Steemit Open Mic Week 64 - Record Your Performance And Win Steem - Sponsored By @pfunk And @luzcypher

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I want to thank all the talented people that have made the Open Mic contest such a joy to host. It is a pleasure listening to everyone's music and getting to know you guys. Steemit is SO cool like that.

Join Steemit Open Mic Night Week 64 and win Steem. Just Record, Post, Win! Come play or sing a song for Steemit.

Hablas Español? Haga Clic Aquí

Translation courtesy of @lizanomadsoul

Est-ce que tu parles Français? Cliquez ici.

Traduction gracieuseté de @roxane

Steemit Open Mic Rules

  • The cutoff date for entries is Friday the 22nd of December
  • Only 1 entry per person per week
  • Steemit Open Mic Week 64 must the beginning of the post title.
  • Steemit Open Mic Week 64 must be said at the beginning of your video
  • Live performances only specifically made for this contest
  • openmic must be the first tag
  • Add a link to your post in the comments of this contest post.
  • You must upvote this post.

Entries must follow these rules to earn prizes. For a more in-depth understanding of the rules read, What Are The Rules To Enter Steemit Open Mic And Why Do We Have Rules Anyways


Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

Victor Hugo


It is very important to say the words "Steemit Open Mic Week 64" at the beginning of your recorded video and as the first words of your post title. Posts without that at the beginning of the title are hard to find in the feed and we may miss your post. Posts without those words spoken in the beginning of your live, recorded video do not qualify for prizes.

If your song is an original song by you it is very important you put the word "original" in the title and "originalmusic" as the second tag of your post

Here is an example of a correctly titled post.

steemit open mic submission example.png

These requirements make it easier for judges and curators to find your posts and reward you for original songs. Ignoring these requirements only hurt your chances of earning rewards.

Steemit Open Mic News

We Are Thinking Of Making Some Changes To The Rewards For Steemit Open Mic --- by @luzcypher

Steemit Musicians With Krystle And Isaria Episode 4 Show Notes And Audio 20 Sbd Prize --- by @isaria

Steemit Open Mic Is Growing And Expanding And A Call For A Dedicated Open Mic Website --- by @luzcypher

Behind The Scenes Look At The Steemit Open Mic Selection Process How We Pick The Top 3 Entries

You can also post your Steemit Open Mic link to Steemit Open Mic Post Promotion channel by join us at the Steemit Local Musicians Society on Discord and get more upvotes for your entry. Here is the invite code

Steemit Open Mic Week 64

Thanks for supporting, upvoting, Resteeming and entering Steemit Open Mic, a community of music lovers for music lovers and musicians.

2 Votes = Win Win

You can help support Steemit Open Mic by making sure to vote two times.

  • Once on this post so the payouts for the winners will make this contest self-supporting. We're very grateful @pfunk is helping out right now, but helping this post with upvotes gives more rewards to the winners and the contest will be self-supporting.

  • And vote a 2nd time on the link of your favorite entry's post found in the comments below. This will help support all the musicians that entered, even if they didn't win the contest.

  • In fact, some entries earned very well, even though they didn't win. And that's good because musicians need to eat.

**Winners from week 63 will be announced **, Monday, December 18th, 2017 so be sure to follow @luzcypher for updates and thanks for everyone that entered, upvoted and resteemed Steemit Open Mic.

Steemit Open Mic Process

Keeping it short and sweet, here is the flow of considerations for the Steemit Open Mic contest:-

  • Need to promote community participation in the spirit of Steemit Open Mic night.

  • So.. Steemit Open Mic submissions in comments, community voting and reblogging are encouraged.

  • However, we need to avoid public vote abuse and keep a certain standard for Steemit Open Mic night.

  • So.. community voting as the first filter, before internal voting.
  • Another problem: late submissions are usually disadvantaged as they get less attention on the contest post.
  • So.. we've tried to mitigate such a problem by including unique votes of Steemit Open Mic submissions in their own blog posts.
  • IT IS CRUCIAL WHEN YOU RECORD YOUR VIDEO THAT YOU SAY "STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 64" AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR VIDEO We're looking for real live performances for this contest. Some people have posted old videos from YouTube and it's difficult to verify that it's really them performing. In the future they will be disqualified from the contest.

  • If you want a chance to earn the prize, make a new video and say STEEMIT OPEN MIC Week 64 at the start of it.

  • You can sing acapella if you don't play an instrument or sing to a recording if you want and still enter Open Mic.

How To Enter Steemit Open Mic Night

  • In a well lit quiet room, use your cell phone to record your performance. See recording tips here and here


  • Upload your performance to YouTube or other video hosting site.

  • Create a post on your own Steemit account pasting the URL of your uploaded video.


For example: STEEMIT Open Mic Week 64 - Hold That Tiger by @cheetabot

  • You can title your post anything you want just be sure the first words say STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 64.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: THE FIRST TAG ON YOUR POST MUST BE openmic All one word. No spaces.

  • POST THE LINK TO YOUR POST IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST. This will increase your exposure and votes while increasing the amount of prize money AND WILL LET US KNOW YOU HAVE ENTERED

Judging, and Contest Prize

  • Submit your performance in the comment / reply section by 12.00 PM UTC Time (Friday 22th DECEMBER 2017). Find your UTC time here.
  • You may only submit 1 (one) entry per week.

  • Performances are not judged on production value, only on performance and entertainment value.

  • Steemit Open Mic judges will deliberate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place based on the selected performances.

We Are Thinking Of Making Some Changes To The Rewards For Steemit Open Mic --- by @luzcypher

  • Each week the prizes will be paid as follows:
  • 1st place: 120 Steem
  • 2nd place: 60 Steem
  • 3rd place: 40 of Steem
  • 4th place: 40 of Steem
  • 5th place: 40 of Steem


300 Steem Prize


You can use any images you want on your blog when you enter Steemit Open Mic. If you would like to help promote a common theme for the Steemit Open Mic Contest you may also use this image below.

Just copy and paste this code as the first image on your blog post.



How To Get More Views To Your Entry

You can help get more views to your Steemit Open Mic entry and help grow the contest by Tweeting your blog post. You can also:

  1. Steemit Group 1
  2. Steemit Group 2


  • Make sure performances are your performance.

  • The song does not have to be original, only your performance of the song.

  • The Steemit Open Mic judges reserve the right to forfeit submissions that are misleading.

Remember to follow these rules so we can find and reward your post.

  • The cutoff date for entries is Friday the 15th of December
  • Only 1 entry per person per week
  • Steemit Open Mic Week 63 must the beginning of the post title.
  • Steemit Open Mic Week 63 must be said at the beginning of your video
  • Live performances only specifically made for this contest
  • openmic must be the first tag
  • Add a link to your post in the comments of this contest post.
  • You must upvote this post.
  • If your song is an original song then add the word "Original" somewhere in your title

For a fuller understanding of the rules read, What Are The Rules To Enter Steemit Open Mic And Why Do We Have Rules Anyways

New Music Category Communities

Music Category communities are coming together on Steemit and if you're a music lover, please show support and join in the fun. Here are a few new places to find great music.

Suggestion: openmic must be the first tag to enter open mic, but adding other music-related tags (such as music, music-trail) may help your post get more attention and perhaps even get curated by those music curators.

If your song is an original song, add orginalmusic as your 2nd tag. This will help curators know it is an original song which currently pays a Steem bonus to you.

Thank you all for the participation!

Thank you for the positive support from the Steemit community and special thanks to @kevinwong for his guidance, encouragement and support and @verbal-d for writing a song that inspired the idea and @pfunk for helping and supporting Open Mic.

Please contact @luzcypher in SteemitChat for any further questions you may have and you can post your entry there too.

Hablas Español? Haga Clic Aquí

Translation courtesy of @lizanomadsoul

Est-ce que tu parles Français? Cliquez ici.

Traduction gracieuseté de @roxane

We would like to thank you all for your spirited participation in making this a big part of the Steemit music community!



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My favorite contest on Steemit!

It just keeps going and going and I haven't entered in SOOOOOO LONG!

I am comitting now to entering this week!

Love you @luzcypher and thanks again so much @pfunk for sponsoring and making this project so successful and helpful for so many Steemians and Steemit!

It's been a while. Will be good to hear you again.

Do not make my bunghole angry!... You have any holio?

hav you any?

Nice voice, friend! Way to go :). Xx, Kay

Thank you i deeply appreciate that. Especially from a great singer like yourself @kayclarity

You bet! :)

@luzcypher this my entry on open mic contest week 64 and introducing my two good friends to steemit @janifar aka African bad gal and her very good friend @Dj-calbe when I visited them and saw them in open mic sprite too.

Best of luck to all contestants I see a lot of talented steemains

Beautiful combination of talents

This is awesome @japfive 😉

Nice performance.
Kudos @japfive

Wow! Raw talent brah! Keep it up.

Nice entry

Good performance

Nice choice of song

This is cool bro

Unfortunately, my singing voice could shatter windows, Good luck to the contestants.

Hey! te invito a que des un vistazo a mi cover y me des tu opinión, a ver en que puedo mejorar, y si te gustó pues vota mi participación

Hola! que bella voz y acompañamiento en el piano. El sonido de fondo distrae un poco, quizás pueden buscar un lugar más silencioso para grabar el próximo video! Saludos!

Dear music lovers

This is my entry,
Please enjoy listening to my new original song,

I love this guitar style! Nice work!

Thank you so much!

Esteemed Steemians :) It's week 64 of the #steemit #openmic challenge and today I play Valerie, as originally composed by the Zutons and later reinterpreted by Amy Winehouse.

As always, a big THANK YOU to @luzcypher, @pfunk, and all the openmic judges for making this contest as awesome as it is.

Well done...heartfelt reminder of the ultra talented and troubled Amy Winehouse. Thanks for your rendition.


Thank you for your kind words 😊 I am glad you like it certainly makes a lot more sense infinitesimally hearing male vocals linked to this song.

Best regards!


Haha that's right 😆

Really nice mate! Even though I don't understand the lyrics, the melodies sound good.

Thank you mate ! i'm glad you like it , I included the translation in my post in case you want to know what the song is about :) . Cheers mate

Wow @penchichemena! Beautiful and relaxing voice!!!

thank you very much @amyinautumn ! I appreciate your kind words! :) . Cheers!

Beautiful chords progressions, clear and precise voice. Can we have a translation of the lyrics please ?

Thank you very much @michaelstellaire ! :) Of course , I included a translation in my post since I also like the lyrics and meaning of this song! Thanks for listening :D .

bonita voz

muchas gracias @graceleon :) . Me alegro que te haya gustado !

This was really fantastic! Your voice is beautiful! I could listen to it all day long! :)

Thank you very much @bethweatcraft ! I really appreciate your kind words. I'm glad you liked it :)

Hey guys, sorry I've been gone! Here's a Foals cover with my new guitar! Glad to be back! Enjoy!

Here is my entry! I think I even got it right this time. :) Thank you for having such an awesome contest.

Thank you very much!

You've got a naturally beautiful voice. Great job! :)

Thank you so much. I practice a LOT, so I hope I am getting better all the time. I appreciate the compliment.

@abyni you have such a beautiful voice!!!! Keep singing! Do you write your own music as well?

Thank you! And yes I do :)

Hi Openmic lovers! This is our entry with for this week with an original song called "Leva ao vento" ;)
Here the video:

Thank you <3

How do i get the comment to show the thumbnail. Any help would be appreciated

If you also add the YouTube link to your comment, it will show up. 😊 Hope that helps!

Right on thank you, it worked! too cool, btw your version of "wicked games" is great

Awesome! Glad it worked. The comment really does look so much better with the thumbnail! Also, thanks so much for your kind words and support! Wicked Games is such a fun song to sing. 😊

Very nicely done...Goes way back!

Thanks for sharing!


Back at home for christmas, lovely out of tune piano cover this time :)

Prettttttty awesome! I enjoyed this. Xx, Kay

Got a parody for you all this week! I don't know if it qualifies to win because my lyrics are ontop of "Zombie", which I've already done.. but I am still contributing it for fun regardless :)

I like it. Which app are you using for multiple frames?

Thanks, I used the Acapella App

Ha! I love this. I never get sick of Zombie.....and I love the multiple parts and harmonies!! <3 Creative stuff!!@kjablonski

Thank you @amyinautumn , such a great song right?! I play it all the time and it still remains one of my favs :) Glad u liked my rendition

That was fun! Nice harmonies :)

Thanks for watching!

Excellent!!! I Really like your performance!!! Regards and Blessings

This is amazing. So happy I found Steemit and this awesome open mic! Here is my first entry, it is an original song I just finished writing last week. I hope you all like it, and can't wait to check out all the other entries.

@luzcypher Thank you so much for hosting this awesome open mic! This was my first time, so hopefully I followed all the steps correctly :)

That was cool! I like the tone of your voice :)

Thank you so much! So glad you dig it :)

Here's our entry for this week: 😎😎

Making Steem ("Let It Snow" parody)

Yes you guys are the Steemit Rock Kings!

Hi Everyone, this is my entry for open mic week 64.

Hendrix Miniature Mash-Up @shelbi

Hey guys! Here is my cover of Wicked Games by Chris Isaak for Week 64. Thanks for listening! ❤️

Sounds good man! What guitar are you using? It's got a beautiful open sound.

Thanks it is a low end Martin 000 size...not a solid wood guitar but it is old and the top is broken in. It is on its last legs and needs work like a full fret job; not really worth it so I am needing a new guitar soon. It helps it sound open that I tune two steps down to a D instead of an E...also you can see that I have a cloth stuffed in the sound hole...somehow it helps with the tinny sound caused by the fret wear.Peace

Thats cool. Thanks for pointing out the little details, which I would've never noticed. I hope you're going to keep this even if you get a new one?

For sure...someday if I have the cash I will get it fixed.

Thanks very much thanks for checking me out!

Hi guys!! This is my entry!! Thank so much to all of you, and good luck to all participants!! Blessings!!

Good job Bro!!!

Here is my entry! I experimented with using a better mic this week as well, and it's another original, so I'm excited to share! :)

This was so good! I love your style of guitar playing, and your voice is just great! I'm going to have to creep your blog page now! :)

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it. Creep away my friend :)

Muy buena canción! Y la cara de tu chamo al escuchar la canción es un poema!

Hi to all lovely people, this is a cover of a romantic song from Bollywood movie Aashiqi. Show your support with upvotes. Thanks!

Here we go with a solo and arp!!
I will be glad to hear your ideas about this!! feel free to comment in the post :)
peace and love to all!!!

Hello Stemians!!! Here again with a "Mini" Medley of U2 !!! I hope you enjoy!!! Greetings and blessings to all!

Hi everybody, here is my entry with a song in spanish called "Eres Todo Poderoso" from Danilo Montero, I hope you enjoy it and a lot of succes to all the participants.

Leave me a comment and let me know how i did! Good luck to everybody and lets jam!

Hey everyone!
Here's an old original for your listening pleasure

Enjoy :)

Lovely project... Music, the soul of merriment

good thinking @luzcypher. Thanks for good topic sharing.

I ve just lost in the great performances and now it's the best post to keep opening replies. thank you guys!

Hey, everyone! I made another original tune for this weeks challenge. It's a very personal song. I really hope you like it.

Hello Steemit, hello Luzcypher :) Nice to see you all again :) love this contest