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What are the differences between men and women? The divide is as wide as night and day. Men walk around with blue sunglasses, blue hearing aids, blue clothes, blue country songs, and blue megaphones, singing the blue song. Everything is blue like Blue's Clues from Nick. Men are strong in respect and weak in love. Men see things through that shade of blue, of an emphasis of respect. Remember the Blue (Da Ba Dee) song by Italian Eurodance band Eiffel 65 from 1998 from their Europop album. This Blue song topped the charts in 17 countries and was featured in Iron Man 3 and Smurfs, The Lost Village. Men are not always the same as women, fundamentally, usually, and that does not have to be a bad thing. It is a good thing when understood in the context of the meaning and purpose of life. Understanding that difference between genders (sexes) pulls relationships together towards common goals. All kinds of relationships are destroyed from within, from the center out, like an atom without a nucleus. Like a tree without roots. Like a Jedi with no force. What happens when you build your house upon the sand? Remember that song? The rain pours down and the floods comes up, and the house on the sand goes flat. It crumbles without a foundation on rock, on Savior Creator Jesus who is God, on eternal principles, which is understood better through the study of history, psychology, anthropology, sociology, theology, religion, culture, traditions, wisdom, and especially perspective.

Men are blue but what about women? What is their perspective or PerspecLOVE? Women walk around in pink clothes, or maybe red clothes like the lady in red. By the way, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, and Joey Arnold, have crossed dressed on television, films, in videos. Tom Hanks was a woman in Bossom Buddies. Robin Williams was a woman in Mrs. Doubtfire. Joey Arnold was a woman in Lady in Red "Token Fingers" with Lincoln Hawk, produced by Luke Rocheleau in 2009 in Long Beach, California. Joey said, "Is it my hair? Should I cut it?" No, it is your face. Dude looks like a lady. Great song from Mrs. Doubtfire. Women walk around with pink sunglasses, pink hearing aids, pink megaphones, or pink microphones actually, and pink clothes. Men may have blue megaphones, women, pink microphones as they talk more, generally, than men who talk louder with megaphones, on average. Women are strong in love and weak in respect. Women help men in love and men help women in respect. Both boys and girls learn respect from men and love from women, as children grow up. Kids especially learn the art and nature of love and respect from parents, guardians, teachers, leaders, people around them, or the lack thereof, at least to some extent. The psychology question, the debate between what influences children as they grow up the most, be it nature and/or nurture, is there, and the answers may lie mostly in the middle, pun intended in the word lie as it has a double meaning in laying and in deception. The answers are there and it is fundamental for society to study. Hollywood, especially Disney, has been attacking the fundamentals of family values. I'm reading the Disney and the Bible book by Perucci Ferraiuolo which goes through the history of Disney films during the 20th century, that is the 1900's, mostly. In the film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, a human detective was hired to get to the bottom of a situation with cartoon movie star, Roger Rabbit, who believed his wife, Jessica Rabbit, was having an affair. Maybe she was cheating on him. The move may be fun to watch, but it is a seed that is planted especially in unfiltered children. When families are not taking the time to inspire children to be more godly, loving, respectful, considerate, moral, based on the eternal principles of the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, wisdom, family values, on community first values, on free markets, on free societies, on these cultural gems that withstands the rise and fall of empires, then humanity, the children, the people, will then and do then and have been falling with those empires. Sin attracts. It is good to be scared of sin, crimes, whatever you want to call them. Love is grace and justice. Men are strong in the justice, the respect. Women are stronger in the love, the grace. Both sides make up the principles of agape, of eternal, unconditional love, which is more a service, an act, a commitment, a lifestyle, a focus, than mere feeling, emotion, of lust lost in the moments of each second.

This post, this article, on Steemit here, Sunday Notes, is my raw thoughts, a diary journal on what we talked about at our Shelton Mountain View Alliance Church and also from my Disney and the Bible book and everything. I'm writing in larger paragraph blocks which encourages better writing from me but it may discourage some people from reading all of this. Maybe, not too many are reading what I write, currently. That is a general rift in life for most people. We may not feel loved or respected. So, for me, I may write less if I feel people don't read it. Maybe if people don't respect me, love me, accept me, like me, the way I am or was or whatever. We can be addicted to that need for dependency for that recognition, that Facebook Like, that Facebook Share, that Twitter Retweet, that Steemit Resteem, a hug, a thank you, a sorry, an invite, a visit, a comment (hint hint, hehe), a phone call, a Christmas Card, that hello, a simple smile, or whatever. We all look for these things. We all expect these things from others without saying a word, most of the time, and we normally forget that we all want and need all of this from each other. So, it is always good to remind each other that we all desire a hello. You look beautiful. You are smart. You are strong. You are cool, add me, hihi. You are this and you are that. Don't wait for others to give you what you want. First, you can go and get what you want. You can try to get what you want. You can ask for what you want in life in general. But secondly, you can also do to others as you want to be treated. Give others what you want. When you give love, you get love back tenfold. You reap what you sow. You profit in it. On Steemit, when you upvote, resteem, comment, share, and invest in people you like, in things you like, you reap a movement that grows slowly over time. That movement rises over the spam, abuse, the alleged Steemit rewards pool RAPE, the problems, the things. Bad ideas are replaced with better ideas. Focus on what you believe in. Don't just do things because people react to it. Do it out of passion, principles, perspective, a real drive, an unchanging commitment. When you find something you believe in, then you do it regardless of whether you make lots of money from it or not. For me, I can do better on Steemit for example when I focus not just on making a lot of money. Because I could be led down a path of only writing and posting whatever I think can profit the most money on Steemit based on what is safe and profitable. We have to write down our agenda on the wall, on the fridge, in the car, and especially in our hearts. Long ago, people had porn. It was called the worship of the Baal god of Canaan. Communities watched male and female priests in adult films but thousands of years ago. That encouraged the villages to have sex with each other outside of marriage. They also sacrificed children on fire. Tommy Robinson has been exposing children trafficking in Europe, especially in England. That is why Tommy is in jail right now. Please share the #FreeTommy thing. Millions of people have been protesting and marching for Tommy in 2018 in many countries around the world like America, Canada, Australia, England, all over Europe. There has been reporting bans on the imprisonment of Tommy. The judge said you will be imprisoned for mentioning Tommy. I wonder if there was children rape in the Baal worship thousands of years ago. Cults and religions can root in and towards Satanism, Luciferianism, progressive liberal leftism, socialism, communism. There seems to be a move towards revolution in Italy this past week. I'm still struggling and debating on how I write and what I write on Steemit, Facebook, and everywhere else as well. I sometimes write big paragraphs, small paragraphs, and sometimes medium paragraphs, which reminds me of Goldy Locks and the three little pigs, I mean bears. That reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. We can compare current events and culture with that of ancient counterparts. It helps us all as we write and draw and film and create comparisons and contrasts between cultures and people and religions and places found around the world throughout the span of world history. Control freaks have been telling us only one side of the story at school and in movies and in books and in the news and especially at the hospitals and doctor clinics. Control freaks say we should stop some children from dying but then they say that we should also help people murder unborn children. Why not find ways to abort babies without the requirement to kill them and then keep them in a water tank like they did to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, in the Empire Strikes Back? The general public is unaware of newer technology, science, as control freaks try to hide it all from us. Some of the military jets are over forty years old. They have newer ones out there. Same thing with science. A few days ago, Trump signed a bill to let the terminally ill the right to try experimental medicines. Control freaks try to make sure Big Pharma doctors can pull the plug on patients when those people may be close to becoming zombies, vegetables. However, the control freaks also try to make sure that the terminally ill cannot do whatever they want in trying to recover. We do better when we let each individual make those choices as it is the responsibility of each individual to take care of his or her own body for sickness and in heath like a marriage with oneself. I am setting before you today a blessing and a cursing, in life, in eternal principles, in things that have been working for thousands of years all around the world, a blessing if you obey those principles and a curse if you disobey and stray from those principles, Deuteronomy 11:26-28. Still debating on my footers, in my formating, in how I write. I have been updating my footers each day or each week. My one year anniversary on Steemit is this month, June of 2018. What is the Megiddo Hill you are willing to die on for what matters in life? The family hill? The culture hill? The political hill? The health hill? The community hill? The school hill? The blockchain technology hill?

Sunday Notes

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