Steemit Open Mic Week 63 - Original Song, Cloud Walker

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Hello Steemians and Dtube,

I'm Todd Smith and this is my first entry to open mic. Spacey, dreamy synths with old school hip hop style beat. I hope you enjoy the music my friends.

Rate up and Follow if you enjoyed the video !

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I Followed you my man you are great.


Thank you my friend, that means a lot. I’m very glad you enjoyed the music. Hope you’re having a amazing day. ✌️

Ya follow and il follow back keep in touch!

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Glad you enjooyed the music my friend !

Is that the micro korg? I had one of those.

Yes, I payed a MK live in tis video.

Sounds really good but to enter Steemit Open Mic you need to follow the rules. Thanks.


Also, read Dtube Does Not Work For Entering Steemit Open Mic Or The Open Mic Songwriters Challenge

Ok, will follow these rules for next week, thank you

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