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Alex Jones is great entertainment, although he hits great points, I think alot of it is for show business. He seems to do so much better for himself than the others who make content on similar material. Im wary of him. Ive seen alot more truthsayers getting banned or de monetized for saying alot less . Sometimes i wonder who is protecting him, if anyone at all. These are my opinions 😁😁. These days we had better question everyone and everything, our livelihoods depend on it 🤗

Memes are Perspective-Changing.

Alex is more effective than others because he is entertaining. That is the secret. The left has been entertaining as well for decades and that is how the left influence society, globally, by slipping pass our brains straight into our hearts.

How do we win in global information wars?

The only way we counter that programming, that propaganda, is to be subtle, entertaining, through music videos, memes, videos, articles, GIFs, and more.

Bypassing Brains Into Hearts.

Back in August of 2017, just twelve months ago, we were singing the famous Alex Jones Folk Song. I entered that contest. Now, we are here.

Can you believe they censored him off legacy social media sites?!

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