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Reviewing July of 2014 - Watched Black Mirror. Dug more. People are trying to destroy America. Trump must act before it is too late against technocrats, globalists, corporate monsters, and others. Meanwhile, some people think I'm the monster.

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Some highlights from Friday, the 3rd of May of 2019, as follows:

Black Mirror

12:30 AM - 01:22 AM - Watching - Black Mirror 404 - Hang the DJ - They followed a pocket dating machine that would tell them who to date and for how long. At the end, it was like the Matrix in how they stopped everything, people, bullets. It was like the Truman Show as they climbed the wall to escape the place. They couldn't remember ever living outside the Scott Adams Simulation. They were Sims. In the end, the real couple met in real-life, in the show, to date.

Sandy Hook

09:41 AM - Full Story on the Alex Jones Joe Rogan 2019 Experience

Banning Words

09:45 AM - YouTube - Lee Stranahan and Alex Jones Talk About His Facebook and Instagram Ban - Open Mind


09:51 PM - We can get to Sesame Street but can we also get to Main Street? Can we stop 5G, Geoengineering, Technocrats, Globalists, Jihadists, Open Borders, Plutocrats, Luciferianism, China, etc? - Erica Byfield: @EricaByfield4NY: It’s official. We can now all get to Sesame St. @NBCNewYork

Fight Back

09:56 AM - YouTube - Mark Dice - Gone - Call the U.S. Congress at 202-224-3121 to tell them when people are banned unfairly, illegally, off social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Learning English

10:01 AM - Are you working hard or hardly working?

Trump TV

10:03 AM - Dear Readers, Please Tell Trump to Start Trump TV


10:12 AM - Hello buddy. You want to watch that video? Wait, let me review it first and make sure it is safe for you. Yours truly, Facebook. PS. We do this for free, so, you can trust us. Have a nice day!


10:33 AM - @Billsey, I watched your video, as seen above, and the audience should keep in mind, two things, the messages and the presentation. Some people might be more focused on how you might have said it. Some people may dislike the way you said what you said, the style and everything. Sadly, some of those people may be dismissing the actual content of what you were trying to say. You made a few different points that may be true. People don't have to be religious to acknowledge the fundamentals, the principles, the foundation, the philosophy, to what you were addressing, which were a few different issues all in one. I would encourage people to look at those ideas, those facts, that you addressed, regardless of whether they believe in God or not. In the realm of philosophy, a person could still consider what you were saying. You were talking about picking battles, which can be wise to do. You addressed some possible hypocrisy that people display at times. Bill, in my life, I may have made videos using your style or things close to that. There is a lot that can be said about these different issues. Thank you for the video and for talking about these things. - Leviticus shared this video of Bill which I commented on.

Banning Oatmeal

10:42 AM - Goal Zero wrote to me on Infocomms: "Joey, Why not tell Billsey who you really are??? I know you want to!!! Is that the “Original” Oatmeal???" Goal Zero referenced the [Original Recovering Feminist](

2003 Lip Sync

10:51 AM - @GoalZero compared @therecfem to me because of the word "ORIGINAL." Sounds like 1984. Remember to make Facebook pages that says Alex Jones sucks as that is allowed if negative. That is what @GreggHuestis67 did. He made a funny page on Facebook that some people will see. People can continue to do things like that online and especially offline. Meanwhile, some people will try to tell us that we can't say mother and father because some don't have them. In high school in December of 2003, Kari Herinckx, our FGHS high school student body president, said, as we were brainstorming which songs to sing for our Senior Lip Sync as soon as I suggested Christmas Song, Kari said, and I quote: "Some people don't celebrate Christmas." So, we did Disney songs and I was the Crab from the Little Mermaid singing Under The Sea. @RickMAGAvich, that was almost twenty years ago for me, the war against Christmas, words, being offensive. What is it like today? Can you imagine? What do we do? My FGHS high school had Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and other things which was good. So, I may have been worse off at a different high school, 2000-2004, in Oregon.

July of 2014

11:07 AM - 02:50 AM - Reviewing July of 2014

Youth Group

2018-10-01 - Monday - Reviewing Notes - I wrote the following notes to help me prepare for speaking to the MVA youth group. I talked about the value of telling stories. I wrote notes on this Count to Ten Game. The idea was to practice different ways of counting to ten in different voices. It's like drama class, which I took in high school. Count to ten like an old man. Now, like an Australian. I asked them about favorite movies. We didn't play the counting game. I also had the walking game where you act out walking but like you are different people like they do in Whose Line Is It Anyways. Walk like you have a broken leg. Now, walk like you are walking on broken glass. I talked about story outlines which includes an introduction, problem, chapters, acts, rising action, climax, resolution. We may have talked a little about these things. I wrote on the white board. I asked them if their lives were like a movie. Who is the star in your life? Is it Jesus or not? Who are the supporting actors in your life? What roles do they play? Who are the antagonists and protagonists? Are you the star of their movies, their lives, as well? Maybe not and we may forget that when we lose perspective and insight and sympathy and empathy and everything.

Home Chores

11:30 AM - Tilled the ground. Weeded. Took out the trash, recycling. Smashed boxes.

Drawing Fun

12:28 PM - Pew Die Pie: Fixing Sonic the Hedgehog

Is this forum a publisher or a platform?

12:48 PM - The answer to that question may determine what is allowed here. Infocomms should not be compared to Facebook in the sense that this message board has not been a monopoly like Facebook, a forced-upon-us public square turned 1984 Frog Boiling Hot Water Pot of Book Burning of Technocratic & Globalistic Tyranny. The Infowars Army Community has not been guilty of just being a social network like Facebook. Some people come here expecting this to be Facebook. But this place is not Facebook. Some people may not get that. Infocomms was created primarily for Offline Activism Networking, Planning, Education, and things like that, to some extent or as much as possible without getting too off-topic from those main goals. So, the debate is mostly in the blurry line between staying on topic. It's a good debate in regards to moderating a website and everything. Roaming Millennial Lauren Chen was talking to the Minds founder, Bill Ottman, and also to Tim Pool, about these types of things (click here to see the video). Websites should have the freedom to decide how they want to moderate what is on it. The problem is mostly in hypocrisy, being that if Facebook says it is a platform of all ideas but then says just kidding. That's irony. That's not transparency. So, if you start a website, just be direct about the rules and do your best to enforce those rules equally to all the members. In conclusion, Infocomms should be free to enforce whatever rules they want on this website, this network, as long as it is not too deceptive. That's one of the problems Facebook may have in being deceptive. Facebook should say, for example, if they had not yet, "Rule Number One, if you share Infowars Content, or whatever, you will be banned within 72 hours of discovery by the moderators." Then, I would know what the rules were and I could choose to break them or not and then maybe suffer the penalties of breaking those rules. That would give them some transparency as a starting point.

Facebook Town Square

12:59 PM - Did Mark Zuckerberg say that Facebook and Instagram is a Town Square? - 2019-04-30 - Tuesday - April 30th of 2019: Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook, and I quote: "Today at F8, I talked about how we're starting to build out a privacy-focused social platform. For the last 15 years, we've built Facebook and Instagram into digital equivalents of the town square, where you can interact with lots of people at once. Now we're focused on building the digital equivalent of the living room, where you can interact in all the ways you'd want privately -- from messaging and stories to secure payments and more. To bring this vision to life, we're building Messenger and WhatsApp into platforms for all kinds of private interactions and working on making end-to-end encryption the default for both. We've redesigned Facebook to make communities as central as friends. We've added new ways to buy things securely on Instagram. Augmented and virtual reality also create more personal and intimate experiences -- so we’re bringing WhatsApp to Portal, adding end-to-end encryption for all calls, and launching Portal internationally. And I'm very excited that this year we're shipping Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest, the headset that gives you full freedom of movement with no cables. As we build more of our services around this privacy vision, we're also changing how we run our company. We're committed to consulting with experts on the major tradeoffs and social issues to find the best path forward, taking a more active role in making sure developers use our tools in good ways, and building out the technical infrastructure to support this vision. This is going to take time and we don't have all the answers yet, but we're focused on getting this right and doing it openly. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you as we continue on this journey to build a private social platform."

Reading Private Messages

01:05 PM - Dear Facebook, Thank you so much for reading my Private Messages in Live-Time and for protecting me from dangerous links, because I can't trust myself. You can tell me what I can and cannot see. Thank you for being my mommy and daddy. Yours truly, your son.

Adolf Hitler

01:30 PM - Facebook, Thank You for Putting Me in Jail For Saying that Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler (A.H.) is Bad.

Apple Phones

01:32 PM - Dear Apple, Thank you for Reading my Text Messages. Awesome.


01:34 PM - Thank you for charging me more money because you know I'm rich because you are spying on me. Thank you.

Instagram Snoop Dog

01:36 PM - Snoop Dog Video

Safety vs Freedom

01:40 PM - Facebook, Thank You For Keeping Me Safe. Here's My Freedom For You.

Whats App

01:48 PM Dear Whats App, Thank you for stopping me. You are awesome.

Facebook Tyranny

01:49 PM - Thank you for buying up thousands of companies each year.


01:51 PM - Twitter: Dear Trump, thank you for not stopping the tyranny of Facebook.

Alex Jones

01:53 PM - Dumb Evil Alex Jones is Lying About Geoengineering. - I Condemn Evil Bad 1984 Alex Jones For Talking About [BEEEEP].

Private Messaging

02:01 PM - Facebook, Thank you for monitoring our private messages and for banning bad people.

Open Borders

02:03 PM - Evil Bad Racist Alex Jones Lied About Open Border No-Go Zones.

Free Speech vs Transparency

02:18 PM - @therecfem, I might disagree. Specifically, the debate concerning Infocomms should be less on the topic of American Free Speech and more on Transparency. I would focus more on making sure that the Infocomms rules are applied equally to all the regular members, as much as possible, in being fair to those rules regardless of whatever those rules are. I just don't want a website to lie about the rules. A website should try their to let their users know what the rules are. In other words, websites should not keep some of the rules secret. That's what transparency is all about. The first amendment of Free Speech is not about violating the 4th amendment or things relating to private property which may include Non-Public-Town-Square-Platform Social Networks that might include the Infocomms in contrast to places like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Ant Hill

04:00 PM - Dug up an ant hill behind the bookshed. Actually dug up some of it yesterday. Saw more, dug more, still saw even more red ants today while eating peanutbutter butter toasted bread in the sun as we all should do more after washing dishes. Digging makes me sweaty. Nice shower. Owen Shroyer mentioned a bit about keeping Infocomms for free speech and everything. Yes, I don't promote 5G.

Infocomms Debate

05:48 PM - @therecfem, no. Maybe not - I was speaking theoretically. Websites should not lie. I mentioned Infocomms. But Infocomms have been more than gracious in enforcing their rules. Infocomms is not welfare, community service, charity, a public square, a social network. Infocomms might function like a social network. We could argue over the Infocomms Guidelines, the rules. Infocomms is managed by different people who may be a bit subjective as opposed to objective. But all humans are subjective. The art of moderating is tricky. I'm not saying that the rules are not clear here. The interpretation of those rules might be because people are subjective. But the rules should be up to Infowars to decide. If they want to change their rules, they should be allowed to do that. Infowars is not lying. They're not malicious. @joey is my new account as my first account was suspended. What? You are not me and Trump is not Russia? My concern is with Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others, who probably all have Governmental Black Contracts as mentioned in the 4th Hour of the Alex Jones Show today, 2019-05-03, Friday.


05:59 PM - If I were to marry, I would look for a Patriot Chick like Lee Ann McAdoo.

Kill White People

07:50 PM - During the 3rd Hour of the War Room Today, a man called in and told Owen Shroyer that he was banned for like a week on Facebook for sharing a Chris Farley Meme of when he said something about killing white people, whiteys, which is what people say on Twitter and all over all the time. I said, "Kill All White People," on Facebook, and was banned for a month in 2018 for that and for other things at other times. I wrote articles about those things.

Trump Must Act

07:57 PM - Twitter - Trump Mentions Censorship in a Tweet. But Trump Must Do More Than That. - Please Call Trump and tell Trump to remove Black Contracts from Social Media Giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. Trump must look at how Big Tech violates the FCC.

Firefox Censorship

08:27 PM - Firefox is Trending on Twitter - This could be a form of censorship as they want to stop the add-ons.

What Matters

09:28 PM - Did @Ghost_of_Griff get to the bottom of Oatmeal? Just a question. I don't know the answer to that question. Griff could ask @therecfem questions which might help people get to the bottom of it. Why not do that? Why not ask questions? Why not be patient in trying to figure things out? If it is not important, then why not ignore it? If it matters, then talk about it. If there are crucial issues at stake, then take the time to talk about the issues. But if the symptoms of drama contain no underlying cause at the root, then move on, everybody, right? If this is pointless drama, then there is nothing to see here and we can move on. If there are problems, let's talk about those problems and debate. We don't have to be like Nadler who cuts Gaetz's mic at Thursday Mueller Report Hearing.

Banning Oatmeal

09:37 PM - Leviticus Wonders if TheRecFem is Oatmeal Joey - Ben Oaks: "The accusation is that you are @therecfem. Is that true? Your answer could stop this whole charade. As it stands there is a group that prefers to treat people very badly, and then pretends they are just kidding. I got dragged into it defending @therecfem because we have had conversations, and she befriended me. The people in question posted this." Leviticus Falwell: "ATTENTION: @joey aka @therecfem incessantly derails and shitposts on topic threads on INFOCOMMS. “They” have been repeatedly warned not to do so. At one point @JoeyArnoldVN was banned permanently for doing so. This will become a mantra here until it is resolved…by god!!!"

Laura Loomer

10:22 PM - Banned From the Facebook Building.


10:34 PM - Facebook Good. Like Cambodia. Banned Glasses. Lives Ended.

Friend Request

10:36 PM - Linh Ngoc Added Me

Flynn Was a DIA Source

10:46 PM - BOMBSHELL: Flynn was a DIA source in Russia! McCabe Lied | Jack Posobiec Periscope

Inflating Infocomms

11:00 PM - We can try to drive members to join Infocomms - In doing so, we may pull in some patriots who will then meet up with us in offline activism. However, can we magically inflate Infocomms to the size of Facebook? Can we get a billion users actively engaging this forum in 2019, right now? Probably not. Can we cause this Bulletin Board Forbidden Frogs Website to grow too large, too big, too quickly, too diluted like @StovePipe said, in a bad way? Unlikely. Most people choose poorly. Generally speaking, a lot of people can become too lazy to make better choices in their lives. Yes, some trolls come. But at the same time, patriots come in with that mix as life is grey, bittersweet, mixed with all kinds of variations, all the colors of the rainbow, of the oatmeal. How big would be too big? Should Infocomms become an Echo Chamber is what @BannerMan asked. Good question. I try not becoming too theoretical in trying to figure out how many members would be too many for the Infowars Army Community. Why? Because that is too vague, too hypothetical. Some of the worse kinds of people do try to come here to mess it up. Some of the best people in the world come here to try to be part of the Global Patriot Movement. Most people tend to lie in the middle of those extremes. Yes, good is an extreme but not a bad extreme. The Fake News brand all Extreme Things as automatically and magically bad. That's magic. That's magical. Democrats love magic. Like Obama said, you would need a magic wand to turn the economy around.


11:08 PM - Alex Jones Bad. Mark Zuckerberg Good. - Clive Omobolaji Fazza Mark said Facebook is a platform for all ideas. Right? Remember when Mark said that? Did you watch the videos where Mark said that? Facebook is Very Good For Banning Bad People. Why? Because we are babies.


11:11 PM - What Rhymes with Bill and Starts With the Letter K?


11:37 PM - Two of my YouTube Channels were banned. Moral of the story, keep backups of the videos before they run away with your videos and throw away the key.

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