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mexico usa invasion

It's happening right now.

Watch the live streams of the borders between the United States & Mexico, today, just three days after Thanksgiving 2018. Here are some videos, below, of what is happening. Tell me what you think. Thousands of people have been slipping by security in 2018, just this year alone. But millions are on the way. This is how Rome fell. We are being invaded. It's worse than you think. It's worse than the Soros invasion in Europe. It's like the Trojan Horse but worse. China is invading us as well but in a different kind of way. Leftists have been invading our educational, science, and banking systems. So, why not talk about it? Why not tell Trump about this at and why not share this article? Why not get involved? A bunch of things are happening right now on many levels? Why not make a video about it? Why not write a post about it on Facebook? Why not do something right now? Join us & be part of history before it is too late.

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