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Are you going to watch this? Why would you miss this? Scroll down to learn how you can watch Infowars. You can watch Alex Jones Live via different websites, radio stations, TV channels, phone apps, short wave Ham radio, the phone via a hotline, etc. If you don't already know, they are hosting a fifty hours Stop The Bias Emergency Broadcast today, Thursday to Friday. Why? Tune in to find out. Click here to watch Infowars Live. That is one way you can catch forbidden news that CNN forbids you from watching. So, don't watch Infowars. You are not allowed to watch it. Also, don't join the Infowars Forum. Don't sign up there and don't tell them that Oatmeal sent you. Sandy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be very sad if you were to check them out. Besides, if Sandy is right, if the world really is going to end in twelve years, then we better do everything she tells us to do, no questions asked.

Infowars Stop The Bias 2019 March 50 Hours Broadcast Screenshot at 2019-03-20 13:31:05.png
Watch it Online - click here to watch it live right here

Why are we doing this?

Two big reasons. First, internet censorship. Secondly, market censorship. Did you notice how Facebook bought up those government companies that does the identification document (I.D.) scanning, verification? Why? In order to develop internet ID. Same thing in the market place. Some people are being banned off PayPal, Patreon, online banking, etc. In other words, technocrats are telling us that we cannot have freedom if we support freedom. Yes, conservatives have been banned. Independents have been terminated off the social ghetto networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, etc. That's why we are talking about it. Millions of people are being shadow banned. First, they came for Alex Jones. Then they came after others. I've been terminated off YouTube, even, several times, my Ojawall and Joeyarnoldvn channels. So, tyrannical globalists are trying to force us all off the Internet. They're trying to ban URLs, certain websites, off the Internet, in New Zealand, all over Europe, in Muslim countries, in many other countries, through the Internet Service Providers (ISP) for example. Yes, there are ways around some of the ISPs and other structures for some of the people that know how to do it. Yes, we are working on things to get around blockades, prohibitions. Regardless, it is still tough. That's why we are talking about this. We are asking President Donald John Trump to get involved. Stop talking about it, Donald J. Trump. Please do more. This is very important for a variety of reasons.

Donald Trump, where are you?

They're shadow banning you as well on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Trump, why did you tell American patriots to be good while the left burns down sanctuary cities via Open Borders? Do you not see the swamp all around? Do you not see how China is buying up American land, Hollywood, companies, media, education? Do you not see how 5G is terminating the eggs inside women to neuter them from ever having babies through the trick of being fertilized but without sperm? Do you not see white geoengineering lines in the sky? Do you not see how Muslims are taking over so many countries around the world? What other problems are we facing? Which problems are the biggest? Well, the first amendment is the first amendment for a reason.

Protecting the First Amendment

How can we stop control freaks from destroying the freedoms of the first amendment through the guise of alleged hate speech, spam, calls to acts of violence and terrorism, etc? How do we support freedoms, rights, liberties, of speech, religion, press, the right to bear arms (2nd amendment), and privacy (4th amendment)? These are fundamental questions. That is what the fifty hours broadcast is all about. Infowars will be live for 50 straight hours on the Internet, on television, on cable, on satellite, on radio, on the phone, via apps, via YouTube channels, via some social networks with the help from viewers like you, through short-wave Ham radio, all around the world. Infowars will be live from Thursday to Saturday. It's going to be really big. Why not check it out? Why not tell your friends to check it out? How can you watch it? Let me tell you how you can watch it in the next section.

How can you watch Stop The Bias?

You can watch Infowars Stop The Bias on Infowars - Newswars - 123TV - Prison Planet - Prison Planet TV - Prison Planet Stream 1 - Prison Planet Stream 2 - Live Leak - Europe - 30A - Twitch - Web TV Online

Watch Infowars Live

You can find Infowars LIVE on Periscope - Infowars - Newswars - 123TV - Prison Planet - Prison Planet TV - Prison Planet Stream 1 - Prison Planet Stream 2 - Live Leak - Europe - 30A - Twitch - Web TV Online - YouTube - YouTube 2

Watch Via Ghetto Social Networks

Facebook - YouTube Infobears - BlogSpot - Vaughn - Periscope - Twitter

Watch Via Phone Apps

You can watch Infowars on Android via the APK App - iPhone - Google Play - Your Phone - Call This Number - Search for more apps here - click here to search for more apps you can install onto Android, iPhone, Linux, etc.

Watch via New Social Networks

Bitchute - Brighteon - UGEtube - Dlive - Dtube - Free Zoxee

Watch via your Media Player

Your Audio, Video, or Media Player - VLC - Windows Media Player

Watch via Ron Gibson

Watch Infowars via Ron Gibson on Bitchute - Brighteon - Dlive - Dtube - Facebook

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