Table of Contents (Updated June 2018)

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From my February 2018 Table of Contents:

Navigating steemit can be a pain. If you want to see everything a person has written, there are very few reliable tools that allow for this, and don't even get me started on trying to find everything they've written by tags. Hopefully, someday soon, there will be the ability to edit old posts, and to organize a person's blog by tag, or to just see their posts and not their resteems.... But until my steemit wishlist is realized, here is an up to date of library of everything I have written, organized by category. This idea was completely borrowed/stolen from the awesome and talented @creatr.



Perks of Being A Wallflower- found poetryThe Sound of SettlingReflecting on an Uprooted Tree
In the Bleak MidwinterThe AssistantArmistice
Stream of Consciousness at 10amDon't Make Me Your WorldCatalyst
Head/WatersSixfold SymmetryBlind Hands
Because Every PoemStudent DriverYou are Hope
Watercolor GirlMy MonsterRhythm
My Yellow BirdPaperAgain
Dirty AngelHomeThe Children of Never Find Always

Travel Posts
Unfortunately, the majority of these posts have broken links for the images, due to the last hardfork and the change in the resizing code. At some point I will write an update

Listed from most recent to leastThe Cathedral of Junk in Austin TexasBeer is Near-Austin Breweries
Austin Food ConfessionKrause Springs in Austin TexasDay One in Austin Travel Journal
Adventure Reading-Books and Burning ManDenver Street Art-RINO Art DistrictThe Great American Beer Festival
First Night in Paris- Magic of All KindsFood In ParisGetting Lost in the Alpine Foothills- Varenna Italy
Beauty in Bellano-Airbnb ReviewTravel Revelations- VeniceThe Ruins of Pompeii
Beach Glass and Bougainvillea- The Amalfi CoastThat One Time I Beat up a PickpocketOh the Places You'll Go!
Patron Saint of Lost CausesIf Hell Had A Beach- Nice, FranceListen to the Locals- Rome
Informative Posts listed from most recent to leastMany of the posts were created while I earned my masters and bachelorsTune of the Times- Sound as Metaphor in Hamlet
Substances as Salvation Societal and Book AnalysisBradstreet and the Creative Child Poetry AnalysisWrite Poetry Right

Minnow Support Posts
I screwed up the order in my last Table of Contents post, so they are a little funky

Working Title Curation 26Working Title Curation 25Working Title Curation 24
Working Title Curation 23Working Title Curation 22Working Title Curation 21
Working Title Curation 20Working Title Curation 19Working Title Curation 18
Working Title Curation 17Curation for Creatives 16Curation for Creatives 15
Curation for Creatives 14Curation for Creatives 13Curation for Creatives 12
People of the Minnow Support ProjectCuration for Creatives 1Curation for Creative 2
Happy Thanksbirthday to MeCuration for Creatives 3Curation for Creatives 4
Curation for Creatives 5Curation for Creatives 6Curation for creatives 7
Curation for Creatives 8Curation for Creatives 9Curation for Creatives 10
Curation for Creatives 11Holiday Scavenger HuntDarkside Episode Recap- Self-Awareness
Darkside 10/28 Show NotesThe Darkside 10/21 Recap31 Days 100 Followers- What I Learned and Love about Steemit

Life Posts


art and flair courtesy of @PegasusPhysics



First 2 photos are sourced from pixabay, MinnowSupport art is sourced from Minnow Support, Other photos are mine

Listed from most recent to leastRocky Mountain Steemit Camping RolesDear Mr. Rothfuss
Rocky Mountain Steemit Camping Trip AnnouncementIsaria's Big Day Out (Meetups and More)Bad Plant Mom Adventures
Monday Mixtape 3/19That One Time I Called My Best Friend a Mutant at Her WeddingCombating Teacher Burnout
It's Hard to be Human InterviewFree Books!Why I Teach- A Letter to My Students
2017 Year in ReviewBlack and White Challenge ReflectionDay 7 of the Black and White Challenge
Day 6 of the Black and White ChallengeDay 5 of the Black and White ChallengeDay 4 of the Black and White Challenge
Day 3 of the Black and White ChallengeDay 2 of the Black and White ChallengeDay 1 of the Black and White Challenge
The People Behind the ScreenStudent Poetry and ReflectionRocky Mountain Meetups Recap
Ruby RooDon't Wish Away the Puppy YearsPug Thoughts


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It would be nice if we could pin a post to the top of our blog. Something like this would be awesome there:)

There is a place for a link- I might be able to link it up there 🤔 What a great idea!

What a beautiful way to present this info, @sunravelme!

I need to copy your formatting skills.

That pic of Charlie makes me swoon!

The longer you put it off the more time it takes! I'm thinking of doing it quarterly. That's one of my favorite pictures of Charlie ❤ I took it when she was 9 months old

Creating a table of content post is a great idea.
Visibility of older posts on the own blog and the ability the visibly put posts into groups are things that I feel are really missing on steemit and I would like to have.

There are a lot of basic blogging aspects that I feel like steemit is missing and I would like to have :/

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Hey, my friend @sunravelme,

Somehow I just got notified of your kind mention of me in this article...


I hope all is well with you. Take care!


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