Cashier's Check Deposit Phone App Scanner

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That is the question.

I want an online blockchain cryptocurrency bank.

I have a Bitcoin wallet.

I have a Steemit wallet.

I want to deposit my U.S. Bank Cashier's Check with a phone app.

It seems there are applications that may do that for some banks.

But I have not been able to find a bank that connects fiat with cryptocurrencies.

Back in June of 2017, I bought some Bitcoin, Litecoin, other cryptocurrencies, joined Steemit, Gab, and other blockchain social networks. Now in June of 2018, a year later, I'm still learning and still figuring things out.

Have had a Bank of America bank account and an U.S. Bank account but am now moving to a more cryptocurrency focus. I've been looking at Coinbase and other websites that offer exchanges. Some of the exchanges may include cryptocurrencies and dollars (USD) and other fiat. But like I said, I am looking for a way to deposit a check through a phone app. I want to scan checks and I want to buy Bitcoin with those checks. One check is from my U.S. Bank and I want to abandon that bank. I am interested in having a debit card phone app that can let me transfer some Bitcoin to dollars and to spend it off debit card phone app. These are questions and things I am trying to figure out the past few months or longer.

Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments, below.

Cashier's Check Deposit Phone App Scanner

2018-06-02 Saturday 02:24 PM LMS: Cashier's Check Deposit Phone App Scanner
Written by me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Published at 05:07 PM

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I think you can now use Tenex and a form of Bcash credit card that will be available soon. Eventually you will not need fiat! It will be converted on your phone very quickly!

Can't believe you got banned on FB for that hitler quote btw...

Good to have transitional options for exchanging fiat to cryptocurrencies and that helps people leave fiat better and it helps people invest better especially when most people are paid in fiat. Yeah, the Hitler quote is a thing that should not be feared. First, either Hitler said it or he did not. But either way, I think it is good to know. I love the freedom of speech and #FreeTommy.

You are awesome too!!

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