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The Minnow Support Project is a group on discord that offers opportunities to network, win contests, use bots, and now has curation teams working in different spheres to help get minnows more visibility. I was honored to be asked to help curate creative writing minnows for The Minnow Support project. Here are my choices.

My first three choices are entries to @hardfork-series "Can You See the Future Contest" . They challenged their writers to create a story of what life will look like in the future. I would recommend many of the entries for the contest; Those written by @gmuxx and @geke would be especially interesting to people who would like to see a dystopian vision of what crypto and advertising might be in the future.


"Ashes and Acorns" by @carolkean is a beautiful depiction of the relationship between the living and the dead, and what lives on through technology.


@jonknight uses the relationship between a father and son in his short story Something You're Sure to Love to describe his vision of the future; Featuring the end of the banking system and the rise of crypto.


"It Hurts to Be Forgotten" is a short story by @tinypaleokitchen, one of my favorite writers on steemit and an editor/moderator at The Writers Block. The reason this tale is completely believable is that it is rooted in familial relationships and how generations relate to one another. She describes how technology comes to replace face to face interactions- and the impact this has on people who don't know the difference.


2 Pieces about Loss" by @steemitgraven29 is a short story paired with a poem that explore similar themes. Both pieces are beautifully written and heart-rending. The first short story uses shifts in time to relate how sudden loss affects a person's psychology, while the poem depicts the love between a person and their pet.


@csbegu wrote this haiku titled "In the Sky" that featured the photo above. The combination of art and poetry brings the world of the gods down to the human level.




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Thank you so much! Hugs!

Thank you for the mention. Many excellent choices there.

You deserve it- loved your story!

congrats and all the best with your project.

Thank you! Feel free to come visit with us on discord at Minnow Support- we do great things to help minnows move up the (block)chain!

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Thanks for the great referrals. Unfortunately, I notice some whales downvoted jon's post enough to hide it. I hope we can drum up some upvotes for him to offset that

Yeah I'm not sure what that was about, but I'm hoping that he can at least get something from it. Seems a shame that such a good story is hidden :/

this is a cool mission- looks like your choices were well deserving. Keep it up !!

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