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Where do we draw the line between permitted free speech and alleged hate speech? I'm asking this while listening to Twitter Jack Dorsey and his GF Princess Vagina lie about Infowars Alex Jones to Tim Poole and Joe Rogan, today.

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What is hate speech?

Subjectively speaking, hate speech may hurt your feelings. So, therefore, on a subjective level, hate speech may be anything that can hurt your feelings, your mood, your emotions. That may be an answer. But the next question would be whether free speech would include hate speech or not. Some people believe free speech does not include what might be hate speech. The next question would be on the enforcement. Who decides what is hate speech and what is not hate speech? Who decides what is an actual incitement to violence? These are great questions that delves into the world of psychology, sociology, anthropology, the mind of humans, the interaction humans have with each other, and the history of all of that. I'm for free speech which includes hate speech, spam, terrorism speech, incitement to violence, politically incorrect speech, inaccurate speech, etc, etc.


Fundamental Questions Are Critical

I'm asking these questions while Jack's lover girl lie about Alex Jones. How many big tech social ghetto networks banned Alex over deception, things he didn't do, things he didn't say, etc, etc, in 2018? How many other people were banned? Why is Laura Loomer getting banned from everything, everywhere? Why were my two YouTube channels, like Ojawall and Joeyarnoldvn, and Facebook accounts, etc, terminated, deleted, removed, banned, destroyed, shadow banned, gutted, erased, etc, etc, why me? Why is there an internet porn tax that is one step towards the Obama Internet Vision? How do we get Trump to stop Big Tech Monopolism from their continual takeover of the Internet and so many things? How does 5G work like a microwave to scramble up our molecules, our brain cells, to give us cancer, tumors, etc, etc? How bad is 5G and how many people are dying from them? Alex didn't say Sandy Hook was faked. Other people did. Alex talked to them. Alex was taken out of context. Listen to the whole story. They put stuff in the water to make frogs and people more gay, homosexual, etc. Alex didn't beat up that kid. The whole world was sharing this video of a bully kid. A man stood up to that brat. Everybody was talking about that viral video. Vagina Girl lied about that today on JRE. We got to sue Twitter. We got to go after them as they continue to lie and much much more. Did you see the Reddit Ask Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson (PJW), and Owen Shroyer anything? Was Alex drunk? Better yet, why are people lying so much about Alex and Trump and others? The good news is that many of the younger generation get it. They are hardcore red pilled. So, the Jack Dorsey crap is backfiring so much. Globalists and Jihadists have joined forces to take you down? Are you going to let them take you down? If you don't take the leadership, they will take us down. Real leaders don't want to take up the mantle of leadership. Stand up while you can and take up the leadership. Join the fight for liberty.

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Should We Ban Incitement to Violence?

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