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Analyze This.

This morning, I saw Donald & Melania Trump sit down next to former USA Presidents. But I didn't see the Bush family around them. From left to right, in that one pew row at that church cathedral, I saw Donald, Melania, Barack Barry Obama, Michelle, Bill Clinton, Hillary, and farmer Jimmy Carter.


George Herbert Walker (H.W.) Bush

I thought I saw Joe Biden behind Jimmy & Hillary but I guess it was just some other old guy. As the Trumps sat down, it appeared as if Barack smirked a bit, that Bill kind of smiled regretly while looking towards maybe Melania, that Hillary was hung over from too much vodka, that Jimmy was kind of just stuck, & that Michelle was kind of bitter or upset about something. If you don't know, these photos are from the funeral for George H.W. Bush, the 41st American President of the United States of northern America (USA), on this Wednesday, the fifth of December of 2018. So, in other words, on this 5th day of this last month of twenty-eighteen, we pause to honor a man that helped the New World Order (N.W.O.), and I'm not talking about Hulk Hogan and that wrestling group gang thing he was in with that same name, NWO. You can listen to Bush say "A new world order" in many videos on YouTube and other places online & offline. You can Google it. You can Duck Duck Go search for the quotes from Bush and others. There are white papers. There are books. You can spend years investigating what I'm talking about, in case you want to know more about all of that. What I'm talking about is not a secret.

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Breaking World News

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2018-12-05 - Wednesday - 07:40 AM LMS JA Dream - Moving Death Katie

Somebody died in my arms while we were moving. We were at home where we grew up at, in Forest Grove. Katie and Crystal went on to move to like Louisiana or wanted to or something. We were all preparing to move out of the house probably. The person that died was maybe Nicholas Littlejohn. He or somebody had a flesh wound through his body, close to his heart. He was laying in the front yard over the patio in front of the front porch. I tried closing his wounds with my hands. Then I started thinking it was going to stain with the guts and especially the blood coming out of him. So, I curried him the long way around the backyard through the carport and back to the front of the house and into maybe a caravan or maybe some other vehicle next to the long car. I might have said some things to comfort the person dying to help ease the pain or to stop the death. The girls were there talking about moving at that time and until I woke up. But maybe the rest of us were off to move to another place separate from where the girls were going. Other family members might have been there in my dream preparing to move and walking around. Another person might have died too. The first person that died, I tried to save for two seconds or so but guts were coming out and I didn't want too big of a mess on the sidewalk patio. So, I carried him to a car or dumpster or truck or something to pack him away with the rest of our stuff that we were taking as we were moving.

Draining Swamps

Making Art Great Again

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Ending Erosion

Published in December of 2018 - By Oatmeal Joey Arnold - @JoeyArnoldVN
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Swamp Map

Here is a map of Swamp Heaven, apparently

Specifically, this flowchart may be partly true. The motivation behind this diagram may be related to a hate of Jews like Jared Kushner who is the wife of Ivanka Trump. Jared is in this picture. Also, the people behind this display of art may be Never Trumpers, as in against Donald Trump and against Making America Great Again (MAGA) and other family first, community first, nation first, values, focus, priorities, etc. I've included the map because some of it may be true to various degrees while other details may be misguided, incomplete, etc.


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