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April of 2014 - May of 2014 - College Leftists Call Campus PD on Conservatives Kaitlin Bennett - Good soup and potatoes. Dead mouse in the bag is still ok.

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Trump Stop 5G Question How - Screenshot at 2019-04-30 04:54:05.png
Trump Stop 5G Question How

Some highlights from Tuesday, the 30th of April of 2019, as follows:


09:30 PM - 04:25 AM - Ate some chocolate.


04:48 AM - The answer is yes. I know that. You say no but I said yes. Now, you are calling me a liar which is too bad for you. Because you may have this attitude that says you don't care about what I'm trying to say. Is that why you hate Alex Jones? I talk just like him. I think you don't get him either.

Trump Basketball Life

04:53 AM - When Michael Jordan played basketball, did it matter if he thought he could win or not? Did it matter if coaches and players thought they could win? Sometimes, Mike missed shots. Sometimes, Trump misses shots. Life is not perfect. But don't give up because you lost a game. Keep getting up and keep trying. We all should be Phil Jackson, the coach, to Trump. We all should coach the Hell out of Trump and yell at Trump until he is dead. Yell at him. Don't just hate Trump or love Trump. Tell Trump what to do. Boss him around. Be smart and tell Trump why 5G is bad for example because people only tell Trump that 5G is good and Trump needs to know the full story to 5G and everything.

05:09 AM - Mơ Phạm is a beautiful Vietnamese English Teacher in Vietnam.

05:23 AM - many people say to me no, not possible.... many people think you have to have twitter to see twitter or facebook to see facebook..... many people say this

05:37 AM - Future is made drop by drop by little things each day.

Trump is Wrong

05:41 AM - No. We cannot wait that long. Trump is wrong. Trump must stop it 2 years ago. Trump cannot wait any longer. We must stop geoengineering and Open Borders. Diseases are spreading around in over 21 states in America as of 2019, the Measles, etc.

No Need Twitter To See Twitter

05:48 AM - @Jaid, no. You can go to Twitter without joining Twitter. Use Google to search for what you are looking for on Twitter to see what is on Twitter. You don't need to have an account on Twitter to see Twitter videos, posts, pictures.. You disagree with what you can do? Yes, many people would agree with you but they are wrong. Many people say they love Open Borders and they are wrong about that as well.


05:54 AM - I'm ok with people telling people to kill themselves because free speech and because there could be a point to such a statement as it is something I say as well in order to make points like you don't have to HAVE a Twitter to see Twitter content and I don't let what people say hurt me and I believe in 1A and 4A.


06:00 AM - @RugRatsRants, I was banned from this website and accused of being spam, a troll, etc.


06:13 AM - INFOCOMMS DEBATE - The Rec Fem: "Hey @npc, dumb phone question but why does everyone time lol after everything? Do people really lol or is it just habit for some? It is a serious question. I am not being facetious as my Mother would accuse me of when I ask questions like this." NPC: "I add “lol” after a message alot to make it sound less abrasive. Without it, I fear a message comes across as cold or incomplete for some reason… I also use it as a buffer word to fill awkward silences or if I feel sarcastic or passive aggressive to lighten the blow of what I’m saying or trying to covey. Sometimes I am really laughing behind the “lol” depending on the situation. I don’t know lol."


07:30 AM - 10:10 AM - Coffee. Powder green tea in water. Vitamins. Tangerine.

Political Comedy

10:28 AM - YouTUbe - The United Spot - Horse Ride - AOC Sings - Nancy Pelosi Rides Horse AOC

April 2014

11:12 AM - 06:24 PM - Reviewing April of 2014 - I said I was homeless. FYG had to move. So, we went to Q.3. We started teaching in Q.4 at a cafe before we eventually moved to Mr. Ribs BBQ. I hanged with Dai Trinh. Had Facebook debates. Taught English a bunch of places. Was living in Thu Duc, Tan Binh, etc. Probably taught English at Remi around this time.

YouTube Terminated

12:16 PM - YouTube - Steven Crowder of Louder With Crowder - CHANNEL BAN UPDATE: Will They SUE? - 2 of my YouTube channels were terminated for Fair Use Content, Ojawall in October of 2017 and Joeyarnoldvn in October of 2018. I lost thousands of videos that I was making which dates back to 1996, back when I was eleven years old. I started my Ojawall channel in 2009 and they attacked a few Video Response Parody Videos I made from 2009. They emailed me the copyright claims and I didn't see those emails until about a month too late. I submitted my counter to those claims. They kept on coming in October 2017 on my Ojawall channel until I found that my channel was suddenly terminated without hard strikes. The same thing was happening again in October of 2018 with my Joeyarnoldvn channel and I began taking down all the videos that would get copyright claimed, even while they were protected under Fair Use, and I found that my Joeyarnoldvn channel was terminated in October of 2018 just like my Ojawall channel was terminated a year prior and I lost hundreds to thousands of videos. Yes, Steven gets copyrighted for what Weird Al been doing for forty years since the 1980's.


12:31 PM - @stefan.molyneux - Thought Bites: Corruption and Catastrophe in Canada!

Freedom of Speech

12:37 PM - I agree, that may be true. But I throw my content there just as a backup of my posts, just in case. My philosophy is to throw my stuff all over the Internet. My focus is more on Steem as it has been working longer than the newer networks.

12:44 PM - @halo - More Reasons Not To Join BearShares - About @bilalhaider @bilal-haider - and Bear Shares - He is trying to push his religious views on others. I'm Christian, and I could do the same. But I try my best not to force whatever I believe on other people. I believe in the separation of church and state for example. Some people try too hard to stuff their philosophy, perspective, and principles, be it objective or subjective, on humanity. Some of these people may be sincere and yet also sincerely wrong at the same time. He is trying to rob people of freedom, of making their own good and bad choices in life in what we say and do in life. I believe in letting people make good and bad choices in their lives because that is freedom but people like this guy believes in protecting people from making what they might think are the wrong choices. But I say, let people make whatever choices they want and let the free markets decide and everything.

Alex Jones

12:51 PM - @nutritree - Steemit Debate - Nutri Tree wrote: "Sure don't hate AJ or anyone else. Just dont want someone else to dictate life and say it is better when it is only better for a few. He is just a bull horn in a crowd of people. More and more are moving beyond his sell out status. He flips more than Trump flops. You say yes because the police state extortionists have done so much for Amerika when you could not be more wrong. I guess you never listened to Ron Paul talk about #blowback. Creating conflict abroad and allowing people into our borders that refuse to assimilate is festering more and more. Allowing our children to die for another illegitimate empire no matter its size is not patriotism and does not make us safe."

My response to Nutri Tree:

"Ron Paul was on Alex Jones. Open Borders is destroying America in 2019 like it has been in Europe. There are many wars going on, info wars. Alex interviews and talks to all kinds of people. I love learning the news, tomorrow's news today. There are so many things happening in the world at the same time right now. I am trying to shrink federal government. I am trying to raise awareness of the swamp, corruption, crimes. I am trying to educate people of so many different topics and things. Alex Jones red pills so many people of so many different things. We can write so many books, no, wait, libraries, of all of these different things. That is why YouTube terminated him and are now terminating Steven Crowder and 2 of my channels as well."

DNA Debate Video

01:29 PM - @stefan.molyneux - Are We Getting Dumber? Dr Michael A. Woodley and Stefan Molyneux - IQ and EQ and different types of intelligent quota is generally and primarilly a CPU GHZ speed engine as opposed to hard drive accumulation of data inside our brains and inside our external libraries. We can gather more info than smarter people but we may be slower at it.

May of 2014

07:11 PM - 11:40 PM - Reviewing May of 2014 - The Tiffany Cumbo Debate. English Club Debates. Scheduling Appointments. Dai Trinh rented me out a room for me across the alley from his house in Tan Binh for like a month. I was maybe at Remi. Was teaching at a cafe in District 4 and other places as well.


He probably loves the cover of the Sports Illustrated.

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Mark Dice

Beto's Big Idea 😆 - American 2020 USA Race - Wave your hands in the air, and death to America.

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2019-02-01 - Friday - 10:24 AM LMS - Reviewing the Month of January of 2019
2019-02-15 - Friday - 05:41 PM LMS - Gotham 506
2019-02-17 - Sunday - 10:08 PM LMS - Can America Learn From Athens?
2019-02-18 - Monday - 12:31 PM LMS - The Walking Dead 909
2019-02-18 - Monday - 06:07 PM LMS - Snow Day 1992
2019-02-20 - Wednesday - 09:36 AM LMS - Draft Dodging vs Loving War Debate
2019-02-21 - Thursday - 06:42 PM LMS - August of 2013
2019-02-27 - Wednesday - 11:38 PM LMS - Joe Rogan Alex Jones Experience 1255
2019-02-28 - Thursday - 09:17 AM LMS - Gun Debate - Part 0001
2019-02-28 - Thursday - 10:19 AM LMS - Dalat 2013 Trip
2019-02-28 - Thursday - 11:36 PM LMS - How-To Know If Your Computer Has Spy Hardware Chips
2019-03-02 - Saturday - 02:49 PM LMS - Stopping Climate Change
2019-03-04 - Monday - 08:51 PM LMS - Envisioning 2030
2019-03-05 - Tuesday - 01:50 PM LMS - Brain TiVo
2019-03-05 - Tuesday - 09:14 PM LMS - Should We Ban Incitement to Violence?
2019-03-07 - Thursday - 10:23 AM - The Fake News Song - The Deplorable Choir
2019-03-09 - Saturday - 02:12 PM - Power Plant Blackout Alternatives
2019-03-17 - Sunday - 08:14 PM - Campbell vs Trolls
2019-03-18 - Monday - 02:48 PM - Banning Oatmeal - Part 022
2019-03-20 - Wednesday the 20th of March - 09:58 AM PST: Is college too expensive?
2019-03-20 - Wednesday - 07:41 PM - Stop The Bias Fifty Hours Broadcast Party - Save The Internet
2019-03-22 - Friday - 12:17 PM PST - Oatmeal Discord
2019-03-24 - Sunday - 11:15 PM - Banning Oatmeal - Part 023
2019-03-26 - Tuesday - 06:10 PM - 06:59 PM: Fake Copyright Claims
2019-04-06 - Saturday - 08:56 PM - History of Mail
2019-04-11 - Thursday - 12:21 PM - Jumanji Assange Arrested
2019-04-16 - Tuesday - 01:39 PM LMS - April - Lost My Master Key
2019-04-16 - Tuesday - 02:20 PM LMS - Reputation Declined
2019-04-20 - Saturday - 01:58 PM - March of 2014
2019-04-27 - Saturday - 01:27 PM - YouTube Trending - 2019-04-27
2019-04-29 - Monday - 12:00 AM - Monday the 29th of April of 2019
2019-04-30 - Tuesday - 12:00 AM - Tuesday the 30th of April of 2019
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When one side brings references and facts and the other side uses emotion and conjecture called a debate? Maybe it is similar to a wail you would hear from anti fascists that are fascists. One is not able to argue against emotions with logic. I hope you get better at controlling your emotions.

Thanks for the mention. Perhaps your readers will be interested in the entire thread. https://partiko.app/krnel/saudi-arabia-hiring-more-executions-to-keep-up-with-beheading-demands-and-germany-set-to-train-saudi-soldiers?referrer=nutritree

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Why are you emotionally ignoring the Drudge Report and Info Wars and many big news agencies ans why do you in fact mock me and them as you pretend as if I don't write thousands of articles that link to many other articles, websites, sources, etc?