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Funny Can I Buy a GF Video - Go Vap Girl Class Ended in August. Circle K Bathroom Story. Childhood Email Conversation with Rick. Adam Sandler's Decline. Entering Vietnam Story. I lost my phones. Ate too much ice-cream.

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2014-09-09 Me Ribs.jpg
2014-09-09 - Tuesday

Some highlights from September 2014, as follows:

Work Schedule

2014-09-01 - Monday - 06:22 AM - I emailed FYG: "Schedule Update 2014-09-01: Here is an update to my schedule. This email is for Jolie. Here is some information that you may already know. Here is my free time. You already know this. I just wanted to send this email to you again. Feel free to arrange schedules, as in classes, according to this. Joey Arnold's Free-Time: Mondays - Fridays: 12 PM noon - 12 AM midnight: Saturdays - Sundays: 8 PM - 12 AM midnight. I am busy in the mornings of Tuesdays/Saturdays. Maybe busy Thursday mornings. Probably free other mornings. I go to church Sunday mornings, normally. I use to teach in many other districts. For the past year, I've been teaching less in those other districts: I am telling more people that I do not want to teach in any district. I think it is better to teach only in District 4. I've given up a lot of my previous teaching jigs. I want to try to save more time and become more effective and efficient."

Go Vap Girl Class Ended

2014-09-01 - Monday - 09:47 PM - I emailed myself: "End of Go Vap: Right now, in September 2014, I am not teaching in the go Vap District, Saigon, Vietnam. Last week, I only had one female student in Go Vap, in that last week of August 2013. She is about 24 years old. She fired me. I was fired. I was tutoring her for about 3 months, from about June to August 2014, 4 hours a week in her room in Go Vap. It was 8 - 10 AM Wednesdays and Fridays. Early in August, she was interviewed at two hotels in District 1. I encouraged her as much as I could. She picked a hotel and she said that she would begin working in September. She studied hotel things in college. She is from a smaller hometown. She has a boyfriend. She volunteers at a cafe where her boyfriend works. She use to work at another hotel. She would read from a Vietnamese English Topic book that had grammar problems in English. It was written by a Vietnamese person. She would read a topic and at the end of the story chapter were about 12 questions that I would read. i would fix her pronunciation, her sentence structuring, and offer new words for her to learn. Why was I fired? The past week, I was helping her translate her hotel rule book into English in order to prepare for employment, for working with foreigners. What was the problem? I was translating the ideas of her hotel book but she wanted me to like translate each word and be more specific in the translation. For example, I told her that if a foreigner is being too loud in a hotel, then just tell them to be quiet or to leave. But her book said that you should tell the foreigner to go into a room where nobody is. But foreigners only check-out one hotel room at a time usually.... so, where would the foreigner go, I wondered..... Plus, she would ask me to ask her questions so that she can practice English. She did not just want me to read questions from books, especially when she can read the questions beforehand and memorize what I would ask her. She especially wanted me to ask her questions that will be normal questions for foreigners to ask at hotels. One time, I asked her when the hotel was made, but she got mad at me and said that foreigners would not ask that normally speaking. But I told her that I am more of an expert in being a foreigner because I am more a foreigner than she is. She is Vietnamese. I am a foreigner. But she was doubting my wisdom, my insight. She has a short temper as most Vietnamese people do. She sort of fired me a few times in August but she would call me back the next week and ask me to come back. If she does change her mind and ask me to come back to teach her again, I might say no because she is abusing me and she lives about 40 minutes from District 4 on a bicycle (apx 15 km). I was fired because I was being honest. She is a friend of the lady that donated money to me in June 2014 I think. The lady that called and talked to Jolie once. The lady that lives in Go Vap as well. The lady introduced me to this girl but now the lady may not like me if she believes in what the girl is saying about me. So, these kinds of things are sad. The girl was saying that I am a bad teacher and that she is not getting better. She says that I have no methods and that she is wasting her money. She did not want to take responsibility for her own things. People blame-shift (blame other people for their own problems)."


2014-09-02 - Tuesday - 01:59 AM PST - Facebook Post - I wrote: "Do you want to learn English? What is your email?" - 125 Comments - 58 Likes. Israel vs Palestine Video on Facebook.

Words with the letter N

2014-09-03 - Wednesday - 11:41 PM - Facebook Post - 9 Likes - 21 Comments.

Couch Surfing For Teachers

2014-09-04 - Thursday - 10:01 PM Blogspot - Couch Surfing - 12 Days Ago - English Teacher Wanted - Trâm Phạm wrote: " I am looking for a native English speaker teacher. If Anyone who is looking for a part-time job, please feel free to contact me. Cheers." 11 Days Ago - Minh Trí Nguyễn: "possibe am i???? :v." Less than a Minute Ago - Me: "I am an American English Teacher in TP.HCM. I met Trâm Phạm when I first came to HCM in 2013. She seems to have a short and hot temper. I've been in Vietnam since 2012. She was a little too judgmental to me when she met me. She would always say to me, "Why are you always asking questions?" It seems that she doesn't like questions."

Couch Surfing Mr. Ribs

2014-09-04 - Thursday - 10:16 PM - Blogspot - Couch Surfing - 17 Days Ago - Mr.Ribs BBQ restaurant - BBQ ribs, Buffalo chicken wings, pork skewer, chicken skewer, Thailand tea, etc... - FYG Joo Tien Jolie Nguyen wrote: "Welcome to my Mr.Ribs BBQ restaurant with acceptable prices in Vietnam. When you come here, you will be served ribs with BBQ sauce, chichken wings with buffalo sauce, pok skewers, chicken skewers with Malaysian style and many various delicious dishes, plz come and feel ^^ Mr.Ribs BBQ restaurant - Ad: 156B, Vinh Khanh street, district 4, HCMC. FB: facebook.com/Mr.RibsBBQ - Open time: 4:30pm - 10:30pm." 15 minutes ago - Me: "The food here tastes good. I am an American. I like American food."

Words with the letter O

2014-09-04 - Thursday - 10:52 PM - Facebook Post - 11 Likes - 23 Comments.

Can I Buy a GF? Video

2014-09-05 - Friday - 01:03 AM - Facebook Video - 3 Likes - 2 Shares - 0 Comments - 0 Views.

Words with the letter P

2014-09-06 - Saturday - 05:43 AM - Facebook Post - 8 Likes - 29 Comments.

Words with the letter R

2014-09-07 - Sunday - 07:11 PM - Facebook Post - 5 Likes - 12 Comments.

Words with the letter S

2014-09-07 - Sunday - 11:32 PM - Facebook Post - 10 Likes - 97 Comments.

Words with the letter T

2014-09-08 - Monday - 09:34 AM - Facebook Post - 13 Likes - 20 Comments.

Adam Sandler's Decline?

2014-09-09 - Tuesday - 09:45 AM - Blogspot - I wrote: "I don't always like Sandler's jokes. For example, I'm less likely to like jokes about farts and other slap-stick humor. Some of his humor is a verbal parallel to the physical acts of the Three Stooges. It seems that there is a decline in his humor during the past decade which started maybe in the 2000's. However, I am still a fan of him and I'm still willing to watch some of his films. I am a student of making movies. So, I might not be the right person to ask. I am more patient with movies because I study them. I started making movies myself when I was 10 years old in 1995 in America. I am now in Vietnam. Life is not always funny. You can't always be funny. Some people say that I am funny. That is good, but it also adds pressure. Adam being funny is like Robin Williams being funny. It is like Michael Jordan being the best, which after a while it can get old, or they can get old. Sometimes, jokes are not funny. Talk to Jay Leno. It is a hit or miss situation. Michael Jordan didn't always make his shots. Maybe Adam Sandler will make a sequel to the Water Boy, to Happy Gilmore, or to something like that. He is funnier when he plays smarter characters."

Words with the letter U

2014-09-09 - Tuesday - 10:29 AM - Facebook Post - 9 Likes - 13 Comments.

Words with the letter V

2014-09-10 - Wednesday - 04:44 AM - Facebook Post - 26 Likes - 26 Comments.

Circle K Bathrooms

2014-09-10 - Wednesday - 02:12 PM - Blogspot - I wrote: "Circle K Rules: Can we use the bathrooms? Some of the staff at Circle K say that the restrooms are only for the staff. It is better for business to allow customers to go pee. If not, then they may make a mess if they have to hold it too long. Some may allow it and others may not. It can be tough if some staff allow it while others don't. Can we step in back of the counter? I say it depends. Some are more strict about the rules. I understand why the rules are there. Some may steal. It clogs and crowds that work zone. Violence can also occur. It can become less efficient and effective. But we should rethink things still. We need to make sure there are purposes behind what we do. Can you donate your trash? They cooked noodles back around 6 AM today. Now, after 11 PM, it might be too old. If they can throw it away into a trash can, then why not throw it away into a bowl of stuff."

Words with the letter Y

2014-09-11 - Thursday - 02:26 AM - Facebook Post - 8 Likes - 11 Comments.

Mr. Ribs

2014-09-11 - Thursday - 11:48 PM - I emailed FYG: "Jolie, can I maybe have classes at Mr.Ribs in the morning or when Mr.Ribs is not open? I want to know when I am allowed to have classes and clubs at Mr.Ribs inside the classroom. Do you only want to have classes when Mr.Ribs is open during the day? I think that would be at or after about 4:30 PM each day. I think I understand. I think I am ok with that for now...."

Letter A

2014-09-12 - Friday - 02:28 AM - Facebook Post - 37 Likes - 70 Comments - I wrote: "từ / cụm từ bằng chữ cái A (xin vui lòng dịch)."

từ / cụm từ bằng chữ cái B (xin vui lòng dịch)

2014-09-13 - Saturday - 06:00 AM - Facebook Post - 11 Likes - 48 Comments.

Computer Games

2014-09-13 - Saturday - 09:58 AM - I emailed my brother, Rick Arnold: "Sometimes between 1990 - 1994, I remember watching Nathan Williams, our cousin, play computer games in his room in Warrenton, Oregon, USA. One game was 3-D where he would through hallways like a maze. This is the first 3-D game that I have ever seen I think be
sides the world runner game. Remember Mario is Missing game?" Maybe, we had Mario Time Machine.

Ice-Cream Again

2014-09-13 - Saturday - 12:52 PM - Blogspot - I wrote: "Bought ice-cream again this morning or night for 65.000 VND or $3 USD. I have been doing it for the past few days. For this price, you get about 625 ml of ice-cream. Right now, it is Sunday morning, the 14th of September, 2014. I am at Circle K near a church and/or school in Tan Binh in HCM, Vietnam. I've been buying ice-cream for the past week like each day. It is too expensive and possibly not healthy enough."

Lost Phone

2014-09-14 - Sunday - 07:29 AM - Blogspot - Tân Huy emailed me: "he Joey. you forgot your phone in the class. so when i called you your student picked it up. Joey can we study tomorrow afternoon? about 3 PM? can we?" I went on to write about this in my blog. Or maybe I lost many phones many times. I also wrote that I lost a phone on the 27th.

từ / cụm từ bằng chữ cái E (xin vui lòng dịch)

2014-09-15 - Monday - 09:14 PM - Facebook Post - 12 Likes - 45 Comments.

Entering Vietnam Story

2014-09-16 - Tuesday - 11:57 AM - Facebook Post - Photo Album: Trung Tâm Ngoại Ngữ New Star - 228 Photos - Joey Arnold X - 33 Likes - 6 Comments - I wrote: "Why did you go to Vietnam? It was partly because this man, Quyet Phung (of Da Nang & Bac Ninh), asked me to (come) teach at his English Center, New Star, in Bac Ninh, Vietnam. In the year of 2012, Quyet Phung asked me to come teach at his school in Vietnam. He promised me money. He guaranteed me employment at his school, New Star International English Center. After much debate, I took a flight from Oregon, USA, through Los Angeles, Tokyo, Singapore, and eventually to Hanoi. I worked at his school for my very first six days in Vietnam, from Thursday, the 29th of November, 2012 until Tuesday morning, the 4th of December, 2012. That morning, he used Google Translate to write me an email saying that I was fired. Before I went to Vietnam, he promised me $1,000 USD/month. After coming to Vietnam, he changed his mind. The day before that, on Monday, he interviewed me by observing how I taught a class, except that the class only had one student. That one student was him. He said that I was just a tutor. At that moment, I was just a tutor because I was not going to pretend that I was teaching a class full of children or adults. Instead, I tried teaching him in real-life. I was not interested in performing for him. I wanted to be more personal, practical, applicable, and realistic. In the email, he said that my English skills are not good enough. I asked him, "How can you say that my English is not good when you don't know English yourself?" As in, how can you tell? Like, how can you know that I don't know it if you don't know it yourself? He said I'm not a good teacher. Furthermore, he said that I'm not even a teacher but just a tutor. For some reason, the word "Tutor" in this context seem to be some kind of insult. I was fired and stuck on my sixth day in Vietnam in the year of 2012. I did not have enough money to go back to America. Long story short, now I am ok in 2014. I teach in Q4, TP.HCM. Life is full of twists and turns, but I hang on through the blood of Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, I was able to live and work at Papa Foods Restaurant until the 17th of January, 2013. I lived in Hanoi for two weeks, in Hoa Binh for 5 days, and in Thanh Hoa for 4 days. After that I moved to Ho Chi Minh City on Sunday, the 10th of February, 2013. My life is full of adventures. Trung Tâm Ngoại Ngữ New Star: http://newstargroup.edu.vn/: 116 Nguyễn Gia Thiều, Suối Hoa, Bắc Ninh, Việt Nam: 02413-874-323: Contact (liên hệ): http://www.facebook.com/quyet.phung.338: http://www.facebook.com/hoa.phan.104: http://www.facebook.com/NewStarInternationalEnglishCenter: (0211) 3 511 499: Trung Trac street, No 207: Phuc Yen town, Vinh Phuc province: Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ngoại-ngữ-Quốc-tế-New-Star/249039768559016."

Rival Turf

2014-09-17 - Wednesday - 08:49 PM - I emailed Rick: "Do you remember Rival Turf for the SNES? Dad bought it for my 9th birthday in 1994. We almost beat that game. You start fighting guys in northern California and work your way to around LA. After that, you take a helicopter to Brazil to fight a rock man with a sliding kick. He came from this boat. There is another boss after that with dangerous kick. We did not beat this boss. Did you get pass level 22 in Duck Hunt?" 2014-09-18 - Thursday - 03:46 PM - Rick: "I still think about rival turf, and I own duck hunt with a gun. I have a yobo, nintendo copyright, after patent ran out, probably 2005."

With Girls

2014-09-17 - Wednesday - 09:19 PM - Facebook Photo Album - With Girls (Với Các Cô Gái) - Joey Arnold Everything - 139 Photos - 36 Likes - 5 Comments. Hiếu Trần liked my photos. She looks like a girl in some of my pictures. Phạm Oanh wrote on one of the pictures: "She's wife of my ex boy friend...But now they did not married yet. Cause his familly do not like her. Mom and dad. She have some bf before she meet him. I don't know do they fixing it right now, cause i do not conecting him still October still now. He found me in the facebook after 10 years we do not meet with my real name, call me to meet, and after kick me. Withing a real sex. He's confuse about me and those girl even he still not meeting her after one year before he found me in the facebook. It was be issuse and hurt storry :)) Don't know you know her. That's was big suprise alot. But he very loving her, always try anything way to make her happy. Even fighting with his familly. Fighting to me, his first love. I meet him in technology university, when i was 18 years old and he also. He come to my home few time, talking to my mom and dad( not my step dad) , take my younger sister go to the beach with his boy friend and his boy friend familly. If i remember right, Her nick name is Russia, Vietnamese name is Nga. I can't never forget her facebook. Cause have some month i simple like obsess her face and her facebook. World is small :)) Just can said that ;)." Trần DaVid: "Chị cạo dâu cho a ý đi hj." Oanh: "râu không phải "dâu"! em viết vậy anh ấy không hiểu đâu! google dịch cũng có giới hạn chứ :D cô gái này có người yêu rồi em ạ. hehe." DaVid: "E bảo anh ý mà nói ji đến cô gái." Oanh: "anh ấy cạo sạch râu lâu lắm rồi.... hình này chụp cách đây ít nhất cũng 1 năm. đây là hình mới nhất!" I just wrote: "Phạm Oanh, I found the Facebook of Russia Nga. I met her in person that one time around July 2013 in Q12. They invited me to dinner. Great food. Fun time. I drew her & Tiffany drawings. I rode my bicycle there. Some bad people stole these photos and made some memes from them to say bad things about me in some Facebook groups in 2014."

Father Like Son Film

2014-09-18 - Thursday - 12:50 PM - Facebook Photo Album - 434 Pictures - 6 Likes - 1 Comment from mom. I wrote: "Son seeks revenge against his short abusive father with glasses. My older and taller brother played the son who uses a knife as a way of coping with the pain. Joey Arnold (that is me) plays the father who is one mean puppy. Sunday, the 22nd of December, 1996: our mother was not here. This is in our home, space 163, at the Rose Grove Mobile Home Park, 3839 Pacific Avenue, Forest Grove, Oregon, United States."

Watched Be Kind Please Rewind

2014-09-18 - Thursday - 02:25 PM - Blogspot - I wrote: "Watched Be Kind Please Rewind; on my laptop with holes: Dell Inspiron: 2014-09-19 Friday morning 2-4 AM ICT. It was funny and heart warming with Jack Black, his black friend, the older girl and younger girl, and especially Danny Glover. This video was on my hard drive. i got it from maybe a student or something in the past but do not remember where I got this video from." Maybe got the movie from Scott some months earlier.


2014-09-19 - Friday - 02:25 AM - Facebook Post - 26 Likes - 9 Comments - I wrote: "I want to play basketball in District 4 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I plan to go the Hồ bơi Vân Đồn Swimming Pool." Thoa Vanessa: "Swimming Pool means Hồ bơi, so using either Vân Đồn Swimming Pool or Hồ bơi Vân Đồn." Me: "Bích Bít, if you do not have a basketball, when can you play?" Nga Phan: "Ho Chi Minh is far from to me!I often playing basketball in dormitory." When? "On saturday after school hours!" In a new post, I wrote: "When I've wrote, let's say for example, "Words with A," people comment with apple. orange, and other words with A, but when I wrote "Words that start with anything" then Facebookers come up empty with nothing." In the comments of that, I wrote: "Bitshull Most, there is a difference between outdated book English and the kind that is spoken in real life..... it depends on how you want to talk and not just dependent on the so-called rules."

Hungry Hippos

2014-09-19 - Friday - 04:29 PM - Rick emailed me: "Well we played hungry hungry hippos, operation and the game where you jump on the beds in the dark and have a strobe light going to make it look like you are in slow motion. It was at the place near the beach, that we used to walk to the beach from there house, one story house with fireplace in the middle of the living room and the kitchen had those flapping doors that you see in western movies to enter the saloon. That was probably age 6 to 8. They lived in Tigard before that. Well I know I remember going to the house they have now, before they bought it. We walked to the top of the stairs and looked down, and it looked really really high up."

Letter Z

2014-09-20 - Saturday - 05:53 AM - Facebook Post - 13 Likes - 89 Comments - I wrote: "words/etc relating to the Letter Z: of the Letters A - Z." Anne Nguyễn left me comments here.

It's Time To __________

2014-09-21 - Saturday - 02:44 PM - Facebook Photo - 1996-02-03 - Saturday - 10 Likes - 1 Comment - Marilyn Mitchell: "live in the future, not the past."

Ants & Mommy

2014-09-21 - Sunday - 11:50 PM - I emailed mom: "Mom,were you writing about ants? Your story makes me think about cockroaches. Makes me think about the rats in Titanic. Follow them to safety when you don't know where to go. I started singing around 1987? I remember singing as far back as 1990 if not before that. I started drawing around then as well. I started learning math around 1991 I think. It started with the simple addition and subtraction problems until I advanced to multiplication and division around 1993. I started writing my name and my house number around 1992. I started reading and writing more in 1993. Around 1993, I would copy the exact words of children books onto paper. I was actually trying to write my own book, my own stories, by combining the stories together into one bigger story. I thought the story would become bigger and better simply by adding to it. I was not thinking, "I wonder if others can follow my story of unrelated and disconnected stories." I started writing my own stories in 1993 and even more in 1994 and I wrote a few main stories around that time and especially by 1995: stories include Noah & the Ark to the Moon, Starship Trooper like story which became a real Hollywood story, the Power Rangers script for the movie we made, a story about The Planets of Dinosaurs which is similar to the Planet of the Apes.... and also a narrative about what God was doing before Creation..... Mom, you began feeling jealousy as far back as 1957?" I was replying to her email, her story.

Letter Y

2014-09-22 - Monday - 01:18 AM - Facebook Post - 13 Likes - 89 Comments - I wrote: "words/etc relating to the Letter Y." V. Linh Nguyễn and Du Lieu left me comments here.


2014-09-22 - Monday - 02:21 AM - I emailed mom: "I had a few dreams while napping for a few minutes around 4 PM, Monday, the 22nd of September 2014. The last one had me walking through District 1 HCM and seeing interesting business women in traditional Vietnamese dresses. I think about talking to them. A previous dream is where I wake up from this Cup Bee Cafe where I am now in real life at 4:15 PM. I look at my bike that is locked outside and it is missing a peddle arm and the chain and a few important things. In this dream and/or other dreams this afternoon, I found a way to fly as my way of telling myself it is only a dream as you cannot fly in real life." Older Facebook

Mr. Ribs BBQ Business Card Pictures

2014-09-23 - Tuesday - 10:29 PM - Facebook Photo Album - 33 Likes - 5 Comments - Evan Hudson: "why don't you want to be my friend oatmeal." Minsuk Kim: "무서워요." I wrote: "Bitshull Most, I'm not in a c.ourt of law: you are not my judge: I'm not in trial: your presupposition is lacking thorough research across various medias journeying past the canals and depth of the ever-shallow caves of Facebook. Your arrogance is blinding you."

Crowded Response Creates Confusion

2014-09-24 - Wednesday - 02:26 AM - Blogspot - I wrote: "People say to me, "I live in Four District." They live in District Four. I correct people simply by repeating edited/modified/revised versions of what they say. This is an example. They say to me, "I live in Four District." I respond with, "I live in District Four." I say what they say in different ways with different words. There are different ways of saying things. There are multiple ways of saying things correctly in the English language. As an American English Teacher, I correct people like a father corrects a disobedient son. As a workaholic, I work, think, and talk more (especially as I teach English to students who may not be able to handle the excess of words that I throw at them). As a perfectionist, I continue to try to redo my English lessons, what I say, what I do, how I think, and stuff. So, to make a long story short, I end up becoming more busy in my life, which adds pressure to my teaching methods/style. Today, in a class, as I corrected a 21 year-old female Vietnamese student, she said that she was confused and was not understanding what I was saying or asking exactly. We talked for over an hour today about these things and I came to a more personal conclusion that I need to be more simple in what I say, in how I act, in the lessons, in what I teach, in how I teach, and especially in how much I throw at students and others. Today, I was correcting what she was saying but she didn't know that I was correcting them because I didn't say that I was correcting them. Like as seen in the above sentence, if you say "Four District" and I say "District Four," you might not know that I am correcting you. You could say "What is your number phone?" and I could revise it with "What is your phone number?" However, I am learning that I need to be more sensitive with students. I want to make sure students can follow me and catch my drift. I give people overcrowded responses mixed with different things that confuses people.

Sometimes, I respond to people with these four things:

  1. I repeat their ideas to them
  2. I summarize
  3. I fix grammar/sentence/spelling
  4. I add additional data and/or questions

If a student says a wrong question or statement, then I may just correct them by sharing the correct sentence with the student, but then I may give them around five or more correct related sentences which can confuse people because it becomes harder to understand. I should try harder to tell people only one thing at a time."

Letter W

2014-09-24 - Wednesday - 11:45 AM - Facebook Post - 15 Likes - 61 Comments - I wrote: "Words/etc relating to the Letter W."

Letter V

2014-09-25 - Thursday - 01:10 PM - Facebook Post - 8 Likes - 19 Comments - I wrote: "words/etc relating to the Letter V."

Letter T

2014-09-26 - Friday - 12:05 AM - Facebook Post - 6 Likes - 46 Comments - I wrote: "words/etc relating to the Letter T."

Lost Phone

2014-09-27 - Saturday - 06:32 PM - Blogspot Post - The Joey Arnold Journal - I wrote: " Lost Phone: 2014-09-27: I rode from District 4 to where I teach Saturday mornings (for September 2014) in Tan Phu, TP.HCM. I stopped at a bike shop in order to get air in my back wheel which is normally free but I was asked to pay 1.000 VND. I only had a 2.000 and he didn't have change and handed me the money back so that I could get the air for free but I let him keep it. After that, as I drove passed by the Trung Chinh (of CMT8) street in Tan Binh/Tan Phu and as I passed a school, my phone fell through a hole in my right pocket of my blue jeans. A woman on her motorbike told me in Vietnamese about my phone and I already knew something fell out as well. I turned back to look for my phone. I was focused on the ground but saw a man pick up my phone or something on the side of my eyes and take off. I told my students and teaching partner that my bike was stolen. I told a story about Baby Joey to my students. Had rice, pork, fish there. Took a nap. Met 2 students at a cafe in Q.4. He called me and talked to a man that took my phone. The man said he lived in Tan Binh and works construction in Q.2 but without an exact work address. He would have work sites and offices that he could have told us about. He asked Huy for money and Huy told him to meet me 7:30 PM at the Lotteria on a street near CMT8 and close to Nguyen Thien Hien High School and near a Catholic church. I came to Circle K at 7:15 PM and stayed all night until about 6:30 AM in the morning. I saw the man and his brother who was holding my phone, I think. They looked at me a few times and I walked near them and sat next to them and sat next to them on a different table and was expecting them to talk to me as he said he would as I am unique. I told people on Facebook."

Letter S

2014-09-27 - Saturday - 09:33 PM - Facebook Post - 7 Likes - 33 Comments - I wrote: "words/etc relating to the Letter S."

I'm an American English Teacher in Q.4, TP.HCM. Follow me.

2014-09-28 - Sunday - 10:59 PM - Facebook - 29 Likes - 12 Comments.

No Phone Message

2014-09-29 - Monday - 12:41 AM - I emailed FYG: "I do not have a phone. I lost my phone Saturday morning, the 27th of September 2014. I am not planning to buy a new phone. I do not want to buy a new phone. I do not want to have a phone. I do not want to tolerate depravity. I do not want anybody to buy me a phone. I have mixed feelings about these things. I like phones but there are some pressing issues at hand that are of greater priorities."

USA English HCM

2014-09-30 - Tuesday - 10:25 PM - Facebook Post - I shared a link to my Facebook Page - USA English TP.HCM Saigon Vietnam SG - 08:50 PM - I wrote: "I'm an American English Teacher/Actor/Writer/Musician in Q.4 TP.HCM, Vietnam: share this: follow me: add me." 1 invisible comment and 25 visible likes.

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2014-09-21 - Sunday - Girl Student in HCM in Tan Binh Smile Whiteboard

September 2014

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2014-09-21 - Sunday - Boy Student in HCM in Tan Binh Smile Whiteboard.jpg

2014-09-21 - Sunday - Boy Student in HCM in Tan Binh Smile Whiteboard

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2014-09-18 - Thursday - Father Son Knife Show - 10662067_1465829273698825_3842218565159047651_o.jpg

2014-09-18 - Thursday - Father Son Knife Show

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2014-09-23 - Tuesday - 10:29 PM PST - Ribs Card & JA Tie Pics - 10694287_1468536920094727_8125639475433682519_o.jpg

2014-09-23 - Tuesday - 10:29 PM PST - Ribs Card


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2014-09-19 - Friday - 12:23 AM PST - September 19th - Itchy Feet - I replied: "I have been living and working in Vietnam since 2012, first in Hanoi, bac ninh, Hoa Binh, and Thanh Hoa for the first two months and now in Ho Chi Minh City. I ride my bicycle everywhere and I risk my life. I feel that I am smart enough and quick enough to survive but others may not be as lucky as I am. I ride a bicycle and I do not wear a helmet." IFOTC: "I think a bicycle is less dangerous than a motorbike, but I’d probably still wear a helmet."


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