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I was teaching English at the 23/9 Park. Met Thuy Tran who became my student. We had an English party. Medical English met at the bubble tea shop. I spent most of my time at the parks teaching English, around ten hours or more on most days, for free.

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2015-01-25 - Sunday - Oh Ah Banner Pic Version.jpg
Alice Tran

Some highlights from January of 2015, as follows: timestamps in PST unless otherwise noted:

New Years Day 2015

2015-01-01 - Thursday - 08:09 AM - Facebook - @85USA - Photo Album - Crazy Buffalo Bar & Music - 112 Photos - 02:21 AM - Hoai Chinh Do wrote: "i am lazy . but i like that name and i dont know why i like it ..it sounds easy and cool."

Big vs To

2015-01-01- Thursday - 09:49 PM - Facebook - 62 Likes - 15 Comments - I wrote: "The English word, "Big," is "To" in Vietnamese. The English word, "To," is "đến" in Vietnamese." Phat Nguyen replied: "Nice try." Then I asked him if he was being sarcastic. He said he was being sincere. Hợp Phan and Jennifer Balili Pableo followed me. I was liked by people like Nguyễn Ánh Dương, Nguyễn Ngọc Trâm, and Thuy An Annie Nguyen.

2nd Day of 2015

2015-01-02 - Friday - 10:44 AM - Facebook Photo Album - 109 Photos - 19 Likes - 2 Comments

3rd Day of 2015

2015-01-03 - Saturday - 08:54 AM - Facebook Photo Album - Công Viên 23 Tháng 9 - 198 Photos - 03:10 PM - Ty Huu Bui wanted the not affordable Affordable Obama Care health disaster to destroy America. He wanted me to sign something for it. I emailed family talking about our piano. Last saw it on Friday, the 23rd of November, 2012. Went over to Matt that day. Saturday, Mike. Tuesday, Mike dropped me off at the airport. Flew to Vietnam. The piano can be recoated, finished, fixed, cleaned up, restored. I emailed mom prior to that asking about how long we stayed in a trailer at Friend's house. Surname, Friends. Two days, around 1993, give or take a few years. Larry was thinking about restoring the piano. I emailed myself: "[email protected] - Facebook: Giao Vien - [email protected]." I emailed myself: "099 587 40 45."

4th Day of 2015

2015-01-04 - Sunday - Facebook Photo Album - 321 Photos.

Mai Leaves

2015-01-04 - Sunday - 12:17 PM - Blogspot - Facebook - Facebook - 104 Likes - 37 Comments - 1 Share - Jo Arnold 85 USA - Mai Luong Ngoc - I wrote: "I fell in love with a girl. Sadly, she was with another man and she was deleting the pictures I took of her. We were at a dance club & she wanted to dance with me but I told her no. I like her but she is taken. I am also mad at her and I do not want to see her again. FA, Forever Alone." I don't specifically remember which girl I was writing about, right now. Maybe, if I can find some photos, that might help me remember the details. Nhi Nguyen replied: "Dońt sad...you wiii find out your girl." Hạnh Nghiêm added: "Dont sad, if someone loves you, she belongs to you, she will come back. Im sure there are a lot of girls love you!" Hoàng Hải Hà added: "Of course. When we fell in love, this mean we died half. And we cant notice other things expect 'love'." I said that love is more than lust. She replied: "Ah. I know. But she is falling in love with another man, so you only see her and her boyfriend. So poor. I'm sorry, i can't help you."

5th Day of 2015

2015-01-05 - Monday - Facebook Photo Album - 112 Photos

Red Shirt

2015-01-06 - Tuesday - 11:25 AM - Facebook Photo - Joey Arnold - Girl in a red shirt - 23/9 Park.

6th Day of 2015

2015-01-06 - Tuesday - Facebook Photo Album - 237 Photos

7th Day of 2015

2015-01-07 - Wednesday - Facebook Photo Album - 323 Photos - Doremon Balloon Girl

8th Day of 2015

2015-01-08 - Thursday - Facebook Photo Album - 164 Photos - 04:57 PM - Tracy Ha wrote: "Today I passed the 23/9 park,intended to come for a talk. Unfortunately,my shoes are broken.maybe will talk next time. Dont u teach at any school in HCM? What job exactly are you doing now? You stay here for a tour(short time) or have any other career planning here?"

9th Day of 2015

2015-01-09 - Friday - Facebook Photo Album - 206 Photos


2015-01-09 - Friday - 12:18 PM - Facebook - I wrote: "Learn English Communication. For more information, call me. My name is
Joey Arnold: 01-282-065-373." 03:31 PM - Mom wrote: "and I can help with revising paragraphs." 08:33 PM - I responded to a deleted comment: "she is my mother: you can add her."

10th Day of 2015

2015-01-10 - Saturday - Facebook Photo Album - 135 Photos

11th Day of 2015

2015-01-11 - Sunday - Facebook Photo Album - 334 Photos

12th Day of 2015

2015-01-12 - Monday - Facebook Photo Album - 167 Photos - I emailed Hoang Nguyen back: "Ok, see you guys 5:30 PM Wednesday." This was in regards to my Medical English Class which began at Mr. Ribs BBQ some months earlier in 2014. In 2015, we were meeting at a sunflower bubble tea coffee shop, across the street from the 23/9 Park, generally, a few days weekly. At one point, we split that class into two or three classes where each of my three students would meet me separately for one on one sessions.

English is Like a Mountain

2015-01-12- Monday - 12:02 AM - Facebook - 58 Likes - 20 Comments - 15 Shares - I wrote: "Learning English is like climbing a mountain. It is more about the journey and less about the destination in hand. It is a gradual process that must accelerate through momentum, experience, wisdom, and courage.... Rome wasn't built in a day and our fluency takes years to develop. Beginners should focus more on listening with subtitles at slower speeds. Study the vocabulary, the sentence structuring, spelling, & other grammar things. Spend most of the time repeating what you hear and read.... Subtitles are the texts, the lyrics, the words, on the bottom of the TV screen or computer monitor. Learning needs to be fun. Sing what you hear and sing it in the shower. Sing it as you go to work, school, and everywhere. Sing as much as you can during the Lunar New Year (Holiday Break). Take advantage of the time that you have. Study does not have to be boring.... Rather, studying what you love can be more a passion and a pursuit that never ends. I'm a life long learning and I learn things all of the time. Music helps us remember things even when we think we are not studying...... It's important to learn the four skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking at the same time as much as possible. When you can, learn synonyms, but do focus on listening and repeating what you hear..... Try to copy (imitate) what you hear from people as much as you can. Have fun and make mistakes. Keep a journal. Write new words in the journal each day. Make sure you copy new words as soon as you wake up, otherwise, procrastination will get you and you know the sooner the better but better late than never and better something than nothing and no pain no gain and please have hope over dope and joy over circumstances and please be glad rad dad instead of sad bad fad."

13th Day of 2015

2015-01-13 - Tuesday - Facebook Photo Album - 126 Photos

Banning Oatmeal

2015-01-13 - Tuesday - 08:38 PM - Blogspot - Facebook Group - Blocked from Talking With The Tourists - I was blocked from this group.

14th Day of 2015

2015-01-14 - Wednesday - Facebook Photo Album - 182 Photos

15th Day of 2015

2015-01-15 - Thursday - Facebook Photo Album - 157 Photos

16th Day of 2015

2015-01-16 - Friday - Facebook Photo Album - 267 Photos

Park Pictures

2015-01-17 - Saturday - 08:36 AM - Facebook - Photo Album - 17th Day of 2015 - 300 Photos - 13 Likes - 0 Comments - 0 Shares

18th Day of 2015

2015-01-18 - Sunday - Facebook Photo Album - 457 Photos

Park English

2015-01-19 - Monday - 08:24 PM - Facebook - 7 Likes - 2 Comments - 0 Shares - I wrote: "I'm a Freelance American English Teacher & Tutor. You can find me at the 23/9 Park around 3 - 5 PM daily. I teach classes at coffee shops nearby. You can call me and you can come look for me 24/7 (any time), but please schedule appointments with me in advance first if you can. You can see me at the park for free. Tell your friends to share this & add me. Call me at 01-282-065-373. I teach privately, individually, and for small groups. I teach all ages, class sizes, & levels. Curriculum, schedules, & fees are negotiable and customizable. I teach TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, etc. I teach children and/or adults. I'm American. I'm from America. I was born in the USA in the year 1985 and moved to Vietnam for teaching in 2012. Find Me At the 23/9 Park: Công Viên 23 Tháng 9: Lê Lai/Phạm Ngũ Lão, Q.1. Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam: TP.HCM, VN. When: around 3 - 5 PM daily: call me and look for me: Email: [email protected]. My Name: Joey Arnold. Find Me Near: McDonald's - Trần Hưng Đạo. Nguyễn Kim Shopping Center. Chợ Bến Thành Market. New World Hotel. My Address: I Live in District One, Saigon, Vietnam: I Rent a Room Near Highland Coffee, Allez Boo, Crazy Buffalo: Old Ink: 219/9 Phạm Ngũ Lão/Đề Thám, Q.1, TP.HCM." Brian Hoang blocked me and commented: "Chi Le."

19th Day of 2015

2015-01-19 - Monday - Facebook Photo Album - 76 Photos

20th Day of 2015

2015-01-20 - Tuesday - Facebook Photo Album - 44 Photos

Work Schedule

2015-01-20 - Tuesday - Facebook Update - 45 Likes - 31 Comments - 1 Share - I wrote: "I currently only work for 3 hours each week. I make about $30 each week for this month. My room is $100/month." Linh Le replied: "You can earn more." Que Vu added: "hey Joey Arnold have you check your email. it's about teaching online. You remember." Lisa Nguyen wrote: "why you dont teach at English Center ? they will pay you 2000$/ month... before my friend teach at ILA . They paied him 50 milion/month." I replied:"I'm a Freelance English Teacher. I do not work at centers or schools. I work for myself. I don't want to work at the centers or the other places again. It is better this way." Lisa: "but if you work at center u have hight salary." Me: "Centers are unfair to foreign English Teachers at times. They randomly fire employees. Their curriculum are sometimes outdated, ineffective, inefficient and insufficient.... I use to work at some schools and centers in Vietnam since 2012. They are not honest to me and they have lied to me many times. I am tired of being in the middle of such drama. I'm sick of going through the rat race and the uncertainty of those things. They stab me in the back and they do not communicate with me enough. Many nightmares. Many problems. They abuse and neglect me. They abandon and hurt me. They fired me for the wrong reasons.... I really do not want to work at centers and schools because of how unreliable they can be at times. I do not trust them and it does more harm than good. Phạm Ngọc Tường Nhi replied: "OMG my heart goes out to you..i dont know what kinds of persons they really were..But you said they abused you behind yr back may i ask "do you understand their home languge' or u jst felt so ....I still remmeber my first day in my previous company...all my co-workers spoke Korean except my boss ..sometime they glanced at me and talked something with one another n of course i felt very unpleasant n i also thought that they maybe stab me in the back n wanted to isolate me from others But it was just my shallow thoughts somedays went by we undestand one one another more I relized that its just my feeling." Me: "People talk to me in English. They tell me that I'm a bad teacher. They say that I have no teaching methods....." Pham: "hmmm they were really impolite n i think u lost respect from people there,Why dont you move to another city to teach E...Ha Noi capital maybe ..working in an invironment for years you might feel stuck in a rut ..im from the north of vietnam n i dont like people who r from the south bcoz they r so fearsome its jst my opinon." Me: "Southerns normally say that northern Vietnamese are more complex than them. It seems to be that way. I was in Hanoi but I prefer Saigon. I believe in Saigon. This place is growing." Duncan James left some comments on how I sucked and how great he was, but not in those words. My former August 2013 Room-mate - Rick Thành Hưng wrote: "Duncan James does not live in viet nam, so i think you understand vietnam a lot. in fact, if you want to teach in an english center you have to be trained or you must have a work permit and you will be allowed to teach there. my friend, mr Joey Arnold who does not have any certificates so he can not teach in an english center. poor him, because he needs money for living." Thuy Schmitteck (Thủy Trần) wrote: "please check your inbox Joey :)." Thuy went on to meet me in real life for the first time in 2015. She was my student.


2015-01-20 - Tuesday -07:47 PM - Todd Frye wrote to me: "Why is a Hillsburrito MoFo "lambé" one rough dirty white boy from SE Portland for? Did the good Lord send you to suffer with these pagan aitheists?" 08:22 PM - Thảo Lê Thị Phương [email protected] emailed me: "Dear Joey, I know you by internet and i like to study english so much. So i have an offer for you - my family has a room for sleep and a room for study and something like that. If you want you can use it for free. Instead of you teach me english for free too. Reply me as soon as possible!. P.S just only you not for a couple.... Dear Joey, We live in Phu nhuận distric nearby dis.1." I replied: "I live in Q.1 and I want to continue to live in Q.1 and maybe not in other districts."

Thủy Trần

2015-01-21 - Wednesday - 09:39 AM - Thuy Schmitteck (Thủy Trần) wrote to me: "23-9 park near new world hotel or 23-9 park near Bui Vien street?" Because we were meeting, possibly for the first time around that time and she became my student, eventually, that year, for like a few months and off and on for a while. 06:32 PM - Truong Pham Ngoc wrote: "Good morning teacher. I'm sorry to bother you. I'm a student Bình Dương at economics and technology university. I love speaking English so much. but My English isn't good. So, I would like to join your course to improve my English level. from Bình Dương province to HCM city too far. I hope you can give me to stay room each other with you. we share money room and I will study easy English more. If you accept, you can answer to give me to know. I could prepare." I declined.


2015-01-22 - Thursday - 07:39 AM - Le Hang Nguyen wrote: "Ok.when can i come?"

Shark = Fat Fish

2015-01-22 - Thursday - 10:48 PM - Facebook - 30 Likes - 18 Comments - I wrote: "Shark: Fat Fish: cá mập: Fat (mập) Fish (cá) - Whale: Elephant Fish: cá voi/ong: Elephant (voi) Fish (cá)." Thương Thân Thiện wrote: "Banana fish. Cá chuối.... I will get you if you stay here beside me." I think she meant to say that she would get me one. Tuyết Lan wrote: "pig fish cá heo." Thuy Nguyễn Thị wrote: ":v."

23rd Day of 2015

2015-01-23 - Friday - Facebook Photo Album - 249 Photos - 07:57 AM - Phan Ba Duc wrote: "Hello Joey. I'm Đức. We met this afternoon... tongue emoticon."

24th Day of 2015

2015-01-24 - Saturday - Facebook Photo Album - 404 Photos - 08:01 PM - Sarah Will Salkin emailed me a photo, saying: "Hi Joey, nice to meet you and I had a great time speaking English with the students in the park. Here is the photo I promised to send. Thanks! -Sarah."

25th Day of 2015

2015-01-25 - Sunday - Year End English Party - FB Banner Photo - Facebook Photo Album - 139 Photos - I met Tuyet Anh Tran - Ms Keo Luv Julie Phuong Nguyen - Alice X Rain Tran - Mai Anh - Rosa Đinh Thị Hồng - Sophie Lê Bùi - Lâm Hằng - Kim Thịnh - Romelus Saladar - Picture - Rom & Friends I went to this thing by accident, at the last minute as my Medical English Class ended that Sunday, I was leaving that bubble tea shop. Julie and others saw me and asked me stick around and I did. They talked me into it. I listened as they told me about it and I gave in. It was fun. Great pictures, games, conversations. That one picture became my Facebook banner picture.


2015-01-25 - Sunday - 08:55 AM - I emailed myself how much money I had: "21.500.000 VND - 45 bills of the 500.000 VND or $1,007.03 USD - 2015-01-25 - For the blue 500.000 VND bills - I have more in other bills."

26th Day of 2015

2015-01-26 - Monday - Facebook Photo Album - 95 Photos -

Sunday English

2015-01-26 - Monday - 03:21 AM - FacebookCover Banner Photo Update - Alice Tran posted a new picture and wrote: "Last night we had a chance to practice speaking English . That was so cool !" I'm in that photo from Sunday.

27th Day of 2015

2015-01-27 - Tuesday - Facebook Photo Album - 168 Photos

Science-Study Related Words (OLOGY)

2015-01-27 - Tuesday - 10:01 PM - Facebook - 8 Likes - 9 Comments - I wrote: "acarology study of mites - accidence grammar book; science of inflections in grammar - aceology therapeutics - acology study of medical remedies - acoustics science of sound - adenology study of glands - aedoeology science of generative organs - aerobiology study of airborne organisms - aerodonetics science or study of gliding - aerodynamics dynamics of gases; science of movement in a flow of air or gas - aerolithology study of aerolites; meteorites - aerology study of the atmosphere - aeronautics study of navigation through air or space - aerophilately collecting of air-mail stamps - aerostatics science of air pressure; art of ballooning...." - 09:34 AM - Hằng Nguyễn messaged me: "Uwhich church do you taking part in. I must go to bed... Good night Joey."

28th Day of 2015

2015-01-28 - Wednesday - Facebook Photo Album - 173 Photos - 11:12 PM - Le Hang Nguyen wrote: "At tea shop please!" Meaning that we had Medical English Class.

29th Day of 2015

2015-01-29 - Thursday - Facebook Photo Album - 107 Photos

Find Me Where

2015-01-29 - Thursday - 10:14 AM - Facebook Group Post - 6 Likes - 0 Comments - 0 Shares - I wrote: "JaEnglish.webs.com: Phone: 01-282-065-373 - [email protected] - Joey Arnold - Private American English Tutor - 101 Phạm Ngũ Lão/Đề Thám, Q.1, TP.HCM - I teach & tutor small groups & privately, one-on-one, as well. Registers for classes with me - How much per hour? Tuition (fees/money) is negotiable. It's an English investment for your future - When, where, & how? Schedules, times, time-tables, dates, locations, & curriculum, can be customized & adjusted - How many students per class? The size of the class is determined by the students of each class. People normally prefer no more than five students per class for a higher level of quality - I teach adults speaking, listening, communication, business, pronunciation, reading, writing, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, & soft skills - I teach children Family & Friends, Starters, Flyers, pronunciation, life skills, via games, song, music, & fun - FaceBook.com/JoeyArnoldVN - YouTube.com/JoeyArnoldVN - My Skype: JoeyArnoldVN - MY FAN PAGE: Facebook.com/jxUSA - Plus.Google.com/+JoeyArnoldVN - Twitter.com/JoeyArnoldVN - LinkedIn.com/in/JoeyArnoldVN - I live and teach near - Công Viên 23 Tháng 9, Q.1, TP.HCM - Trà Sữa Hoa Hướng Dương - 101 Phạm Ngũ Lão/Đề Thám, Q.1, TP.HCM - McDonalds, Trần Hưng Đạo - Chợ Bến Thành Market - New World Hotel - Nguyễn Kim Shopping Center - California Fitness - Burger King near New World Hotel - Name: Joey Arnold - Birth Place: Forest Grove, Oregon, USA - Birth Date: 1985-02-11, Monday, 7 AM PST - I'm American: I'm from America - Arrival To Vietnam: 2012-11-29, Thursday - I've been living in Vietnam for over 2 years - I live and teach in Vietnam - Q.1, TP.HCM."

Hello Kitty Photo Album

2015-01-30 - Friday - 07:26 AM - Facebook Photo - 134 Photos - 11 Likes - 0 Comments - 0 Shares

31st Day of 2015

2015-01-31 - Saturday - Facebook Photo Album - 309 Photos

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2015-01-28 - Wednesday
2015-01-28 JA GROUP BANKERS.jpg

January of 2015

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2015-01-14 - Wednesday
2015-01-14 - Wednesday - Girl & Book & Me From My JA Night Avatar At 23.9B Park 10927841_363167037141409_4042895489444078204_o.jpg

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2015-01-12 - Monday

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