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Sleeping Around.

When you least expect it, Hades blackens the pupils of my soul, my destiny, forcing a forced restart on my Lenovo Yoga 510-15ISK laptop which has been running Ubuntu Mate. My computer sometimes refuses to awaken from sleep mode.


Broken Sleep Mode?

Normally, I press the sleep button on my computer (laptop), and then the monitor (screen) goes black (turns off) as the system (computer's operating system) goes into stand-by mode, AKA it goes to sleep.


Normally, my computer wakes up when I press the sleep button again. But every few days, it doesn't wake up, which forces me to press and hold on the power button for ten to twenty seconds straight to make and force the computer to turn off completely.


After that, I restart my computer, I mean, I turn my computer back on. I'm feeling this might be a bug in Ubuntu Mate, my operating system, but I am currently not sure what it may be yet.

Coma Computer

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Published in July of 2018

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My phone died on me last night, thought it would just be the battery so I went to buy a replacement... But was told it was my screen.
It was $100 to replace the screen or $190 to upgrade to. A samsung Note 5, I went with the upgrade. However now I have the issue of Google authenticator having all my passwords on my old phone. And when you sync up your new phone... Everything Google syncs, Except Google authenticator.
So now it looks like I'll have to pay for a new phone and have the old one repaired anyway. 😪
Does anyone know anyways around having to pay to repair my screen? I wish I could display the contents of my phone straight to a computer screen or something simple...

Hope your issue is an easy fix @joeyarnoldvn

Did you try search for how-to websites, videos, on fixing screens? I've seen them. It can depend on what kind of screen issues you have exactly.

You can try to take apart the phone if you want. You can try to connect the hard drive to another screen. It is hard to say if your screen is dead or not, even if they say it is. They might just want your money. This happens with cars, too. Professionals are not paid to teach you how to fix your own problems. You can either throw money at them or you can learn how to diagnose problems and take it a step at a time.

I was wondering about putting another screen on it, or whether the screen display would even be compatible..
I've sent off a few emails, so i suppose while I wait for their replies I can look at my options.

You can either pay money for a replacement, a new phone, for repairs, or whatever, or you can learn how to maybe fix it yourself. For me, I have spent many years learning how to fix my own computer problems since about 1998 or so, the past twenty or so years. I save money this way and it can take a lot of time but it is like a revolution.

Emailing people for help might be the slowest way to get help. There is Discord. There are places on Facebook, Steemit, Twitter, and many other places, where you can find people that can help maybe.

For example, like me, I probably know how to fix your problem.