Introducing The STEEM Engine Initiative!

All Aboard The STEEM Engine!

Introducing The STEEM Engine, a brand new Steemit account and Discord group!

Engineered by @ethandsmith, @HopeHuggs, @catweasel, @enchantedspirit, and @apanamamama, The STEEM Engine is a Discord group community of hard-working Steemians. The main focus of the group is to provide quality engagement across its members' posts.

True engagement is desired across the platform. Our group seeks to promote quality post engagement via the following methods:

  1. The visionary post promotion model first used in The Unmentionables. Each person sharing a post in the server must first engage at least two other members' posts which have been previously shared. This means that when you share your post, you're spreading rewards to other hard-working members, and they, in turn, can do the same to your posts.
  2. Rewards for engaging others. This group account's voting power will be used to reward members who follow the post promotion guidelines!
  3. Curation posts. We have dedicated curators who choose the best posts shared in our post promotion channel and share them in regular posts on this account, allowing our members' posts to get more exposure!
  4. Supporting our members. We believe the creativity of our members is the most valuable asset our group has. Our group is dedicated to increasing the value of undervalued content and promoting quality comments and engagement.

If you're a content creator who would like to be involved in a community dedicated to engagement, we would love to have you! The STEEM Engine is looking for great new passengers to come aboard.

There are no specific categorical or reputation requirements to join, but we do ask that you have at least three or four blog posts of your own so we can get a good idea of your writing style and interests!

Please note: This is an English-speaking group. We need your posts to be written in excellent English ... or bilingual with an English version of your text.

Get started today by joining our Discord server and following the instructions in the starthere channel!

Our group has Steemians young and old, who are happy to help new users get oriented, or help seasoned users find a new niche.

The STEEM Engine's name was first suggested by @ethandsmith, and then the other Engineers began immediately rolling with the idea. Soon, a whole train-themed Discord server emerged, and we headed down the tracks!

So if you're an artist, a writer, a programmer, a cryptocurrency guru, or otherwise creative soul, we would love to have you! We encourage you to join us on Discord and follow this account for fantastic curation posts that feature the best of our members' content.

We also invite you to follow our account's curation trial via Streemian or SteemAuto!


!cheetah whitelist

I didn't know that you can do that!! Can anyone?

No, there are only a few of us that have the power to call cheetah.... or scold her. :)

Oh, you must be very powerful :) I might need your help someday. Cheetah came to one of my daily freewrite prompts. But hope my answer was satisfactory and it will stay away.

Hello @patrice, nice to know you have the power to do some stuff on steemit. I joined steemit last week and unfortunately my account was hacked and I received some downvotes form you. Just to let you know that I am genuine , please check out the post on my profile @udywriter to help boost my reputation score. Thank you

Cheetah comes to me every time i make a #Dsound post because I take the time to go back and edit the post on steemit. She doesn't give me a chance. But when I read more about it, I realized it's not exactly a bad thing. She only suggests my other posts, which is good promotion, and she upvotes. So, unless you're truly plagiarizing I wouldn't be worried about it, I would consider it helpful actually. Am I wrong?

You're not wrong. @cheetah serves a few functions, she is to inform users of content that may be copied from somewhere else and that isn't always the case. Sometimes it is just similar content. As many sentences that are written on the internet and the nature of certain topics there are only so many ways to say some things such as tech & science terms and concepts.

Lot's of content creators post some of their older content here others get caught with the glitch in the #Dsound app. Even more run contest and curation posts.

Getting a @cheetah comment isn't always a bad thing.

Unfortunately many users don't take the time to read and understand what @cheetah does and while it helps @steemlceaners find plagiarists and copy pasters it really just an informational bot for the community to see and make their own decisions.

My advice to anyone that gets a @cheetah comment in your case is just to reply to her and note that it is a glitch with @dsound.

Hi @thesteemengine, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

If you’d like to nominate someone’s post just visit the Steemit Ramble Discord

Thanks so much for including our efforts in the Steemit Ramble! We greatly appreciate your contributions to the group!

It's good to see that the core idea from the unmentionables has been adopted into a brand new discord.

If every single discord team would actually do this, I think the entire steemit will be flooded with nothing but great original contents and everyone will have a win-win situation to succeed together.

Keep it up Engineers of the STEEM Engine
@ethandsmith, @HopeHuggs, @catweasel, @enchantedspirit, and @apanamamama

Very proud that you are keeping this integrity alive.

full upvote!

Engagement and rewarding each other for it is hands down my favorite part of the platform (if you can't tell from the vast majority of my Upvotes being on peoples comments and replies)! And I couldn't agree more with you about the core idea from that other group. Love the encouraging of others to Upvote and Reply to each other. I mean, the idea of getting rewards just for talking to your friends? C'mon, how is that not just awesome?

Sorry I didn't see this post sooner. You have my full support!


Neither I nor @catweasel have you in our PM list and we can't seem to find you anywhere. I'm told you can join this group from here. Click on the banner at the bottom of the post. As a previous member of The Unmentionables, you are granted automatic membership, but you have to ask to get in. We don't accept just any old riff-raff you know. It has to be very special riff-raff. Like you.

I like being special!

I'm happy to see all the strong support for this new venture! Chug chug! Wooo wooo! These tracks lead to the moon! @ironshield

Holy cow this is a great initiative folks! keep up the good work :)

[Insert all the train puns. All of them!]

But seriously though, I think that's all we did when we hatched this plan. So much so that we had to tone back the train language, fearing it would be too confusing for new members. haha

Hah, maybe a chat room dedicated to nothing but train puns?

I'm all-aboard that train!

Going back in time with that old steem engine, are we? 😁

yay! A great group run by some really great, active, and caring people. I highly recommend you come join us!

This sounds like the perfect group to be a part of! So glad that the primary value is placed on authentic engagement and quality. I truly believe that will be what elevates Steemit as a whole. Now, just to figure out this discord thing 🤔😋

Hi @thesteemengine I am working on riding the rails with you. Looking forward to a great ride.

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