Steemit Open Mic Week 63 Winners - See Who Won Open Mic And Join Us This Week

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Thanks to everyone who entered and supported Open Mic Week 63. Community support for Open Mic has been tremendous and is one of many projects bringing the music community together on Steemit.

I just posted this post and had to edit a bunch of stuff out because we have so many entries that the post was too long. Ausbitbank helped me figure out why I couldn't post. Seems the more links you add to a post it makes the post too long and it won't publish. We hit a new record of 107 entries, but to get it to post I had to take a lot of people's links out that I like to help promote so I could fit all the entries in. Great job you guys!

Open Mic Winners From Week 63


Thanks to @pfunk for helping to sponsor Open Mic and he's even generously been giving Steem bonuses to participants posting original music. You can vote for @pfunk to remain a Steemit witness by clicking here and voting for @pfunk.

I just want to remind everyone that votes are only part of the selection process. Entertainment value and performance is factored in too.

The coolest thing about Open Mic is it brings the Steemit community together and that is the whole point of this project.

You can also meet up with us on Discord at The Steemit Local Musicians Society

Steemit Open Mic Judges


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Official Open Mic Or Passion Ground S Top 5 Entries For Week 63 --- by @passion-ground

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Special thanks to @jessamynorchard, @soundlegion, @krystle, @verbal-d, and @passion-ground for help judging the contest this week. Great job guys.

Steemit Open Mic is not about winning or losing, it's about building a connection on Steemit through music. Watching the collaboration happen online between musicians who played and met on Steemit Open Mic is very rewarding and many of the people who play and post earn some nice rewards for playing a song.

For many, it's easier to get some Steem in your tip jar by playing for Steemit Open Mic than it is to play music on the street.

Steemit Open Mic Trending Posts

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Winners from Steemit Open Mic Week 63

It was so hard picking winners every week even with 5 judges.

Honorable mentions this week in no particular order are: @thesimpson, @kjablonski, @andrewmarkmusic, @olaivart, @tombalistreri, @wilins, @pechichemena, @drewley, @steembirds, @donatello, and @yourmercury

Here are the new reward changes.


and the winners are...

1st Place

Steemit Open Mic Week 63 Eat You Alive Original --- by @amyinautumn

*"If I have a favorite style of music that moves me most its probly gonna be something up this alley right here, powerful performance and lyric, I got a florence and the machine amy winehouse vocal vibe, that moody trip feel on it, such swag I was eating it up wooo" * - @soundlegion

There’s simply nuthin’ like some heart-felt blues sung with the utmost of soul, passion, and feeling – and that’s precisely what Amy delivers here in her breathtaking original rendition of “Eat You Alive! I have to say; this is one great blues performance. Amy sings her heart out and plays that Uke like nobody’s business. - @passion-ground

@amyinautumn's "Eat You Alive" Original Song
A song like this indeed embodies a certain beauty rising from a place of cold despair and pain. You have performed this original moving song so passionately that the feelings translate near tangibly as you belt out your strong, and admirable vocals. Not only did you sing this well, you performed it with fully, well-controlled emotion to convey the heartache and bitterness that results from a harsh severance between once connected love. Glad to see and hear you have created something wondrous out of a dark place which represents your dignified self respect. You are without a doubt talented with a lot of attitude and style. Thanks for sharing this with us.
- @verbal-d

2nd Place

Open Mic Week 63 Original Song Only Ever You --- by @kayclarity

Kay is no stranger to the Open-Mic venue. She’s taken a bit of a hiatus recently for professional reasons but now she’s back in week 63 with her original, “Only Ever You.” Combine beauty, talent, passion, and tenacious energy and one finds themselves arriving at Kay’s latest contribution. Her exquisite lyrics, composition, guitar-playing, vocals, and overall performance placed Kay at the top of my list this week. -- @passion-ground

@kayclarity’s "Only Ever You" Original Song
Absolutely fantastic original song. The lyrics are really well written with a depth of poetics and the way you have crafted your melodies from beautifully dark tones to bright hopeful revealances of your love truly shows your level of high quality artistry. You guitar playing and captivating singing really made you a force this week and I hope you continue to see more success for such wondeful music you share with us. Your voice is silk woven and free flowing as spring blown flower petals. That’s the best way I can describe how amazing this song and your entry is. Looking forward to your next performance, you’ve got skills.
-- @soundlegion

"Summertime" by Gershwin Cover Song
As most regular entrants know, I highly favor original entries over covers, but when such a talented and skilled singer and player as yourself can bring new life to a classic song and perform it flawlessly, then it deserves praise and recognition over other karaoke styled entries of the same song. One thing about creativity is, someone can take a cover song and still make it their own with their style, approach and tonality and you completely achieve this and raised the standards for everyone else. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents, I look forward to see what you play next
-- @verbal-d

3rd Place

Steemit Open Mic Week 63 Original Song Ten Dollars At A Time --- by @tonypapa

This week, Tony brought some levity to week #63 with his original performance of “Ten Dollars at a Time.” Because of the subtle ironies resident within the lyrical storyline, his amazing guitar-riffs, awesome vocals, and the overall production value of this original performance - it impressed me abundantly enough to set him solidly in my number-2 spot for the week. - @passion-ground

4th Place

Steemit Open Mic Week 63 Pieces Original Song --- by @jamaris

@jamaris' "Pieces" Original Song
I could feel the pain embedded in this personal story revealment song of yours and it was an emotionally charged performance that demands respect, acknowledgement and appreciation. Your steady rhythmic attack of lyricism describing the turmoil you face with your mother’s love, the stability of your family and your siblings that take their own paths into a less desirable direction of your mother’s expectation is what makes this a very powerful and unique, stand out entry. Not only do you emcee/femcee rap well with timing delivery and conviction, but you have a really nice voice as well to compliment the aggressive and serious tones. Both skill sets balance each other out wonderfully and remind me of my own style to how I approach Hip Hop with Soul and R&B intertwined. I would love to see more femcees take part in our Steemit Open Mic Contest so thank you for participating and showcasing your talents with us all! Respect!
- @verbal-d

I'm blown away by this song and performance. I hear the painful price paid for those lyrics and your delivery makes me feel it. Somehow you find the love to bring it around. I wish I could reach through this screen and pull you into a studio. - @luzcypher

5th Place

Open Mic Week 63 Kilometros Sin Bandera Cover --- by @djdyvad

This week, Tony brought some levity to week #63 with his original performance of “Ten Dollars at a Time.” Because of the subtle ironies resident within the lyrical storyline, his amazing guitar-riffs, awesome vocals, and the overall production value of this original performance - it impressed me abundantly enough to set him solidly in my number-2 spot for the week. - @passion-ground

Here's a screenshot of the prizes transferred to the winners this week.


Here are the performers this week

Steemit Open Mic Week 63 Una Y Carne Cover Marcos Vidal --- by @graceleon

Congratulations guys! Thanks again to everyone that entered. Thank you @pfunk for sponsoring Open Mic with 320 Steem donation for each week! Very generous of you.

Vote And Enter Open Mic Week 64 by Following This Link


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Am I wrong when I say the Open Mic Community is the best community on the blockchain? Who can argue this???

I was thinking luzcy that in the near future, we could offer as an award a fully produced song.. we got enough producers and musicians to make this happen, and there are so many talented musicians here that we have no shortage of material to pick from.

I'm going to brew that idea in my head... but I think that could be ninja...


I like when your head starts brewing. I can hear it fermenting now. Lol


Sir @meno you hit the key.. I agree with you, this community is the best one on the blockchain.

Thank you for your support of my work, everyone! I very much appreciate it, in more ways than you know. Steemit is an amazing platform for encouraging and supporting artists.

Thanks to @luzcypher and to all of the judges for the time they took with the entries this week.

Looking forward to continuing to make music with and for you all! Xx! Kay


You really nailed that song and your performance was captivating. So glad you're part of Open Mic.


Thank you. I do really appreciate everything! Really glad to be back.

Wow, the review from you guys @verbal-d and @luzcypher made my eyes well up lol. It's been a while since I've been in the booth but your words remind me of who I am and what I've been called to do. What you guys do here is very encouraging.

Congrats as well to all the other artists! One luv


You are awesome. My friend was listening to you sing the track as I was playing your video and he was blown away too. That song was so real that I'm going to be listening to it again real soon.

Congratulations once again.


You can download the official version at

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you so much for voting me as a winner, I'm so grateful for it!! Ireally love to participate, meaking something I love -


That was a beautiful performance. Congratulations.

#openmic people! Thank you so so much for your encouragement and for creating a space to share music with one another! I am so honored to be in your favorites this week! And especially among so much other talent. I literally squealed and screamed with @kindstranger when I saw this post. I love this community and am so thankful to be a part of it with you all. Congrats to everyone else who was recognized for their music today! @soundlegion, @verbal-d, @luzcypher and @passion-ground: I'm truly impressed by your poetic reviews of everyone's songs. How do you do it????? You know how to put a smile on a musician's face by appreciating the subtleties in their music. You guys rule. I'll be back again in a week or so! Happy holidays and good luck to everyone in week 64! Thank you so much. <3


Congratulations once again @amyinautumn! Loved your song.

wish I could take credit for that comment under @kayclarity but that sounds like a @verbal-d comment to me. He melts with his words just love it. great performances this week truly great songs I am always inspired.

This event and community has inspired a renaissance w/the personal relationship to the creative process and I am so grateful beyond words. Getting older, finding the sheer energy required for muse has become a challenge in itself and when it flows so freely from all of you to me and back - this is the way. We are on to something.


I'm so glad you are part of it, man. Loving the music. Steem on!

Hi @luzcypher hello sir

I just submitted an original music through my beatbox account @mynoh i really hope you will not ignore this comment and i really hope you will read this post of mine regarding to the issue of rewarding...


What post? I can't find it.


This is the post that is Original Music and not being included on the bonus rewards.... From the week 61 bunos rewards to all original musics

Here is my entry on that week that is original
I am just hoping it will be included and re evaluated from your kind effort sir.

no doubt, they've made good decisions.
I imagine that it was difficult to choose the winners, but their talent makes them deserving of the places awarded, we have all had good performances, but there is no doubt that this week were the ones that liked them most, luck to all those who continue participating. This week 64.

They are great people with the professional talents. Congratulation for all of you guys and Appreciates for this program.

Oh I just saw this! Thank you so much for the honorable mention! <3 Glad you guys liked my singing! @luzcypher


Your voice is beautiful.


Thanks a lot, @luzcypher! Means a lot to me.


hala na diay ka diri pd mam?.,


HAHAHAHA Oo. Honorable mention lang! :D

Great post. Thans for sharing this information

WOW Congrats to all the winners., this community is taking almost the whole steemit world., I really love this place.. Since I joined here I can really feel the digital love of the people around the work becoming real. And the melodies shared by musicians around the globe not just good to my ears but inspired me a lot of doing the same thing to share with.

You sir @luzcypher and the rest of the team are amazingly awesome for giving us the chance to be heard our piece of music in this digital world. Through this someday someone will be in the billboard producing his/her own album and that is because of "STEEMIT OPEN MIC". #steemit with #openmic starts changing my life and that is because of you sir.

I am very very grateful that I am here.


Wow, the list of entrants is getting pretty long. Thanks to all the judges for going through each one and providing feedback along the way. I'm recruiting two musicians to Steemit who are mainly signing up to partake in open-mic activities, so brace yourself for some keys and another guitar.

Nice nice nice winners bro
Can you please edit Second Place
The comment you tagged @soundlegion for @kayclarity is a comment I wrote
And the second comment beneath that from me is for a completely different artist. Thanks in advance! Time to judge a ridiculous amount of entries