My Brother (Rick Arnold) in Honduras

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Rick Arnold Honduras Ministry Kids 2017-02-08.jpg

Rick Arnold has been doing ministry in Honduras with his wife, Maria, full-time, since around April 2018.

They've been doing short-term mission trips in Honduras for years. They kept on coming back, a few months at a time. Now, they're staying.


Rick is my only brother.

He is 3 years older than me, born 1982-02-05 in Oregon. I was born 1985-02-11. I have 2 sisters. We grew up in Forest Grove, 40 miles west of Portland, OR, USA. Mother home taught us. Rick learned Japanese, karate, HAM radio. We grew up playing Nintendo games. We attended Cornelius Community Baptist Church.


We attended summer Bible camps, youth groups, Bible clubs like AWANA and Word of Life Olympians. Our mother homeschooled us. Father taught us basketball & landscaping. Our dad's dad is from the Netherlands. We also attended public schools. We attended the Forest Grove High School (FGHS). I studied Spanish, Vietnamese, Rick, Japanese.

Rick Arnold on YouTube

Rick Arnold YouTube A
Rick Arnold YouTube B

Rick Arnold on Facebook


The Legacy of The Lion Heart King.

King Richard went to the Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 2000 to learn Aeronautics. Rick attended the Victory Church. Rick worked at Warehouse Market. Rick was a technician at Flight Safety International. Rick studied Aviation Maintenance at Tulsa Tech - Broken Arrow Campus. Rick worked at AAR Corp. Rick has been part of the YMCA & The Salvation Army. Rick lived in Texas.

Why go to Honduras?

Rick married Maria in 2007. Maria is from Honduras. This is my rough draft entry on my brother and his wife and their ministry and everything. Rick & Maria were on TV on AZA TV. You can see AZA TV on YouTube and Facebook. "Una luz en tu camino." Maria has been a missionary for years. Maria drove school buses.

What is their website?

Their website is

What are they doing?

Rick wrote the following on Facebook at 2018-05-30:

My wife and I have been in Honduras since last month, in full time ministry. We are teaching Bible and English classes in public schools. We also do evangelism.

We are raising support for basic living expenses, and funds to help those in the community and schools with essential needs, and special projects. If you, your family, church, or someone you know is looking for a ministry or organization to support, where your giving will make a big impact, and will not be wasted, then we invite you to help support ours. And you can also help with your prayers.

The Ministry of the Cross

Our ministry is called - Ministerios De La Cruz. La cruz (the cross) is where we are all equal, no matter what our background, ethnicity, education level, financial level, etc., because we have all done wrong and are in need of God's forgiveness.

Can we Earn Salvation?

And there is no way that we can pay for our wrong doing no matter how much good we try to do, or how many times we go to church or volunteer our time, how much we give to the less fortunate, or try to act right. It all means nothing. All we have is the cross of Jesus where we find God's love and forgiveness.

Priceless to the Eternal Creator?

We are doing our part here to show others that they have great value to God, and that God has great plans for their lives, as he does for all of us. It doesn't matter that they live in what the world considers a "3rd world" violent country.

Rick Arnold Honduras Kids 2018-05-30.jpg

Do you believe in equality?

Every person is equal in the sight of God, whether they live in a hut in the middle of the jungle, or are a billionaire; it is also our duty to treat everyone the same, in love, whether they are a ceo, or a homeless person in the streets.

How can we support you?

If you would like to partner with us, in the work we are doing, here is our PayPal link -

Video of Maria Teaching Kids:

My brother, Rick Arnold, uploaded this video of his wife, Maria, as a teacher in a children class in Honduras about 9 months ago. This video was uploaded to YouTube on August 15, 2017. Here is a link to a YouTube channel of Richard Schuylar Arnold Rasp Morehead:

The ministry Rick & Maria joined in Honduras.


The website of my brother's ministry.
The website of my brother's ministry but in English.
You can donate to their ministry on their website: click here.
Ministerios De La Cruz: Macuelizo, Santa Barbara: Honduras:
TEL +504 9624-3453

Rick Arnold Sisters 2017-02-08.jpg

My brother is part of Ministerios De La Cruz:
Ministerios De La Cruz HN
Ministerios De La Cruz HN 2
Ministerios De La Cruz Miskito

Video of Rick & Maria Arnold on television in Honduras.

Rick Arnold Screenshot at 2018-06-14 16:57:24.png

My Brother (Rick Arnold) in Honduras

2018-06-14 Thursday 02:00 PM LMS: My Brother (Rick Arnold) in Honduras
Written by me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Published at 05:48 PM

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The Facebook of my brother, Rick Arnold.

Live video of Rick & Maria Arnold on Aza TV sharing the gospel.


Years ago, me, Rick, and others, made videos about the Power Rangers. My brother was born in 1982.

On Facebook, my brother, Rick, wrote about his ministry in Honduras:


Top ten things about your brother? Here is a video I published at 2014-02-06 on YouTube at my then Original Oatmeal (Ori O) channel.

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Watch My Youtube Videos at

Information on our high school, FGHS:
Principal: Karen O'Neill

Rick Arnold Maria Kids 2018-06-08.jpg

Assistant Principals:
Nicole Hilton, Brian Burke, Doug Thompson
Secretary: Molly Herbst
Address: 1401 Nichols Lane,
Forest Grove, OR 97116
Office: 503-359-2432
FAX: 503-359-2521
Athletics: 503-359-2437
Attendance: 503-359-2439
Counseling: 503-359-2435; FAX:503-359-2401
Office Hours: 7:30 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Start/Dismiss Times: 8:20 a.m.- 3:08 p.m.
Classification: 6A - Greater Valley Conference


My Address is
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Here is a video of my brother's wife, Maria Arnold, sharing the gospel, the good news, #SteemChurch, to students, to children, in Honduras. This is a link to a YouTube channel of Rick.