The People Behind the Screen (An Ode to Meetups)

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I had the joy and honor of getting to spend a couple hours with the incomparable @stellabelle in Kansas City around Thanksgiving. During our conversation, one thing that came up was how steemit seems to draw some amazing people to it. If you haven't had the chance to attend a local meetup, or you haven't had one, set it up! Go! It's been one of the best parts of steemit for me. I'm not an extrovert myself, but you don't have to be to enjoy a meetup.


My most recent meetup was one on one with @stellabelle at a restaurant in KC. She disparagingly called herself "flighty" but I would say she's more of an "ideas person". And the ideas that we talked about! A Steemburn here in the US, styled after Burning Man for steemians. Crypto and what it means for the future of fiat. How to draw more creatives to Steemit. Postsecret style posting. Making crypto mainstream. She even drew in our server, who neglected his tables for a good 30 minutes to listen to her pitch crypto-coins and steemit. I don't blame him either; I also found her passion for all things crypto to be fascinating. I was sad to have to leave because I'm pretty sure we could have had a vrypto sleepover and talked into the night. I will have to plan my next visit to KC around the meetups she does every Saturday simply to get a chance to meet more KC steem people.

I have also met some other cool people at the meet ups through Rocky Mountain steem- check them out!


@broncnutz has a big personality- what you see on his videos is what you get. Some of my favorite steem quotes came from him- "it hadn't been forked yet" and "you need balls the size of church bells to do that!".


@geke is my fellow mod for the Poetry Workshop at The Writers Block. She has writing degrees out the yin-yang and gives fantastic advice on writing as a whole. She's also an amazing writer who puts out spectacular poetry and fiction that educates on economic principles in the most subtle way. I'm running out of adjectives: just know she's one of my favorites. As one of the most diplomatic people I have ever met, I'm pretty sure Geke can tell you to go to hell and you would thank her for the opportunity to take the trip.


@jimitations does voice work and has worked for a ton of big names- Orlando studios, Disney... you might have heard of them. He does hilarious skits and parodies of everyone from President Trump to the characters from A Princess Bride (my personal favorite). He's one of those people who lights up when they are on stage- even if that stage is a simple chair and his audience is a crowd at a bar. He also has this really fun post about being the animal whisperer that I'd like to recommend.


@intuitivejakob does tarot readings and is a near death survivor. I have never met someone who sees people as clearly in such a short amount of time as Jakob. He is also planning our next meetup on the Dec 16th- see the really cool bingo game he created for our meetup here.


@torico is so knowledgeable on a number of different topics, especially sustainability. She is also one of the Make a Minnow winners as well- an all around fantastic human being. In person, she is shy and sincere, online, she bounces all over the screen with energy. I love how meeting someone shows you a whole different side of them.


@in2itiveart (pictured up front) works as a caregiver for the elderly in Denver and regularly creates art based on her knowledge of topics such as MKultra. I love her posts where she is showing us a new skill she is learning- wax casting!


@amvanaken is one of those people who are magnetic- he draws everyone in. He is also the founder of Rocky Mountain Steem, our discord group, and an all around interesting person. He did a ted talk that you should definitely take the time to check out-


@rebele93 has a lot of talent and a variety of interests. At the last meetup he brought a telescope that he built himself so we could look at the moon, and we had an opportunity to see/play in his sound studio when he invited us to a local Parade of Lights. He also has a lovely family! I always enjoy his posts- they range from the informative to the beautiful to the fun!

Steemit really does draw the best people- if you get an opportunity to meet them in person, you should totally take it!




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Words are the property of @sunravelme
Picture 1 is sourced from Pixabay, 2 and 8 are mine, and the rest are sourced from their respective steemians

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This was a fantastic post and I love learning about every one of these beautiful people! Thank you for the photos and summaries. It helps me understand their writings better! <3


Thank you for checking them out and catching my typos! I like to call us the motley crew- we are all very different, but when we get together we have a ton of fun!


I am sure! I hope one day to be a part of a meetup!

What a wonderful collection of memories of Steemian gatherings. This makes us all free proud to be part of this community.

Well done @sunravelme

Highest Regards,


Yay I'm glad! I enjoyed the community aspect a lot, now that I've found my niche!

Thanks for the kind words! Colorado is the place to be and I'm glad you found your way here


Thank you 😊 it's drawing all the cool people for sure!


LOL I would never tell anybody to go to hell! Well, not in a way they would understand, anyway. 😜 Awww.... you're one of my favorite people on Steemit, too, and I'm so glad we work together in poetry workshop!


My point exactly ;) are you going to the meetup this weekend?


Not sure yet... I'll DM you once I know!

Yes, finally! Great to hear about some great people that you had the privilege of meeting. I am glad you had a great time doing so too. :)


lol thank you! Meetups are probably my favorite thing about steemit :)


Then hurry up and come to Australia! ;)

Hey @sunravelme, what an exciting time to be here in Colorado!

I love our local Rocky Mountain Steem group!

Thank you for all the love you devote to helping this community flourish! Can't wait to see you all on Saturday!

Let's get this party going!


Yaaaaas Saturday! I'm hoping my new shirt makes it in before the party😁


Oh yeah, me too! Can't wait to see what you chose!

This looks like a ton of fun!


It is for sure. You should set one up in your area or see if you can find one. Steemians are the best ❤

blushes ty sun :) great to get a little insight into all these lovely steemians :)


Absolutely ❤

orang-orang yang telah bekerja keras semoga sukses terus dalam menekuni bidangnya
salam dari @danielus