The Death of Internet

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Biggest Threat To The Internet? Article 13?

You can read the white papers all about it. I've been writing about these things for years like Alex Jones. I've been making videos about it. Was banned on Facebook for a month for sharing a Muslim Hitler quote photo back on 2018-05-20, Sunday. We've all been pressured, banned, and more, on those social ghettos and more. We know @Stefan.Molyneux talks about it. You know Agenda 2030?

PewDiePie - Memes Will Be Banned?

If you don't already know, globalists have been trying to control and ban free speech, free market, free societies, free families, freedom, privacy, private property, gun rights, and more, in general, partly through Predictive Programming.

Wreck It Ralph Breaks The Internet?

No, the NWO DARPA Rothschild Oprah Empire has been using the Internet to brain wash humanity, to enslave all humans, but we the people from around the world have turned an evil world wide web into a good thing, into a very good thing, and that is why the EU, the NWO, the UN, the deep state, is trying to wreck and break the Internet through corporatism, technocracy, plutocracy, and this goes way beyond just being unable to post porn, profanity, hate speech (allegedly), bad words, unsafe things, terrorist related stuff, racist stuff, bias things, memes, photos, videos, websites, ideas, GIFs, and everything. This goes beyond the Obama Internet Net Neutrality, AKA Internet Kill-Switches.

Banning Smoking?

SJW councillor takes aim at smoking in films — are car chases next? David Menzies talks about it. Stefan Molyneux makes videos about it. The Internet is a powerful tool. Artificial Intelligence (AI), like guns, tools, weapons, technology, like many things, can be used for good and for evil. Hitler Oprah?

Matrix Google Murder?

Is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) being programmed towards a Rothschild 1984 Pre-Crime Judge Dredd Minority Report future? Keep in mind, a better question in life is not always whether something is good or bad but in what is better. It is good, it is better, to compare and contrast many things, ideas. Google Trains Machines To Terminate Patients Through Probability Predictions. Alex Jones breaks down how Google has been training machines to terminate patients through probability predictions.

That is what philosophy is all about.

Molyneux makes videos about philosophy. We love free, open, honest, debate. We love the discourse. That is what the Internet is all about. I'm Oatmeal because I eat Oatmeal. I'm the Original Oatmeal because I'm a Content Creator since 1995, if not sooner. Oatmeal is symbolic for our daily bread, for we are the clay and the Creator is the potter. The good news is that people are doing their best to fight for liberties, for freedoms, for family first values, for Internet freedoms, for community first focus.

Funny Memes About Banning Memes?

You can help us in that if you're not already and our children may not have a free Internet in the future if we don't continue to do what we can to stop them.

Perspective Illuminates Direction, Destiny

Now, many things are happening in the world in regards to the Internet even. So, they're killing the Internet on one hand. But on the other hand, the Internet is being reborn through this place even, through decentralized blockchains, cryptocurrencies, networks, the dark webs, places like Steemit, Gab, Bitchute, Dlive, Minds, DuckDuckGo, Bitcoin, FreeGeek, Ubuntu,,, BitTorrent, and much more. And that is good for so many reasons but we should be trying our best to help regardless of what may or may not happen in the future regardless of whether they be good things, bad things, because either we do our best to stop the worse or we do our best to help the best, but we win either way.

Link Tax? Hyperlinks to be Taxed?

I'm writing this rough draft article post as a brief introduction for my readers on what happening. Here are photos and links and many things in regards to the battle between patriots (assassins) and globalists (Templar knights) as mentioned in Assassin's Creed and also in Metal Gear. Is the EU really trying to tax us all for mentioning articles, websites, videos, photos, or anything? Are they trying to copyright, trademark, ban, random words, keywords, memes, links to external websites, references, quotes, fair use things, internationally, online, offline?

EU NWO Trying to Destroy the InterWebs?

Again, this is only a rough draft here and I do try my best to make as many references I can, correlations between history, current events, globally, historically, culturally, socially, with pop culture, movies, books, cartoons, comics, television shows, memes, ideas, music videos, GIFs, photos, videos, links, articles, and more.

Why do this?

That is why I share so many links and photos and videos and everything each day on the World Wide Web (WWW), because it works and because life is short. Many of my family members and many of my friends have died. I've lost people. I'm 33 years old as of this year, 2018, born 1985, in Oregon, was in Vietnam, have seen many things. I'm learning all about perspective and about eternal principles, hope over dope, things that truly matter.

They're banning fathers and mothers.

They say that you can't say mommy or daddy because that would be offensive, mean, bias, racist, sexist, hateful, and many things towards people without parents. They say these things. College students are being brain washed. But Kanye West, Candace Owens, Paul Joseph Watson, Steven Crowder, Mark Dice, and many others, are red pilling many of the youth. That is good. We all can do that.

They're trying to murder Tommy?

They're killing us with 5G phone cancer, chem-trails, many things. Angry Chinese Walking Dead Bird Zombie Diseases, Viruses, are murdering over 40% of the humans in China, out of thousands of people, in 2017 alone, so far, as an example of big things happening in the world.

What are they doing?

They're attacking us technologically, chemically, morally, educationally, socially, and much more. Continue to fight for the survival of Steemit and the Internet in general. Each generation fights for freedoms. A generation can lose freedoms when they do nothing. Evil is not the worse thing in the world. Apathy is pretty bad. Arrogance and ignorance is really bad. When humans see bad stuff (James 4:17) and do nothing, then that is the worse, really.

What is hypocrisy, irony?

When you know to do good and refuse to do that, then that is sin, depravity, evil, iniquity, the path towards the dark side in so many ways. Continue to fight. Create memes. Write songs. Be funny. Speak truth. Never stop. That is why Tommy is in jail. I'm Tommy. You're Tommy. They're trying to murder me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, the Cool Kid of Oregon. If I'm dead someday, globalists murdered me. Continue to spread the Oatmeal after I am murdered. They're trying to murder people like me, like Matt Drudge, like Alex Jones, like Donald Trump, like Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, like Mike @Cernovich, and like others too. Thanks for reading. Eat some Oatmeal.

The Death of Internet

2018-06-19 Tuesday 04:53 PM LMS: The Death of Internet
Written by me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Published at 11:42 PM

The Left Has Awakened To Internet Censorship As The EU Prepares Plan To Break The Internet

Paul Joseph Watson joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down the EU's new internet regulations under Article 13 which will ban memes, force websites to police uploads, and levy taxes on posting links.

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The EU Has Accepted Soros’ Plan To Ban Memes And Conservative Speech On The Web

Alex Jones reveals how the globalist forces pushing to censor the internet and end free speech are planning to release a massive bio-weapon that wipes out a large portion of the human population.

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PSA Sitch - I Got A Strike For Hate Speech

In regards to women marches. Quotes on YouTube videos which ere not taken down. YouTube violates fair use laws and much more. Comedy on Louis Farrakhan quotes.

Spain to Ban Mean Memes?

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I'm a busker and they're coming for me as well.

When the music's over, turn out the lights.

I like to think Jim Morrison was some sort of unconsenting prophet.

That's when the sun will be darkened, the day I am arrested for playing music I didn't write.

And the moon will turn blood red and then apocalypse will come.

All because they told me to stop playing music.

I hold the keys to the universe really.

Didn't you know?

It's time to go to my underground bunker and learn to knit sweaters with golden thread.

Is a Busker a British? Who is Jim Morrison? They're trying to ban memes and music too. Good to have bunkers and food pantries as we tried to get for Y2K for sure. Good to have fun and to be smart too.

Hi Joey,

I suggest you use google (ok, duck duck go).

A busker is a street musician. Street musicians play their own music as well as covers of popular songs on the streets.

It's any unlicensed use of a popular song that could be restricted through trade acts like the TPPA/CETA. Luckily these acts don't have much footing at the moment but similar authoritarian views on copyright will be introduced in new ones.

Jim Morrison is the lead singer of The Doors.



I play guitar, piano. I sing. I like Indie music. I'm concern with the abuse of alleged copyrights, trademarks, & things that manipulated towards centralized control that hijacks free markets. Trying to protect content creators through so called copyrights and everything sounds ideal, theoretically, but the world is not that simple. I've heard, for example, that Disney stole ideas from others. Disney might have copyrighted the things he stole. So, in other words, copyrights are not that simple. Plus, I don't like maximizing federal governments, powers, in deciding the fate of these things. Let the free market decide. For example, if I steal your song, some people may know that. People can still choose to support you. If I stole your song, people could boycott me. The free market can help so much. We all can help each other out.