Don't live with the unloved

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Don't live with the unloved. 

Living with people you don't like is like being in prison. 

This suicide. The slow death of you, your heart, your essence. You see, he (she) is like your good friend, but not "beloved".. You can laugh together, drink tea in the kitchen, and at night choke with tears in the pillow. You can even have children, interests, many years of life together. But deep down, you know what's wrong. This relationship will choke you. Waking up in the morning and realize that you live with the wrong person.. Many people live all their lives so, getting used to, leaving everything as it is. It is better to live alone and all my life to find that right person, where things will be different for love, honey eyes and the warm embrace of a loved one. Do not break the life of yourself and another person. Life is too short.

Inspiring story

1.  Respect yourself


Why not choose to love out of choice as opposed to emotion?

You have the right to choose your love as you see it. But you have to understand whether love is healthy or not.

Yes. True. People should get out of bad relationships, situations. Pick your battles. Focus on goals which includes people who may either help you towards those goals or pull you away from them. I totally agree with you that relationships that are not healthy should be maybe ended or mended or something.

Thank you very much for your feedback) I'm pleased that you liked it.
Soon I will write about self-love. She's very important in a relationship.

So true, to live with someone without love is the loneliest place to be

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