Ancient Giants

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Woke up, and guess what was on my television.

Cough cough, I mean, try to guess what was on my laptop, right on YouTube, since I fell asleep listening to Jerome Corsi Nation, can you guess what was on my screen? I saw Michael Tellinger in this video talking about Some of the Strangest Discoveries Ever Made on Ancient Origins.

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Sound vibrates a certain way, and it reshapes things, even rocks, according to frequencies, and 5G, music, and many things that they throw at us each day reshapes our brains, the cells, the structures, the molecules, like microwaves do. Music can make or break us, literally.

Cymatic Patterns
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Store data in rocks, crystals? Are rocks alive?
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Ancient Giants

Published in September of 2018 | By Oatmeal Joey Arnold | @joeyarnoldvn

Timeline: Ancient Giants

2018-09-18 Tuesday 11:49 AM LMS | Ancient Giants
Published at 02:13 PM Tuesday

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Antennas Are Bi-Directional?

Why do churches have crosses at the top of their steeples? Do they act as antennas, like a radio tower? Can antenna send data, information, sound, waves, out the other way, the other direction? Can aliens, government, people, creatures, the New World Order (NWO), China, or whatever, detect, find, read, study, archive, collect, the stuff we're sending from our chimneys, satellite dishes, antennas, from our houses, stores, businesses, buildings, factories, hills, countries, anywhere, and everywhere?

Peer-to-Peer Internet?

Now that we know this, can we develop better ways to communicate this way, globally, through a short-wave radio style Internet, WIFI, that can be decentralized, that can bypass centralized Internet Service Providers (ISP), the NSA, the government, corporatism, China, certain servers, nodes, phone companies, electricity companies, and everything? Can we get Internet to go directly from person to person like Bitcoin, like Bit Torrent, that is not filtered, that is not funneled through ISP or anything, that can be sent all around the world from our houses or cars or anywhere? Do we try to cut off our antennas in fear of being spied on by Facebook, the swamp, by technocracy, plutocracy, corporatism, by deep state, or whatever, or do we try to turn this problem, or potential problem, into a good thing, a tool, like we did with the Internet and with email and Bitcoin and everything? American government, through DARPA, the NSA, through the CIA, started developing the Internet, in the 1920's a little and then a lot more in the 1970's, and they started Google and Facebook, in order to, like Kanye West said, to enslave us, but people turned Internet from being something that would control & kill us into something that can continue to free us and help us live better and that continues in the wonders of Bitcoin, Steem, Gab, Minds, Bitchute, Real Video, Bit Torrent, Ubuntu, etc. We can continue to make history as we fight for freedom and everything.

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Honey heals cuz of vibration of the bee buzzing.

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