Poor people don't have enough money to go to Europe. So, that means, refugees are not going. Too expensive. Other people are. They have these tent cities. One main religion. People with no religions end up six feet under.

Saving Work

05:42 PM - We can be sad if we lose work online. We can lose if it is deleted, censored, lost, blocked, stolen, edited, changed, etc. That's why I copy and paste my stuff to many locations in order to have backups, just in case. That's the point. Save your work. Everything you do. Anything you do. At any time, you can lose it without notice.

Europe Open Borders

06:02 PM - Facebook - Refugees are too poor for the boats to Europe. Following your kids on social networks is a very good idea. I agree. (Tutor Doctor Lakeway) Linnea Flowers.


07:00 PM - 09:00 PM - Ate 2 flavors of ice-cream in a bowl. Chocolate and a caramel one. Watched a bit from The Librarians, the U.S. TV show, season 1 from like 2016. Washed the dishes. Then watched a bit from a 2008 Librarian show or movie that looked British. Took a shower.

Not Free Square

09:40 PM - I can access Free Square. If you can't, it might be blocked by your ISP, OS, browser, or maybe by whoever's behind Free Square: I tried accessing Free Square via proxy websites like Prox Free but failed.

Info Kids

09:48 PM - Teachers steal food from kids. Infographic News for Kids 5/24/19. INFOGRAPHIC NEWS FOR KIDS Capt. Silvertooth They had sex with her, put her on a stick and ate her.

Objectivity vs Subjectivity Debate

10:11 PM - Wiser Crack - How Fraudsters Become Heroes (ft. Fyre Fest, Theranos, Martin Shkreli) - I believe in objectivity. This video is fake news. Murder is not the same as an execution if done by an objective authority that is above all others. I'm not currently using Microsoft. So, I'm not able to confirm that. In the future, I should try to have a few computers running different operating systems, because then I could do experiments on them. Then I could get back to you and tell you what I found. Like a science experiment but with computers.

Facebook Video

11:02 PM - Loa Phường - Em gái Quỳnh Kool gặp thầy giáo nhiệt huyết - Cả thế giới vào mà xem Minh Tít dậy bóng rổ này. Nhìn cái dáng thể thao thể kia mạnh dạn khen là một người thầy tốt cũng là không quá lời đâu :)).

For Ocean

11:36 PM - While watching Lionel Nation, saw an ad for For Ocean or 4ocean.com which is a group that cleans the ocean.

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