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2018-12-03 - Monday - FAVORITE AVATAR - LMS JA - 003356.jpg

He finally made the magazine.

You can see him inside. He finally made it to the cover of the magazine. By the way, like Cloud Cover News, we are gone with the wind. The imagery is beautiful, like V For Vendetta, like a crowd of Info Warrior Patriots, we can cover the sky with clouds of truth. @R_total369, yes, true, agreed, that Relationships Over Religion has always been the difference between Patriots & Pharisees.

Patriots Over Pharisees Screenshot at 2018-12-03 10:42:58.png

@R_total369, yes, true, we got get out there yesterday. Years ago. Like you said. We need to go back in time. Specifically, we can continue to try to get the word out, online, offline. And mostly offline. We should continue to do a bunch of things. And we should try to buy our own robot body guards, drones, computers, etc. We have been taking back the Internet from them. The Internet was designed to enslave us. We have been reversing that. We are trying to do the same with the robots, drones, the money, etc, likewise. We are doing solar power, or some people are at least trying to. We are buying water filters. We are doing so many things. And that is the good news. All around the world, people are doing things as they go against globalism. That is very good news. That accelerates and motivates our drive to elevate our game on every level. On every level. We become better at this as we inspire copycats of truth tellers in an age of darkness. That is how we win. We inspire each other on to doing more of this. All of this.

Infowars Robots Internet Take Back Screenshot at 2018-12-03 11:27:10.png

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