Behind The Scenes Look At The Steemit Open Mic Selection Process - How We Pick The Top 3 Entries

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Have you heard of Steemit Open Mic? This post will explains my musical background and my selection process when choosing which entries win the weekly contest.

If you have not heard of Steemit Open Mic you can learn more about it here.


My Musical Background

Everyone in my family plays music and growing up we never watched TV, instead, we played music almost daily. My father used to run a private campground were groups of people (minimum 40) would rent out cabins every year for their events. One of those events was the Lark In The Morning jamboree, an event with over 400 musicians in every acoustic music category imaginable would attend from all over the world.

I grew up surrounded by musicians playing everything from African, Latin, Cajun, Salsa, Medieval, Classical, Baroque, Moroccan, Egyptian, Conga, and every type of music you can imagine.

Growing up I played in several bands and then went to UCLA to get a degree in music business.

My artist management instructor was Frank DeLeo who had one and only one client, Michael Jackson. (Yes, that Michael Jackson)

My songwriting instructor was Diane_Warren. Warren has had nine number-one songs and 32 top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. (Sheryl Crow was in my class)

Warren continues to write hit songs for and with artists of all mainstream genres, including Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Marcia Hines, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, TLC, Aaliyah, Elton John, Cher, Tina Turner, Bryan Adams, Selena, Air Supply, Olivia Newton-John, Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack, Roy Orbison, Trisha Yearwood, Patti LaBelle, Michael Bolton, NSYNC, Gloria Estefan, Reba McEntire, Enrique Iglesias, Paloma Faith, Russell Watson, Rod Stewart, RBD, Aerosmith, The Cult, Kiss, Ricky Martin, Faith Hill, Meat Loaf, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Exposé, Leigh Nash of Sixpence None the Richer, LeAnn Rimes, Kierra Sheard, Lady Gaga and so on, producing some of the songs as well. Her songs have been covered by artists including Joe Cocker, Weezer, Edwin McCain, Milli Vanilli, Mark Chesnutt, and so on. credit

Originally I was pursuing a career in songwriting so that was my main focus. Somewhere along that path I ended up starting a band, or should I say a band literally showed up at my front door ready to join my band that I didn't even know I was starting yet. But that is a topic for another post.

We got a recording contract and toured the U.S. doing a lot of shows. To learn more about that read, How I Booked 300 Shows Per Year For My Rock Band - Growing Your Music Into A Business --- by @luzcypher

We charted in the top 10 at college radio station in about 35 states across the U.S. and played every college town you can imagine, excluding Alaska. (We charted there but it's just too cold)

Those experiences taught me a lot about the music industry and about promotion, publicity, and working the room, but my focus has always remained on songwriting.

The road took a toll on my health. When a couple of my bandmates died from drugs I decided it was time to make some new choices in my life which lead me to get out of the music business. I still play music just not for a living.


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Why I Started Steemit Open Mic

I love music. I love Steemit. I love watching people play music and helping them get their music heard on Steemit.

Even though Open Mic is run as a contest I don't really think of it as a competition. I don't think music is a competitive thing and never really liked Battle Of The Bands or America's Got Talent or any of those things.

Thanks to @pfunk helping with the support of Open Mic along with some Steem I kick in, we are able to reward musicians who enter the contest.

The focus and mission statement behind Steemit Open Mic has always been primarily:

  1. Build a community of musicians on the Steemit platform and help them get their music heard.

  2. Attract new musical talent to join Steemit and help them earn rewards for their performances.

It really is a simple as that. There are no losers really because we all win in this together.

The whole point of these "contests" is not to win or lose. There are no bad songs. The whole reason we do contests like this is to build the community on Steemit around topics of mutual interest, in this case, music, and encourage a place where that can be shared.

The larger we grow the music community here the better it is for everyone and we all win when that happens. Plus, we get to listen to some good music.

In a recent post titled, New Idea For Steemian's Original Musicians --- by @meno there was a comment by @allanshrestha that read in part:

As a judge you have to put your interests and favorite genres' to the side and have to decide on the set of guidelines and act professional, hence again coming back to the content I was telling you about. There needs to be some sort of guidelines to every judge where they decide and maybe give points and at the end pick the winner. That's why I think we need more than one judge.


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This is exactly the approach we, as judges, have used to pick weekly winners for Steemit Open Mic and we try to spread the prizes around. There are so many worthy entries but only so many rewards to go around so we have a set of guidelines we use to narrow it down.

The other judges ( @krystle, @jessamynorchard, @verbal-d, and @soundlegion) have made posts about their selection process that you can learn about by reading Announcement Steemit Open Mic Official Judges Panel --- by @luzcypher

My Selection Process

First, I listen to every entry in its entirety with the exception of videos posted on DTube. For some reason, videos posted on DTube do not play all the way through. They stop every few seconds making it hard to hear the performance. Maybe this will get better as DTube grows but for now it takes forever for me to get through a song hosted on that platform and almost impossible to get a feel for the song with all the interruptions.

I will still include videos hosted on DTube in the weekly cue though if you choose to host them there. YouTube and Vimeo work just fine.


Image credit

While listening to each video I check to see if they followed the rules. The main things I'm looking for are:

  1. Did they say, Steemit Open Mic Week Number (whatever the current week is) at the start of the video?
  2. Does the title read Steemit Open Mic Week Number (whatever the current week is) at the start of the title?

If those two things are correct then they probably read the rules so I will upvote the post immediately.

If they did not say Steemit Open Mic at the start of their video then I will open the video in YouTube and see what date the video was posted on. If it was not posted within the week of the contest date then they are not really performing for this contest and have just added a video made prior to the contest.

I will not upvote that post because they did not really perform for us for this contest. I would rather save my voting power for people who can follow the simple instructions to enter the contest.

I will leave them a comment explaining the rules to the contest, which rule they overlooked and encourage them to try again.

If they did not say Steemit Open Mic but the video is posted the same day as their Open Mic entry and they are new to the group, I will upvote them and give them the benefit of the doubt while directing them to the rules for the next time they enter.

The idea is I want to help get their music heard and sometimes people don't read all the rules or just forget.

We have had quite a number of entries that have actively tried to mislead us into believing they are someone they are not and plagiarism is not uncommon. It amazes me to see people trying to scam the Open Mic contest to get the reward but they do and we catch them and call them out.

So I spend extra time verifying entries that did not follow the rules which is why we have rules, to begin with.

You can read all the details of the rules at What Are The Rules To Enter Steemit Open Mic And Why Do We Have Rules Anyways --- by @luzcypher

Once they are vetted, on Friday I post all of the entries for that week in a post titled, Steemit Open Mic Week 54 - See Who Played Open Mic And Vote For Your Favorite Steemian Musicians

This post goes out on Friday and gets updated with the last minute stragglers that come in after the fact. This link then gets sent to all the judges who also listen to each and every video and pick their top 5 for the week.

We do have a private chat room for Open Mic judges only so we can talk to each other about the entries.

The judges then make a post on their blog with their selections. I will listen to all entries again and pick my top 5 entries as well.

Once we have all done that I compile the top 5 picks from each judge and look to see if any entries were picked multiple times between the judges.

It makes sense that if each judge is independently picking the same entry those selections would have a higher rating in the list of choices.


Image credit

Sometimes we have all picked almost the same people across the whole panel, sometimes we pick the same people in a different order, and sometimes, but rarely, we pick completely different entries.

As host, I do have the responsibility of making the final choices and before I get into how I do that, let me share with you what I don't factor into those choices.

  1. I don't care about the genre of music you play. Even if the genre is not my personal preference that has no bearing on being selected.
  2. I don't judge a performance based on recording quality. Even if your guitar cannot stay in tune, it can still be selected.
  3. I don't care if your song is an original song or a cover song. Some people can play a song but not write songs and that is OK.
  4. It makes no difference what instrument you play, what language you sing in, or if you only sing along with a backing track. That has no bearing on my selection process.

What I look for first and foremost is this. Is the performance entertaining? What does a listener feel when they listen to the song?

It could be a sad song, happy song, moody song, or funny song, but I want to feel something. Even if it's just the passion pouring into the performance. If it feels flat and lifeless I'll still help promote it on Open Mic and still upvote it (as long as the rules are followed), but we're looking for emotional performances. That is what music is all about, right?

Thankfully there are a lot of really good performances to choose from each week and we have to narrow it down to 3 out of many worthy performances. Having the other judges helps tremendously in the process.

The hardest part of the whole selection process is selecting out of those many choices. We usually have more than 3 finalists worthy of winning. After getting input from the other judges, I look for a few other things that will push my choices in one direction or the other and they are:

  1. Emotional performances (Make me feel it baby)
  2. Original songs (again, it doesn't have to be original to win, but if it is a choice between 2 equally worthy choices originality will win out over the other selection)
  3. Pure talent (speaks for itself)
  4. How many upvotes it received and the community reaction around their entry.

This is the process we run for each week. That said, I want to emphasize again that the whole point of this contest is to build community and help musicians get their music heard and build a following. We focus on fostering a sense of community and don't really see music as a competition. It's an art form more than anything else. Rewards are just a way to make it a little more interesting and encourage participation.

@meno recently made a comment that sums it up well. He said:

the open mic community not only has a lot of participants already but it has nurtured the right attitude, that of camaraderie, love of music and even though we might call it a competition no one really comes out a loser... we all win in the experience... @meno

That is spot on and reflects our mission statement perfectly.

I hope you found this post helpful and it gives you a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes each week.

Thank you for your participation, support, and encouragement and come join us at Steemit Open Mic and see who played this week

One last thing guys!

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You can help me win a ticket to Steemfest to by going to this post and voting for me.

Near the top of the comments on that post, you will see my name. Just click on the upvote button next to that comment. Those who already voted for me thank you SO much for your support.


Here is the post to go to

My Steemfest2 Ticket Giveaway Finalists - I Have A Very Difficult Decision And Need Your Input --- by @quinneaker

Steem To The Moon! by the @steembirds


Holy Crap my man! That is..a lot of freakin' thoughtfulness that goes into selecting the winners...

  • Honestly I do not think I would be able to make it through all of them, I'm too fussy lol.. Much respect to all the judges for doing so.

  • The more I read this the more I though, this is a crazy post.. Goes a lot of places from start to finish and of course it brought me real low when read this part..

"it amazes me to see people trying to scam the Open Mic contest to get the reward but they do and we catch them and call them out."

  • WTF, that's just sacrilegious. Didn't think ppl would go that far. Glad that the screening process is so vigorous as to block that bullshit from happening.

BTW _________

Congrats on your steemfest tix! SteemFest is gona be that much better with you present and the music shenanigans are gona get crazy Mwhahahahaha .. cough cough...

Oh! and thx for the SteemBirds Include, I wasn't sure exactly why it was in the post, but in any case I...we both really appreciate the support immensely. We've been having a freakin' blast making music for Steemit, for Open Mic & of course for ourselves too.

I put your video in the post because it's fun.

We definitely are going to have some fun at SteemFest! I wasn't thinking of bringing my guitar though, are you?

Oh right on lol.

Ummm, we'll either bring 1 or we'll rent 1.

don't know the deets yet, however i'm pretty sure we'll be performing.

Awesome! What a blast, man. Can't wait to hook up.

Just made this post about you guys I think you'll get a kick out of.

How To Use The Steembirds To Keep People On Steemit And Make Them Fly Straight --- by @luzcypher

Ya, I read through it. It's pretty funny actually!

I might start responding to some of those msgs i get with a SB's vid haha.

We might have a new tune for ya this week. It's gona be pretty rough if we release it since we wrote and recorded it in like 15 minutes Sunday. I think you'll enjoy it though.

I'll Keep ya postd !

Its a great story about your life as a musician, I used to rehearse every Sunday with my band and it was the best time of my life hanging out and playing music, that time has passed, so Im just a "regular" person now without anyone to jam with.

I don't sing to well, so I havent put an entry into your openmic contest yet, I am to selfconscious, I was thinking of doing an instrumental, even just getting something on youtube is a big personal battle for me.

So thankyou for all the work you are going for the music community and wish you all the best hopefully one day I'll get an entry in!

You can play an instrumental. That would be fine.

I like it primarily because it gets me motivated to write, especially with all the construction going on here at the homestead. I look forward to it being basically done so I can really pour myself into it.

A little motivation to write music is a good thing. What are you building?

An off grid home. Doing the insulation, plumbing, dry wall, and electric. Hopefully done by November.

This is brilliant! @luzcypher

As an ole bastard, my motto these days is 'so much music and so little time!'
kudos to you folks for doing something worthwhile. I am enjoying listening to as much as I can. My tinnitus prevents me from listening more but it is what it is.
On a longer-term note: Steemit has the potential to become a kind of basic income if it could be scaled (big if I know). If humanity could place value on this type of thing then in the future it could provide income to meet basic necessities for many people. This is a way the basic income could be earned and have value. Steemit is a very long way away from that as far as I can tell and there are huge obstacles​ in the way of making this type of idea viable for the many instead of the few.
I also like that I​ don't have to pollute to get a song out there. This once pristine little​ town (Vancouver​) is now a *carbon choke fest. It's shocking how many people I now see wearing​ air filter masks.
Anyway, keep up the good work!
*I use carbon as a colloquialism​ for combined low atmospheric pollution.

I like the vision you have of Steemit's future. We'll get there one user at a time.

It really is awesome how so many musicians are so supportive of each other in the open mic community. I am a part of some groups on Facebook that are full of musicians and 90% of the conversations are critical and opinionated and everyone is degrading for the most part. This community is a truly healthy place for growing musicians, experienced musicians, and for all other that are part of it! Great post @luzcypher

It is a totally different vibe on Steemit for sure.

Have you checked out Steemit Musicians on Facebook?

Yes, I submitted the request but it hasn’t been approved yet! :(

You can also look towards the bottom of the OpenMic contest post for the invite code to the Steemians Music Society on Discord where you will find more musicians on Steemit and a thread for Open Mic too.

a family colored with music, that's really cool in my opinion

I grew up thinking every family did that. It wasn't until I was about 12 that I learned most families watched TV in their homes. We had one but rarely dragged it out of the garage and plugged it in for Christmas specials or things like that.

As long as it's not too blue all the time.

A hard work it touches every week but at the same time a beautiful work, to know so much good music of all the participants ... But ... In the end is that there must be a beautiful feeling of musical wellbeing, I always congratulate you for that. Viva Music, Steemit and Openmic!

Thank you. It does take many hours each week but the music is fun to listen to and the community is growing around music on Steemit. That is worth every hour of work.

Thank you for your wonderful music and support.

Great to learn more about your background in music. This seems like a very fair way of judging! Passion is the key to a live performance. That is what people remember.

Splashing passion is the key to good music. Can you feel it? Them it's good.

that was an interesting post man, whoa! such a family of musicians, and Frank DeLeo!

Nice reading a bit of back story. Amazing jamming with so many people and different styles. Admit to being quite a bit jealous ;)
I relied on tabs way too much and really only recently started to use my ears more - the difference is profound!
Would highly encourage anyone to at least try an instrument even if really simple stuff - as long as you enjoy it who cares.

No Tv would be an interesting lifestyle - although you might miss out on some amazing Tv themes - Scooby dooby doo........ ;)

Incredible dedication and supportiveness shown here mate!
Long may your work continue in supporting us creatives in openmic and beyond!
I never see it as a contest either, music is a universal language that we can all understand, relate to and embrace.

Hey, I'm actually looking for a 'virtual' manager if you're interested??!! ha ha.
Enjoy your week my friend.

interesting! (;

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