Banning Oatmeal - Part 023

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The biggest problem is that Big Tech is banning people from Social Ghetto Networks online. Trump must act and end the Black Contracts that Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, YouTube, and others, have, may have, and other things. This is part 23 of Banning Oatmeal. I will continue to talk about this series of Banning Oatmeal. The purpose of this thread is multifaceted. In other words, it is not just about me. Some will say it is, but it's not. Like I said, technocrats are banning people. So, I try to write articles about these kinds of things. I try to make videos about some of these things. I try to spread links to other articles, videos, that talk about free speech, transparency, harassment, and many different things. It is a long story and this post is like a rough draft outline of a few things. You can look at this and let me know what you think. I talk a bit about me and things that may happen to me or around me. I will continue to talk about how I may be banned at times from some websites. I may talk about how some people may not like me or whatever. I may talk about a little about some of the false accusations that people throw at me. Why? Because it may happen to you as well. If you have any questions, let me know. I will continue to write these things in order to raise awareness of these key issues for a variety of reasons. I'll talk more about these things in the future.

Banned Oatmeal

Read about how Oatmeal Joey Arnold was banned from the Infowars Army Community Forum - Chapters - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - Wanna do offline activism with patriots, activists, journalists, people like Griff, Paladin, and many others? Then join Infowars Army and tell them that Oatmeal sent you. What are you waiting for?

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Here are some things Bingozee said. He told me that I copy other people. In other words, he accused me of not being original. But I'm Original Oatmeal. How could that be? But I digress.


2019-03-25 - Monday - What's The Point? - Bingozee: "What’s the point, What are you hoping to accomplish? Just curious…Point is, does it matter? Personally I have pretty much forgotten about him a time ago now… I guess I could appreciate if he could apologize for his theft and plagiarism of people’s intellectual property… beyond that can’t say I would even give shit to hear anything he may say… But that’s just me :slight_smile: a gave him no weight or value… but will check the podcast for entertainment purposes only :slight_smile: Good luck Griff, if there were real feelings I hope it’s works out productively… Cheers brother, I also think it’s cool you are opening the door to others. Thumbs up…" That may include this quote, allegedly. Yeah, if I quote him, then he calls that theft. No, I'm quoting. But he calls that robbery. Griff said he wants to bury the hatchet and help allow me to have time to speak my mind. Did I say that I would? I wrote to Griff on Discord, as seen in Banning Oatmeal 22. I asked him if he really wanted me on his show. He said yes. Then I said that he should let me on his Discord channel. That is what happened. I asked one question last Friday about him. I also said that I should be on his Discord. I said Discord and not other things. I didn't not say other things. But at the same time, I didn't say a lot as seen in Banning Oatmeal 22. You can see the screenshots. I already published that for a few reasons. I may talk about that in the future. I asked if he wanted me on. But a question might not be automatically an indication of wanting to be on or an automatic promise to be on or what have you. Generally, when people ask those types of questions, you can assume they would, and therefore you can jump to the conclusion that I would want and promise to be on based on that, psychology and sociology 101, through the lens of anthropology, but that does not make it so, completely. I'll be talking more about this in Banding Oatmeal. Google stole your photos. They're not only on the comms. I didn't say that I would go on the show. I asked a question as seen in the screenshots above. I didn't say I would come on. Plus, what's the point if I've already tried to explain myself via my videos and via what I write. If people can't understand my videos, then how and why would Mind Bender be any different? I didn't steal art. I didn't do many things that people say I do. Those are lies. Those are things taken out of context and much more than that. It's a long story like Sandy Hook. Mama Potato: "You really need to get it thru your head that you violate copyright laws when a person asks you repeatedly to not use their stuff on your monetized website!! You're gonna end up losing whatever original work you may have put there because you keep violating others!! NOTHING ON YOUR PERSONAL PAGE THAT IS MONETIZED COMPLIES TO FAIR USE.... ITS ALL USELESS AND YOU ARE EARNING MONEY OFF IT.... I DONT CARE IF ITS $.01 ITS STILL A VIOLATION and it's unethical.... GEEZ." Nope. Wrong. Not exactly. I disagree with that. Fair Use allows for quoting, referencing, using, portions of other things in the body of the thing as long as it meets enough requirements. It may need to be educational or transformative or something. What I do meets those requirements in a variety of ways. The problem I have is that I may not have enough to pay for a good enough lawyer who would defend me rightly on those factors. More importantly, Mueller and others have been going after people like Roger Stone on more important lawsuits and cases that are so big. So, American patriots are going bankrupt and many are facing big problems in these big cases with the left and many things. Long story and it is scary but we can stand up against globalism and many things.

Leviticus Falwell said, allegedly, that I'm The Recovery Feminist (TheRecFem) and others might agree with that accusation. Let's talk about that:

The Rec Fem

2019-05-04 - Saturday - 12:28 PM - Tired of Drama - Are you tired of the drama? Good question. I wrote, concerning alleged drama, and everything the following, and I quote: "Did @Ghost_of_Griff get to the bottom of Oatmeal? Just a question. I don't know the answer to that question. Griff could ask @therecfem questions which might help people get to the bottom of it. Why not do that? Why not ask questions? Why not be patient in trying to figure things out? If it is not important, then why not ignore it? If it matters, then talk about it. If there are crucial issues at stake, then take the time to talk about the issues. But if the symptoms of drama contain no underlying cause at the root, then move on, everybody, right? If this is pointless drama, then there is nothing to see here and we can move on. If there are problems, let's talk about those problems and debate. We don't have to be like Nadler who cuts Gaetz's mic at the Thursday Mueller Report Hearing Thing."

I'm a Woman?

I thought about joking by saying that I am TheRecFem. Would reverse psychology work? Well, I decided not to. It might be a waste of time to do that. It might be. I'm not too sure. Writing this might be a waste of time as well. This kind of drama might be similar to the IWA Oatmeal Drama of March 2019. Different in some ways. In other news, I was banned from the Mama Potato Discord. Yes, she can do that. No problem. I'm not saying she can't ban me. I don't care. I really don't care. Some people think I care. But that's not the point. The problem could be that some people think I'm a problem, a monster, dishonest, dangerous, a robber, this thing, that thing, different combinations of all of these things, or who knows what. But maybe she is right for whatever she might be thinking. Maybe she didn't ban me. But then again, she probably did. I was banned from the Griff Discord. in March. Now, in May, Griff allowed me on his other Discord Server. He commented that I should not push it. Maybe I should talk a bunch about that. Don't push it. In other words, eat your cookie and don't talk about what you want to talk about. I think I am trying to help the world. Some people may say that I might not really be helping the world enough. Maybe, what I write does not help the world enough. I could be wrong about what I write, what I try to do. I am not trying to say that I am perfect. But I am trying to get to the bottom of it all. This is all for the record and everything. Again, it is a long story. I include some links in the articles, the posts, that I write. You can click on those links to see more of the stories on different websites. Sadly, it is possible that some of it may be taken down. That's why i try to copy it for the record because I don't like it when people destroy the evidence. Again, long story short, stuff happens. but we can learn from them. We can apply it to our lives, the morals. One moral, for example, is pick your battles. Another would be to not be too quick to judge or to accuse me of being people that I'm not. That should go without saying. There are dozens of other lessons we can learn. Right now, I want to continue referencing more of what has been happening for the record. Again, it may not be a big deal in and of itself. But it does NOT only happen to me. These things happen. So, how do we deal with it? First, look at the problems. Write it down. Tell people. Remember it. Figure out what the problems were. Sometimes, everybody can be wrong in a situation. It may depend. There are exceptions and generalities to these things. That's what I'm trying to dissect. People accuse me of things I don't really do. I spend hours trying to explain how I didn't do those things. The moral to that might be that some people don't care. They will continue to accuse you falsely. So, you might have to move on. So, I should talk more about this in the future in regards to what I have been accused of. Some of the same people may then accuse other people of things they did not do. So, you begin to see a pattern develop. So, we can talk more about patterns in the future as well.


Ben Benny Oaks talked about being pulled into the drama, allegedly (click here to read what he wrote on the Infocomms). He talked about trying to defend somebody. That's a good thing. The other person was probably being harassed. Benwrote: "Unfortunately, I allowed myself to be manipulated last night into acting out in a manner that I am very ashamed of. I said things that I would usually never say to anyone unless it was a physical altercation.... I was baited, and I took that bait. Now I feel compelled to defend my honor. If for nothing else to make myself feel better for my own benefit. I was in a " Private " conversation with someone that had befriended me and invited me into her private post. Someone I had confided in, and taken advice from. Someone that I had grown to respect. I’m not the only one. There are several that appreciate her contributions as well. I was told she was being harassed and was asking questions to find out what was going on. Then this happened..... These people started to make comments and spamming memes directed at @therecfem and me. I got angry. I was defending a friend. @paladin @MamaPotato @DuxGinger were all making comments. @Ghost_of_Griff was pulled in to defend himself against an accusation. It was out of control. Instead of getting an explanation in this barrage of insults and jokes at my expense the leader pops in with this." Allegedly, the leader might be Leviticus Falwell who might have said something about Joey, Glasses, Therecfem, Clowns. Sounds like a horror film. Ben continued: "Still no explanation. No one messaged me to try and calm the situation. @Paladin made comments about my character and ability. @MamaPotato and @DuxGinger continued the childish meme barrage all knowing I was getting angrier by the minute. Back and forth it got worse and worse. I was told I needed to calm down. That I was overreacting. They were making me out to be the one that needed to chill out. Yes, I was cursing, and making a fool of myself. I was defending a friend. A friend that is accused of being a shitposter. A friend that was being accused of being someone else. I asked for proof. Then the leader posted this..... and it continued. More BS memes. More insults. Escalation. Still, no one contacts me to try and explain. They appeared to enjoy making me angry instead. Trying to make me feel like I was overreacting. Finally, this was posted as proof.... This was proof that @joey was also @therecfem? Maybe I am “daft” like they tried to imply as it all continued. Maybe there is a hidden message in that comment that needs to be decoded like a Q thread. All I see is an accusation. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m too stupid to figure it out. Or maybe I was defending someone that I considered a friend. Someone that is innocent of the accusation. Who knows? All I know is there are 4 people on Infocomms that I can never truly trust. They have shown that instead of approaching an individual that is defending a friend, and showing him proof of the accusation they would prefer to keep it to themselves and make that individual out to be a worthless loser that they can make fun of. Either way, it doesn’t matter I suppose. I was made to feel like I don’t contribute here. Made to feel unwelcome because I demanded proof, and I don’t take the word of someone as proof. Tired of the Drama is the topic. I was caught up in the drama. I have done things here in my own name. I have been made a fool of and shown myself to be a fool. I will not be back. Pretty sure no one cares because I’m just an ignorant piss ant. Still, I feel compelled to offer my help because I DO believe in the cause that this forum was created for. I will leave my personal email as a contact if anyone is interested in using my artistic abilities. I know I won’t be back because the derogatory comments that will be made about me regarding this comment will make me even angrier, and I don’t need any more anger in my life....." Leviticus wrote: "It would only be awkward if you were a man…right Joey???"

Oatmeal Intolerant

01:20 PM - Fake Infowarriors Debate - I wrote: "@CS922, if would kindly post a link to that conversation, I could tell them that I was banned off this website because some people might be lactose-intolerant. I mean, oatmeal-intolerant haha."

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Banning Oatmeal - Part 023

Published in March of 2019 by Oatmeal Joey Arnold (@joeyarnoldvn) in Shelton, WA, USA - Biography - Social Networks - Taught English in Vietnam
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