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We began working on the garden. They prepared for a road trip. I worked on my snow hill. I reviewed my life in Vietnam in 2013 and 2014. I prepared to teach Sunday School. I talked about Banning Oatmeal. Youth Group. Watched Alita.

2014-01-03 - Friday - Leaf Pagoda 1548226_559532307475064_1374060268_o.jpg
2014-01-03 - Friday - Leaf Pagoda

Cyborg Alita

2019-03-01 - Friday - The 1st of March of 2019 - Did you see that new futuristic science fiction Alita movie which is all about worshiping cyborgs? Speaking of robots, did you see that other robot in the 2019 live-action Disney Kim Possible movie? Remember how Disney gave Star Wars Lando, in the Han Solo movie, an android phone? Wait, I mean, not phone but robotic girlfriend? Reminds me that Wall-E fell in love with Eve? Not to be confused with Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve, & a new beginning. Should we have a new beginning by becoming immortal cyborgs? Should we upload our consciousness to the Borg hive mind? Remember how Data, from Star Trek Next Generation, was trying to become human? Are we trying to merge with machines? Some people tell us that we already are becoming more machine, like RoboCop, like Darth Vader, via our smart phones.

Global Warming Geoengineering

2019-03-02 - Saturday - Global warming is partly caused by geoengineering. Go after that. I wrote an article about it and posted it in some groups on Facebook on Saturday and some of them were like, "Climate Change is a hoax." Yes, true. But that's not what my article talks about. It talks about what airplanes are spraying out on people.

The Real Walking Skin Dead

2019-03-03 - Sunday - The Walking Dead is all around us. We are walking in a world full of Skin Wearers. Yes, maybe we can save Negan. Remember how they push minorities upon majorities, on television, on the Internet, on radio, in the cinema, in books, in newspapers, during the 1900's, like for how many decades? Did you know that Ninja Frogs are reversing that? Are you going to join those forbidden frogs?

Envisioning 2030

2013-03-04 - Monday - Can we envision 2030 and do we want to build snowmen inside our brains like Frozen but like a Frozen Brain or Brain Freeze? Do we want to become Wall-E Zombies? Can we rely on carbon dating? Is 5G a good thing or a bad thing?

Brain TiVo

2013-03-05 - Tuesday - Should we have Brain TiVo? Do we already have them? What about the backend, the backdoor, the remote access? Are computer hackers able to hack into our brains? What about tech giants and governments? Did you see that episode of Black Mirror, 103? Do you know that thousands of people have these chips in their brains and these chips are also inside millions of phones and computers right now, already, as of 2019? Why not go after open source alternatives?

Snow Volcano

2013-03-06 - Wednesday - Was building a snow volcano. What if you were the Devil? What would you do? Close your eyes and think about that?

Oscars 2019

2013-03-07 - Thursday - Did you hear the Fake News Song? So, today, I turned my snow volcano into a taller mountain during the afternoon for four hours. Did you see the Louder With Crowder Oscars 2019 Show which YouTube banned like they did my two channels for what is Fair Use. Crowder won.

Without You

2019-03-08 - Friday - Can you sing Without You like Mariah Carey? Can you build a snowman that lasts until May? Can you stand up to tech bullies like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, China, etc? Click here to watch that Mariah Carey video.

Watering My Snow Fortress

2019-03-09 - Saturday - AOC auditioned for the part, was coached, and won, like Obama. Alita is cooler than Captain Marvel even while promoting transhumanism, the worship of robots, of aliens, to get us away from human and animal rights. Watered my snow fortress. Shaved my beard around 8 PM. Started working on a solar power article. Here is a photo of Sandy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bill Nye the Not Science Guy.

Volcano Pan Foundation

2019-03-10 - Sunday - Did you know that Tommy Robinson joined Steemit? You can find him @TommyRobinson. I put a pan at the bottom of my snow-hill by watering the center until a volcano guided me down. I filled the pan full of water and sprayed water all over the hill. After that, I packed new snow on that volcano, that pan of water. Oh, new blinds. Will be leading Adult Sunday School Class in the future, on rotation. Borrowing the books. Read something about how we are getting better judges in America which may lead us back to how things were in the early 1800's. Back to context foundation for interpreting the U.S. Constitution as opposed to the Living Document module. I watched Mayhem. That taught me to become Glenn when I grow up hehe.

No Snow Hill Work

2019-03-11 - Monday - Walking Dead 913. Didn't work on my snow hill. I'm Banned from the Infocomms. I can still like posts there but I can't comment at all. I can't post. It's a great activism forum. Oh, Jesus is your best friend. We talked about that. It rained a little. I visit Infocomms. I read it. I share some of my favorite parts here from that forum. You can join it and tell them that Oatmeal sent you.

Snow Hill Board

2019-03-12 - Tuesday - Who is Rambo Revenge? Why did they ban him from the Infocomms? That's pretty sad. Now, they're banning anybody they think is me, even if it not me. I added a board to my snow hill. I'm still banned from the Infowars Army. I was falsely accused of things I didn't do. You can join the forum and tell them that Oatmeal sent you. It's very easy to register for a free account on their website. It only takes a few minutes to sign up. At the end of the day, I watched Black Mirror 301. It was all about the Chinese Social Score, similar to the Steemit reputation system. If you are Rambo Revenge, then please contact me. Yes, I've been following Rambo on the Infocomms and have been sharing his or her posts here. Why? Because I like what Rambo says, posts.

Elevate 2019 Announced

2019-03-13 - Wednesday - Will you attend Elevate 2019? Why did they ban me from the Infocomms? I worked with Brian at the Lacey Super 8 hotel cleaning carpets from 08:30 AM to 04:00 PM.

Garden Tilling

2019-03-14 - Thursday - The Ghost of Paladin. Say Scape. Black Mirror 302: Playlist. Working on the garden. Tilling the ground with the rotary machine. Worked on my snow hill, adding snow on the board as some melted from Tuesday.

Manure Dumping

2019-03-15 - Friday - Follow Surfer Leila Riccobuano on Twitter. Follow Tara Strong. Added fertilizer to our gardens from the trailer. Checked on the snow hill. Applied to more camps. Was banned on the Infocomms which gives me more time to surf Twitter and Gab. But you can join the Infowars Army forum if you want and tell them that I sent you.

More Manure Added

2019-03-16 - Saturday - Join our server. Join the MAGA Heart Forum. Tell them that Oatmeal sent you. You don't want to miss it. I unloaded another trailer full of manure for our garden. Pu more snow on my hill. Finished my Power Plant Blackout Alternatives article. I shared The Rise Of Another Epitome Of Greed - On Topic | Columbus, Nebraska Flood Update 03/16/2019 - Alex Jones - Cell Towers Are Used For Mind Control!! | Joe Rogan - Working with Generation Z - Brexit - Frankfurt to become the New London? - A False Sense Of Pressure To Conform - Can bitcoin and regulation coexist?

Tilling Garden Beds

2019-03-17 - Sunday - Upload your consciousness to the Google Cloud, says Black Mirror 304 - San Junpipero. Walking Dead 914 promoted socialism. Infocomms Bullies continue to insult people, sadly. They live in a bubble. I tilled the ground.

Banning Oatmeal 21

2019-03-18 - Monday - They have a youth room. That's great. Building a wooden strawberry cage. Tom & Jerry. Interesting cartoon. Pillow tag. Banned from Infocomms. Broken ear phones. Missed the early bus. Didn't buy new head phones. Checked on the snow hill but didn't add to it. Mind Bender mentioned how 5G is breaking female eggs to make women unable to have children. Good news is that, short-term, globalism is losing. But don't forget long-term potential.

Black Mirror Smart City Future

2019-03-19 - Tuesday - Did you see Black Mirror 305 which was all about Smart Google Soldiers? Did you see how the brain chips made these weapons of mass destruction into NAZI Jew murderers?

Twitter Games

2019-03-20 - Wednesday - Have you been on the Infowars Activism Forum? You can join in and tell them that Oatmeal sent you. I think you'll probably not tell anybody that Oatmeal sent you. I can predict that you won't even go there. Stop The Bias Fifty Hours Broadcast Party - Save The Internet. Reviewed parts of the New Testament during Bible Study, us three. No Lee. No Roy. Good talk about the differences between Vietnam and America. In the Bible it talks about walls in the book of Nehemiah. Is college expensive?

Robot Bees

2019-03-21 - Thursday - Did you see the robotic bees in Black Mirror 306: Hated in the Nation? Have you been to INFOCOMMS? Have you ever seen a robot bee? What would happen if a driverless car is remotely accessed and used to run over somebody? I love technology. So, the problem isn't simply, isn't merely, just about tech. The main problem may involve tyranny through centralization, monopolism, control, remote access, backdoors.

First Discord Channel

2019-03-22 - Friday - Join my Oatmeal Discord. Should I move to Texas? Did you see Twitter Jack Cryptocurrency War? How do we save the world from globalists?


2019-03-23 - Saturday - Sargon Tommy Robinson Interview. Helped Fred roof the plastic tiles in the back patio. Helped with wiring the wooden strawberry cage. All day. That was my day, for like ten hours. Also, watched the finale of the fifty hours emergency broadcast.

Strawberry Cage Construction

2019-03-24 - Sunday - Candace Owens Interviewed Brandon Tatum. Sunday school was about America. How do we protect it? How do we keep it from dying like Rome? During the sermon, the pastor talked about priorities and a bunch of key things we can focus on. I made some videos today. I helped almost finish the wooden chicken-coop. I mean, strawberry cage. Nailing. Cutting wired fencing. Cut up fingers a little. Follow the laws. Enforce them.

Going to Prison

2019-03-25 - Monday - Will they throw Oatmeal in prison over fake DMCA allegation, accusations, things that have been cited, referenced, quoted, linked, inked, sourced, legally, professionally, public things, clearly, online, Fair Use related? Good question. Mind Bender. Oh, table tennis. We finished the strawberry cage. Oh, kitchen curtains. Great. Starting other projects. Oh, be nice to neighbors. Did you watch Infowars today? Cleaned up the patio more. It was raining. Nice umbrella. Feel like I needed rice. Pretty good. Burrito. Question about hobbies.

Reviewed September of 2013

2019-03-26 - Tuesday - September of 2013. Green New Dinosaur Deal. Remember WOLBI. Fake Copyright Claims. Strawberries and potatoes were planted today. What didn't happen to Smollett today? Vaccines to be sent via UPS and through nurses and to your house, your houses, to be injected forcefully onto us even if we don't want them? Secret about the FBI.

Garden Building Structures

2019-03-27 - Wednesday - We were building things for the garden. Watched Trump talk. Very strong. Chatted it up with people on Facebook and Discord. My October 2013 review.

Reviewed November of 2013

2019-03-28- Thursday - AlterNet, can't spell business? Schiff is trending on Twitter. 2013, November - Taught English at Moc Cafe. Visited Up Speak English. Also taught with FYG. I moved from Tan Phu to District 1. Began teaching Thu Duc Kids.

Reviewed December of 2013

2019-03-29 - Friday - Christianity is not the perversion of Catholicism. Cleaned up the yard, again. Reviewing December of 2013: I lost my bike. That was big. I visited Long An. I was living in District 1, teaching there and at the Leaf Pagoda. Also taught at Saigoniz Cousine and other places.

Reviewed January of 2014

2019-03-30 - Saturday - Reviewed January of 2014. Twitter Trending - White Privilege. I'm a Philosophical Joker. Metal Gear Globalism. Emptied the Snow Hill Pan of water under the snow ice mountain. Placed the pan on the hill. Contemplated shoving the snow in a cooler in a hole in the ground. Watched Pew Die Pie.

Reviewed February of 2014

2019-03-31 - Sunday - Reviewed February of 2014. Most people may not know a lot about alternatives to accessing the Internet outside of the ghettos. Attended church.

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2014-01-15 - Joey Arnold English Ad)

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