Open Mic Songwriters Challenge Week 4 - Because We Can

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Today is the start of the Open Mic Songwriters Challenge Week 4 where one lucky winner gets a new guitar!


The Open Mic Songwriters Challenge Week 1, 2, and 3 were smashing successes. I'm really impressed by your talent you guys. Listening to your performances makes me feel blessed.

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Open Mic Songwriters Challenge

Thanks to some generous sponsorship from @meno we are hosting the Open Mic Songwriters Challenge and the winner will win a free guitar with hard case.

  • Do you like to write songs?

  • Can you write a song a week for 8 weeks?

  • We will provide 8 different weekly themes

  • Enter the Open Mic Songwriters Challenge

  • Give a high five to @meno

  • Make some great music and you may win a new guitar!

This is the 4th week in this 8-week challenge. If you're just getting here and want to enter don't worry, be happy. You still have a chance to win that guitar. So get your jam on for this week's theme.

The theme for week 4 is:

Because We Can


To enter week one you need to write a song that is about or involves the phrase Because We Can.

It can be a metaphor or a lyric in the song as long as the song somehow relates to the theme Because We Can

To qualify as an entry to this week's challenge all the rules listed below must be followed and it must be a new song written for specifically for this challenge.

The first tag of your post must be: openmic

The second tag of your post music be: openmicsongwriters

Recommended tags:

openmic openmicsongwriters music contest guitar

openmic openmicsongwriters music contest guitar

The deadline to submit your entry is Monday. 18th of December 2017. Please have the song posted by then so we have time to review them all.

@meno graciously offered to sponsor this fantastic, music-making, creativity-sparking, songwriting challenge by providing a new guitar with hard case to one, lucky winner!

The contest will run for 8-weeks and each week we will provide a theme. You will write a new song about or related to that theme.

This challenge will require you to write up to 8 new songs, one per week. This is the challenge.

We will provide the theme each week and make it a bit uncommon so songwriters will not be able to pull previously written songs from their repertoire.

They will actually have to write a song based on the theme we provide and have a little less than a week to write each song.

So, are you up for the challenge? A shot to win that guitar?

Keep reading to discover how it works.


Open Mic Songwriters Challenge Rules

Following these rules is very important so your posts can get curated, upvoted, and seen by the Open Mic community.

  • The contest will run for 8 weeks. Each week will have a new theme. Songwriters will write one new song each week using the theme we provide.

  • Songwriters can join at any time, but the sooner you join the more points you'll accumulate, making your chances to win a little better. Don't worry, be happy.

  • Submit Original Music Written For This Challenge Only and related to each week's theme that we'll provide.

  • You can enter Steemit Open Mic and the Open Mic Songwriters Challenge with the same entry. Just say it is for both at the start of your video. Ad a link to your post to both contests. Better yet, make 2 posts, one for each contest.

  • No covers, no parodies, or no cover versions will be considered as a valid entry.

  • You can sing in any language but the lyrics must be posted on your post in the language it is sung in plus in English using Google Translate.

  • OpenMic Songwriters Challenge Week 4 must be the start of the title of the post, this is key so that judges can easily find the entries.

  • You must say “OpenMic Songwriters Challenge Week 4” at the beginning of your video so we know you are really playing live for us for this contest (Adding an edit to a prerecorded video just to add the words is not good enough. It must be said out loud by the person performing the song just prior to performing it. Recording the words and editing it to the beginning of a video still does not prove it was really you)

  • Live performances only. No studio recorded tracks. Recording quality is not being judged. You can record it on your phone.

  • openmic & openmicsongwriters must be your first and second tag respectively. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT

  • Add a link to your entry post to the comments of the contest post published by @luzcypher so we know you entered. That's this post.

  • Lyrics must be included in your post If the song is sung in another language, the lyrics must be posted in both English and the language it is sung in.

  • Upvote the Open Mic Songwriters Challenge weekly post posted by @luzcypher

  • Give a high five to @meno because this is SO COOL!

  • All songs must be about the week’s theme, entries not related to the theme will not be considered as valid.

What About The Prizes?

All rules must be followed to qualify for the prize.

Winner of the contest takes home a brand new Grace Harbor Acoustic/Electric Guitar with a hard case. You can have a look and a listen to this beautiful guitar in this video.

Grace Harbor Guitars GHD-100CE

Shipping is included in the Continental United States. If you reside outside the U.S. he will ship it to the courier of your choice and you will need to pay any other import or shipping charges.

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This is great so many of us have won a lot in this.


I'm glad to hear that.
You can see what people are earning from the trending page for Open Mic

Here's my entry you guys!! i am so happy!! this is my very fist song in English ever!! ♥♥♥ all thanks to Open mic and the songwriters challenge!! i am so , so so thankful you guys!! i hope you like it !

Raw version of a new good night lullaby. For everyone who might need one :)


Very nice and you're even wearing pajamas

¡Hey un saludo para todos! aqu{i les dejo mi entrada para el tema de esta semana, bailen y disfruten del tema. ¡Bendiciones!

Great topic guys. What a wonderful thing it is to write songs just because we can. (Thanks for the reminder Inspiration hotline @chaifm) <3


...I think this song just changed the universe


I really like the energy and drive this song has! So great after weeks of super sad songs! I'm working on a positive one myself, not easy tho but you nailed it brah

Hugs and high-fives to all of the people who are here, bringing encouragement, making this event so meaningful. My entry for week 4 is a song called "Ah Eve":

nice one, I was thinking the other actually, that I write way too many sad songs... positivism here I come ! :)


We were thinking something positive this week would be nice too.

Hello everyone , this is my entry for this week ( i forgot to share it yesterday over here hahaha ) . Cheers!


You sing so beautifully, love this one.


Thank you very much @geenaizzy ! I'm glad you liked it ! cheers!

i upload my entry soon!!

Este será un tema divertido

Awesome! I'm gonna do my best to send my entry soon and not at the last minute! LOL :)


Good luck!



the one who is here let us sing why we ,,,,, can ,,,,,, wow cool challenge contes I love the contest @luzchyper


Thanks. And thank @meno for the guitar.

Greetings. We have noticed you hold contests on a regular basis. We would like to contribute to your reward pool by donating some TROPHY TOKENS to you. These tokens are to be given to contestants with entries of the highest quality. This means you don't have to give them away every week. There is no catch. We do this for fun.
In addition, as a thank you for your contribution to Steemit, we would like to award you with one TROPHY TOKEN!
If this interests you plese reply your Bitshares address or contact us on discord. @TrophyToken . Thank you.


Hey guys what platform are you all using to post the video before you link it to Steemit? Youtube/dTube/Vemeo? Whats the best?


YouTube or Vimeo.
Unfortunately, DTube isn't working well for Open Mic.


Sweet Thanks!

thank you, have gained something new and salute the originality of this story may be useful, so that life is more useful and useful for others


This is not story


What it is?


A challenge or contest.


It was probably justa generic comment this person posts everywhere ... but don't mind him.. just keep being awesome!


That's exactly what it was and I'm calling them out on it. Someone has to or they'll keep doing it.


Yeah.. hopefully. They don’t understand what Steemit is about.. they think it’s easy money.. but give him (them) a week and they will be out.. because they didn’t find what they were expecting.

This seems like a theme I can get down with!


Get down with your bad self. Then get back up again.


I’m thinking Something like..

That's a great topic choice! Big thanks to the whole crew :)
Can't wait to hear all the songs... Week 4, here we go!


Woo Hoo!

This is great contest. so many of us have won a lot in this. I would love to be part of this.


Come join us in the fun

hey brothers work done ... I hope you like it. Personally. very happy for the result of the work ... I love them!

Here's my entry for this week. Hope you like it! Another really fun challenge!


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Still don't believe me? Then read this

Hey everyone, here's my entry. Thanks for listening and much respect to all who participate in this challenge...peace


wow love the sound sir.. we're almost the same time of posting.. hehe

Here's my latest original for open mic and the songwriters contest. Good luck everyone.

It is really amazing thank you.