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People are trying to silence this 14 year old girl. Her parents voted for Hillary Clinton. They are from New York, USA. They moved to California. Mark Dice made a video about her (click here to watch that on YouTube). Sophia or Sophie (Soph) is also known as Lt. Corbis, AKA Sewer Nugget. She was born in 2004. She was watching Pew Die Pie's video game videos. She decided to give that a try. Right now, she is about to get a million followers on YouTube. Alex Jones interviewed her today (click here to watch that). YouTube gave her some strikes. By the way, YouTube gave me strikes as well. YouTube banned two of my channels, Ojawall and Joeyarnoldvn. If I was a girl, I'd be like her. She criticizes censorship, Jihadism, and many things. Here are some links, below, of her. Some of these are links to hit pieces on her. I wanted to provide a few links from different people that have talked about her. Follow her on YouTube (click here). Also, follow her on Twitter @SewerNugget (click here). Also, follow her on Instagram (click here). Also follow her on Bitchute. Sound Cloud. Patreon. I don't know if she has Pay Pal, Steemit, Subscribe Star, Bitcoin, etc (yet). She may be on other places as well. Here are some of her social networks and also some articles and hit pieces on Soph as follows:

Soph - Lt Corbis - Sewer Nugget

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Soph on YouTube (click here)

Some highlights from Soph - Part 0001, as follows:

Sadly, some people are making videos lying about Soph. Other people are writing articles lying about her. I know what it is like as people have lied about me concerning many things over the years. I've spent years trying to defend lies about me. People have lied about Alex Jones, Trump, others. They have used lies in their campaign to ban alleged hate speech. It's ok to debate ideas. If you want to disagree with their ideas, then debate them. Write articles combating their ideas and not them as people. But leftists and others have been attacking people. The good news is that people like Soph is and are rising. That is the good news. If you are young, you can join in the global revolutions. If you are older, you can still do something. You can make videos. You can share these videos. Soph has a collaborator from Brazil who is coming to do offline activism for the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections. Bring it on. That is next year. That will be a historical year, if we can survive that long. Each day matters. Globalists, technocrats, tyrants, scientists, doctors, teachers, actors, politicians, eugenicists, and others, are trying to stop Americana, free speech, community first values, family first priorities, country first emphasis, western civilization as described by Stefan Molyneux and others.

Below are all of the videos I've found on the YouTube Soph channel:

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2019-02-18 - Monday - 12:31 PM LMS - The Walking Dead 909
2019-02-18 - Monday - 06:07 PM LMS - Snow Day 1992
2019-02-20 - Wednesday - 09:36 AM LMS - Draft Dodging vs Loving War Debate
2019-02-27 - Wednesday - 11:38 PM LMS - Joe Rogan Alex Jones Experience 1255
2019-05-13 - Monday - 12:00 AM - Monday the 13th of May of 2019
2019-05-14 - Tuesday - 12:00 AM - Tuesday the 14th of May of 2019
2019-05-14 - Tuesday - 10:20 AM - December of 2014
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2019-05-15 - Wednesday - 01:19 PM - 2012 in Vietnam - Version 1.0
2019-05-15 - Wednesday - 04:20 PM - 2013 in Vietnam - Version 1.0
2019-05-15 - Wednesday - 10:44 PM - Soph - Part 0001
2019-05-16 - Thursday - 12:00 AM - Thursday the 16th of May of 2019
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You know as long as people take the time to make a video about her she will get attention. People will start watching her videos as well.
I wouldn't care about that.
The only thing I care about is the fact social media give restrictions to people with an opinion, frequently girls and women. Facebook does exactly the same and so does twitter.

Yeah, the tyranny of the technocrats is pretty hot. I mean hot in a bad way. Yeah, free speech is fundamental and that is why it is the first amendment. One problem is that Facebook have had governmental liability protection as a platform but they then violate that agreement or trust or contract by acting like a publisher. The good news is that the White House opened a probe into censorship. Mark Dice talked about it:

If you were banned or something on social networks: report it here:

Thanks for the info!

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I just submitted one to the website. It suggests that you send one request per banning, etc. As in, as many as you want.