Steemit Open Mic Week 63: My Heart Will Go On

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My siblings are both singers. I swear, my sister could sing Alicia Keys so well when she was still alive. My brother has a great singing voice too and used to be part of the church band. I remember I sang one time in school and it rained after my performance. After that horrible experience, I only sing in the bathroom and bedroom. As you can observe, I am the one who is inclined visual arts only. Hahaha!

But hey! That would not stop me from joining this contest. Haha! No one and not even embarrassment of the blockchain could stop me! I would continually practice until there would be no flat nose -- I mean flat notes. Kidding aside.

For this week, I have performed My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. I picked this song although I keep missing the notes because I love Celine Dion and Titanic so much. Both the movie and the song are classic and timeless! I cannot help thinking the young Leonardo Dicaprio who took my heart by surprise when I first watched the film.

Is there such love as that one? A timeless love? Well, I am in a verge of finding that type of love! Steemit friends, you better help me out.

Please take note of this. I am not as good as her. By the way, before watching, you can actually turn your volume low. My singing voice might cause a crack on your cellphone and computer screens. I badly want to hit the high notes but I think I lost my singing voice char after screaming many times while watching the movie Slumber with my friend. A lot of things happened for this day as well so yeah. Anyway, here it is. I hope you would sing along with me.

Thank you for listening and have a great day folks.
-Johanna Gail



Hay unta apil ko beh lami. hahaha

Taysaaaa mangutana sa kong Belga! wahahaha!

Hahahah my! Sure ko magngisi na sya sa kalami. haha

Happy belated Birthday @gailbelga :)
Great perform of "My Heart Will Go On." Love it :)

Thank you sir but my birthday is on June 23. I must day you are very talented.

hmmmm. hahaha My mistake. I thought it was a few days ago :) ahahaha. I was in my studio and saw that and figured I would send you a 'belated' birthday greeting. Oh well :P
Love your artwork. Keep up the great work.

Oh. Thank you dear! :)

sis i really love your voice, whether you're singing or just merely speaking. Ang sarap sa tenga promise!! ❤❤

pero feel ko nagbreak yung screen ng phone mo sis. huhuh

tinapos ko nga sya sis eh okay pa naman phone ko haha 😁

hahahaha thank you naman at okay pa phone mo hahaha

Taray! Join kana every season ng Open mic ☺👏👏👏 I'm also planning to join this week, sana hindi umextra sa video si baby 😂

Ate kamusta na ba yung payout mo sa poloniex? Okay na ba. Baby is cute. isama mo rin sya if eeksena. join tayong lahat.

hay nako wala padin nakakaiyak sayang un.

Oo nga baka nga sumayaw sya pag kumanta ako 😂 Kapag kinakantahan ko kase to sumasayaw eh, imbis na matulog. arrg.


Nakakainis yang poloniex

Nice voice. Good cover. 🎵👍😀

Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me.

nice very nice . and you are very pretty too. nice singing

Thank you for appreciating my looks and my singing voice but I must say I do not look good ++ all the stress in the world.

What a beautiful voice.


Oh thank you dear for helping me out. I would love to use the proceeds on this one in buying musical instruments.

Lots of love,

Galing, eto na yun sana manalo ka good luck hehe.

Uy salamat dear.

Keep on reaching that note anak.

Thank you pa.

you are a bundle of soooo freakin cute! you are to sweet i just cracked up when you said on your high notes to turn it down lol I think you did a lovely job on a well known and beautiful song

Oh oh oh. Im so embarrassed now but thank you 😍😍😍

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