Comcast is Threatening Us

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Attacking Free Speech?

Copyright infringement is the claim in the email sent to us today, allegedly, it would seem. Comcast is our Internet Service Provider (ISP) and cable provider. Comcast, YouTube, CBS, Sony, and others, have sent me these kind of emails before for similar claims for YouTube videos I posted which were protected under at least two American laws, first that of Fair Use, and second that of Safe Harbor, and there is also Anti-Trust to look at as well.

Attacking the 4th Amendment?

There may be other laws as well, including the 1st, 4th, and 10th amendment. YouTube attacked me for alleged copyright infringements and then shut down my entire Ojawall channel in October of 2017. Like I said, Comcast, our ISP, emailed us. Comcast sent us a copyright infringement notice without specifying the details, similar to the censorship found from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, YouTube, etc. What should we do? They're trying to take us down. We live near Seattle.

YouTube Terminated my Fair Use Ojawall Channel in 2017

Screenshot at 2018-09-18 23:02:35.png

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This makes my stomach bitter sweet.

I'm feeling it is time to switch to decentralized, peer to peer, blockchain, short waved radio style WIFI Internet, alternatives to centralized ISP demons, before it is too late. What do you think? Time is running out. They're cracking down on people in America, in China, in North Korea, especially in Europe thanks to the tyranny of the EU in banning memes, alleged hate speech, and much more. I'm not too sure what to do as I've yet to get blockchain Internet. Someday, maybe. Legally, whatever happened to the 4th amendment, which Comcast is trying to violate, trespass upon, not to mention the first and tenth amendment?

Timeline: Comcast is Threatening Us

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Copyright Alert System

Six strikes & your internet goes away? Learn about the issues that internet users may face with the new Copyright Alert System being voluntarily introduced by many of the major American ISPs including Comcast and Time Warner. This system may limit user's ability to share legal content, so abuses of the system should be monitored.

Fake Copyright Claim?

Our ISP, ​Comcast, may have sent​ us a copyright infringement notice. In some cases, they may want you to respond to the email, assuming they don't already have your email address, legally speaking.

I've been watching videos about it today.

People say that Comcast and others try to trap people into these situations by getting people who are ignorant of laws and everything to respond to emails and to get pulled down a rabbit trail like the Nigerian Prince emails but domestically in a different kind of way.

Don't Respond to Those Emails?

In some cases, groups may try to track what the IP addresses (computers) are doing, what they're downloading, uploading, streaming, sharing, etc, and then they may sometimes forwards the list of the IPs to internet service providers (ISP).

IPs are not people?

But they may not connect the IPs to actual names, and they may want you to respond to emails to prove the connection between IPs and the legal names of the ISP users.

Lay Low? Mix It Up?

Many people in America run into these kinds of issues. Their advice is to lay low for 6 or so months, to not raise red flags, awareness, for a while or to maybe change the way you do things. There is fair use, safe harbor, anti-trust; also, the 1st, 4th, and 10th amendment, to consider.

Appeal Them?

YouTube sent me copyright infringement notices on some of my videos in 2017. They gave me a form where I could appeal those claims. With my one channel, Ojawall, I didn't notice the claims until it was too late because I didn't check my emails in time to respond before it was too late, like I checked my emails maybe a month after they sent the emails. So, they terminated that channel around that time in October of 2017.


But with my joeyarnoldvn channel on YouTube, I removed those videos which had copyrighted music in the background, and that is all I had to do. In those situations, you can try to appeal with fair use, etc. You can also just remove the videos, for example. My videos, by the way, were fair use. But I decided not to fight for them because I was too busy and tired while I was in Vietnam as a freelance English Teacher at that time in 2017, which was last year around this time.

But those emails were specific.

It was one email per video for each claim. It was not vague. When YouTube emailed me with alleged, fake, copyright infringement claims, it was one claim per email per video, to the point, and not vague. You do not have to respond to these emails. You can click on a link to appeal them or you remove the videos they flag, they attack. When you appeal, you may have to someday go to court, have a trial, and battle it out, or reach a settlement. Lawyers, attorneys, legal fees, can be expensive. In some cases, they kind of want people to get sucked into all of that in order to become more in debt, more bankrupt, more hopeless, enslaved like never before.


A real copyright infringement claim needs to be specific like that, in most cases. There is a lot more that people say in videos and in articles about these things all over the Internet. You can hide or try to hide your IP, as in mask your IP, from your ISP, with the help of proxies, programs, etc, and there may be other options as well. Here is one video for example, below:

​Some argue, legally speaking, that an Internet Service Provider (ISP), like Comcast, are legally prohibited from sharing which ISP users belong to which IP address, legally speaking.

So, third parties may legally or illegally collect IP addresses, forward those lists of IPs to ISPs, but those ISPs are not supposed to tell these third parties the identities of those IPs. It is similar to Doctor Patient Confidentiality in some ways, perhaps.

When copyright infringement claims are made by ISPs, like Comcast for example, they are normally made on behalf of third parties, not by the ISPs, not by Comcast, themselves, not directly, and maybe not even legally either, and third parties do, in some cases, threaten the ISPs to do their dirty work for them or else kind of thing as they bully ISPs to do things that are illegal by claiming that others are being illegal, which is what the left does all the time, legally and morally.

In many cases, these email claims can be ignored as nothing will happen.

In some cases, the third parties, through the ISP, may go after you, if you are doing anything that involves a lot of money, or anything that can help them win a lot of money.

They generally don't go after home-use related claims, smaller things, only bigger things in most cases.

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Yeah crazy things!

What do I do?

Lol not sure! And why the hell would they care! Wow just wow

Good question.

Sure would like to see you do more post like this. Very well analysed.

Nice Post!

If Comcast doesn't kick me off any time too soon, then maybe I will, haha, wink wink, but seriously, folks, in the voice of Obama, "Folks."

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Joey the key is to make your own laws😉

How do I do that?

Always follow your hart and listen to you gut feeling your body is never wrong it knows you the best. Dont be a follower be a initiator. And stay true to god. Laws are Made to be broken to get you further in life.😉 BUT LET ME WARN YOU ITS HARDDDDD!

Yeah, it is tough, and our gut is a trinity to our heart and mind in so many ways.

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Dear Joey Thanks but I Will stick at Reading through your posts. Busy lady remember have a lovely day here is the last day before fall

Happy last day before fall and thanks.


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We have to stop this insanity. Like not using their serves.

Agreed. Are you voting?