2013, September

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Moved from District 12 to Tan Phu. Began working for the Nguyen Thi Hien High School and the Thu Duc group. Was working on Mea Omnia. Was on Couch Surfing. Was attacked by Kangaroo English.

2013-09-19 - Thursday - 11:08 PM PST - 9257_434606619983403_1545051232_n.jpg

Published: 2013-09-19 - Thursday - 11:08 PM PST
English Club - Thành Hưng With Oatmeal, MyPhong Nattr and Ngân Thy Nguyễn.

Mea Omnia

2013-09-01 - Sunday - 07:17 AM PST: the first day of September of 2013: I emailed Brent Groth about including better tags, hashtags, categories, for blog posts, for pages, on our Mea Omnia website and for blogs that would talk about that website. We had an email conversation concerning how we are to go about it. He was struggling. So, I was trying to give him some advice: I wrote: "Yes. That is where you can add categories and tags below the publish button. Yes, I added a rap video by Eminem. You can check mark on the categories I already added. You can click on the video category if your posts includes at least one video." 10:27 AM: Brent: "Is it a problem if there is a category addd for everything. Meaning one for dinosaurs, one for houses, one for bbq, one for candy, etc. Can there be as many categories as we want, or will that be difficult to keep track of." 06:14 PM: me: "There are no category or tag limits. I am not aware of any limitations on categories, tags, plugins, themes, pages, posts, comments, users, SQL files, emails. Each post can be categorized with as many categories as you want but please try to start with the simple categories first. You should first categorize a video post with the video category and categorize a photo post with a photo category and then you can add other more complex categories to them after that." 07:11 AM: me: "Are plugins making our site load slower?" 10:24 AM: "I don't know. It's tough to know. There are a lot of factors. This list of sped items is endless. My computer is different than yours, so it is tough to know what is making something load slow. If they are slow, but cool, we should keep them until there is a cooler one to exchange it with. If it a plugin is really holding something up, we should delete it." 06:32 PM: me: "I told a few Vietnamese friends about MeaOmnia.com. After I tell them about Mea Omnia, people usually don't say much, but some are intrigued. Some may be more interested to know if I can help them build a website. I showed Mea Omnia on somebody's computer, on their Windows operating system ran desktop computer, on the web browser Internet Explorer (IE), and a pop-up error popped up. Our site may have problems when the IE tries to run it, or it could be a problem with IE, or his computer, or our site, or the internet, or WP, or GoDaddy, Shared, other things, and/or other combination of things. He claims that he does not run into pop-up errors with IE on other sites. We went onto the site using Firefox on his computer and there was no pop up errors. Try to test our site with IE and other browser."

Easy English

2013-09-01 - Sunday - 09:45 PM: I began emailing Ms Lynn on the 21st of August, 2013. I was looking for work. I told about how Tan Van broke their contract with me without a letter. Lynn replied: "Hi Joey, I am very sorry to know about your current situation. I am also sorry that I have just signed an agreement with a female teacher yesterday evening. Anyway, my center is going to move a new place so i need time to set up everything. If I have more new classes, I will contact you. In my opinion, you should take TOEFL certificate at this time. It is good for your future. Take care and best wishes, Lynn." 09:58 PM: me: "I will continue to look for work. I will continue to study for the TOEFL or other certificates/programs, as long as I can I find enough money to get a teaching certificate, but there are so many different schools and websites that offer these courses, these classes, these teaching certificates, at various credit hours of around 50 - 200 credit hours, at various prices from probably not any less than 1,000,000 VND to as high as 40,000,000 VND or more, depending on all of these things, I have to decide upon all of these factors. Thanks for writing." 10:05 PM: Lynn: "You should choose the one that is suitable for your money. The most important thing you should do to study how to teach well and make the students master the lessons easily."

Golden Boy

2019-09-02 - Monday - 09:53 PM - I started watching Golden boy a few days ago. I am about to finish at about 12:30 PM noon Tuesday, the 3rd of September 2013 at Gu Viet Coffee shop in district 11, HCM Vietnam Asia. 13 episodes of season 1, aired in 2013.

Now You Can See Me

2013-09-03 - Tuesday - 12:30 PM - 02:30 PM ICT - I am watching the film Now You See Me, 12:30 - 2:30PM, Tuesday, the 3rd of September 2013 at Gu Viet Coffee, district 11, HCM, Vietnam Asia. It has Morgan Freeman and the star from the Facebook film. I am now watching the film Jobs, 2:30 - 4PM Tuesday, the 3rd of September 2013 at Gu Viet Coffee, district 11, HCM, Vietnam Asia.

Taken 2

2013-09-03 - Tuesday - 04:30 PM - 06:40 PM ICT - I watched the film Taken 2 today, 4:30 - 6:40PM Tuesday, the 3rd of September 2013 at Gu Viet Coffee, district 11, HCM VN Asia. Published at 04:20 AM PST.

How I Met Your Mother (HIYM)

2013-09-03 - Tuesday - 06:30 PM - 07:00 PM ICT - I watched the first episode (which aired in 2005) of the TV show How I Met Your Mother, 6:30PM - &PM, Tuesday, the 3rd of September 2013 at Gu Viet Coffee, district 11 HCM VN Asia.


2013-09-04 - Wednesday - 08:20 AM ICT - Watched the first episode of the TV show Deception a second ago, 8:20AM Wednesday, then 4th of September 2013 at my shared room in district 12 HCM VN Asia.... I finished watching the 7 episodes of the first 2013 season of the TV comedy show called Save Me about a woman who gets periodically possessed by God who resurrected her after she shocked on a mid-might snack. I finished watching this first season at 3PM, Wednesday, the 4th of September 2013 at cafe Kiwi, district Tan Phu, HCM VN Asia.

Through The Cosmos

2013-09-04 - Wednesday - 03:00 PM ICT - I am watching Through the Cosmos or Wormhole (TTW) With Morgan Freeman, via this link: at 3PM, Wednesday, the 4th of September 2013 at cafe Kiwi, district Tan Phu, HCM, VN, Asia.

Hoa Thien Bien - Tan Van - 2013 - September - 16142379_10202484485231324_8882239175241086147_n.jpg
Hoa Thien Bien

Tan Van Foreign Language School

2013-09-05 - Thursday - 08:03 AM: Hoa Thien Bien Facebook messaged me: "hi, i have known Tan Van Foreign language school did not call you teach English 3 months ago. is it right? and when you call them, they did not answer, when you send mail, they did not answer. i wanna you answer, and if it is the truth, i will help you."

U.S. Bank

2013-09-06 - Friday - 05:26 AM: My bank balance was $368.41 USD. Back on Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013, at 04:07 AM, I wrote in an email to myself: "Apx 3,500,000 VND ($164.5 USD), $1 USD (21,276.60 VND as of Tuesday, the 20th of August 2013), and a $10 Euro Bill ($13.37 USD and 284,468.09 VND) in my pocket. Apx $3 (63,829.79 VND) in coins in a bag. Bank: $318.41 (6,774,680.85 VND). Total: 10,644,255.33 USD ($500.28 USD apx)." My username was jarnold0211. Apx 3,500,000 VND ($164.5 USD), $1 USD (21,276.60 VND as of Tuesday, the 20th of August 2013), and a $10 Euro Bill ($13.37 USD and 284,468.09 VND) in my pocket. Apx $3 (63,829.79 VND) in coins in a bag. Bank: $318.41 (6,774,680.85 VND). Total: 10,644,255.33 USD ($500.28 USD apx). Bills for August and September: possible estimates: predictions: $350 for rent for August, September and parts of October 2013: $150 for food. That leaves me with zero dollars in early October. If I work September, I'll be paid early October. I may go broke if I am not working and paid early October when I may run out of money." Aug. 30: 10:54 PM: "31st of August 2013 Update: No changes at my U.S. Bank. But my wallet is around $140 or less or more now. 11 days ago, my wallet may have had around $20 more or so."


2013-09-09 - Monday - 05:22 AM - I have been watching Perception since Saturday or so when I first started and I am now finished watching all the episodes to the most recent of season 2. Today, watched the newest episodes of Perception, Breaking Bad, Ray Donovan, and even and lastly Dexter. Loan called. I am watching the first episodes to Anger Management and Unforgettable at Kiwi from around 7:30 - 9 PM.


2013-03-10 - Tuesday - 07:02 PM - Tuesday, the 10th of September 2013, my room-mate Hung Nguyen took his father to the doctors or hospital. When I cam home at 9:45 PM that night, Hung told me that I forgot to turn off the light when I left the house that morning and I did not know that and he was so mad and he had this split personality like Kathy would have. It seems that people who worship Buddha begin to get bipolar and other things from Satan. He also wants me to buy detergent soap for my clothes and I said that it is not smart to spend money when I do not have a job, a bunch of money, you know work, employment, as in incoming income.

Blacklist Deportation

2019-03-10 - Tuesday - 11:57 PM - I wrote: "People tell me that they will get me deported. I am making a list of people who tell me these things." Mom: "you must be very nice to people, especially when you don't have a job at the moment." But I did have a job, actually. I was teaching English to people and was getting paid while in Vietnam, 2012-2017. Kangaroo Eglish Club: "He will never get a job mom." Vy Le: "Please add me to that list." I asked Vy: "Do you hate me, now?"

Wag The Dog?

2013-09-11 - Wednesday - 01:17 AM - Facebook - Yesterday, I met a man who has a teaching certificate. I do not have a teaching certificate. Guess what he did. He asked me for advice. He is going to have an interview at a school in HCM. Do you find that strange? Wouldn't I be asking him for advice? He is the one with the "Qualification." Never mind my teaching experience during these past 10 (ten) months in Vietnam, and 10 (ten) years of related experience in related things, and just my whole life in general of 28 years. But it is always nice to make new friends.


2013-09-14 - Saturday - 04:16 AM - First Time in Vietnam - Couch Surfing Post - I replied: "You can live with my 25 year old Vietnamese male friend in district 12 for $25 USD a month (that is 500,000 dongs VND), because he wants to practice English. His name is Hung Nguyen. This offer goes to anybody who may be interested.:

Best Friends

2013-09-18 - Wednesday - 11:23 PM - Since I was about 12 years old in the year 1997, I started making top friends lists. It reminds me of when fathers say, "Billy, you are my favorite son. Do not tell your brother that or he will get angry." In closed-doors, I may make those lists of who I like more and who I like not as much. However, in the public, I prefer being friends with the more then the better. Plus, I try my best to flee from conditional friendships. That means I am not going to block them no matter what. Unconditional love means being there even when they aren't. Vy Le: "i will unfriend more when i have time." Me: "then why friend them in the first place?" Mom: "I keep everyone if at all possible." Mo Thi Ngoc Phan commented on my Facebook a few times.

Kathy Stole My Bike

2013-09-20 - Friday - 09:35 AM - She stole my bike. Le Hang Nguyen: - "it isn't make funny." I replied: "Who said it's funny?" Le: "This story is the past... let's see lesson..... yes. when you forgot it, you would been have the better solution." Me: "Sometimes, when we forget things, we make the same mistakes over again, which causes history to repeat itself in a bad kind of way, that is when we fail to remember, to not forget, that is when we do not learn from our mistakes of the past." Sue Trang Nhi: "Why do you say that again and again? better... you should spend time for another things . Would be better !" Me: "You have insufficient foresight, wisdom, information, knowledge, insight, to make such statements, accusations, premature assumption, subliminal and subconscious judgements. What is better? What is worse? Who decides what is better and what is not better? Who is the rule maker in these regards? When we fail to remember certain things, we become lethargic, boring, apathetic, depressed, into making habits, lifestyle trends, that will set us down a wide path towards a cliff." My monthly $6 USD bank maintenance fee was waived August but I had to pay it for September. I wrote: "What should international travelers do with their money? Which bank should I go with in Vietnam, Original Oatmeal? For the past year, my monthly maintenance fee, with my U.S. Bank, was waived, until September 2013. SO, this month, I had to pay about $6 for this month's maintenance fee. I only want a bank account if it is free. It costs a few dollars to get money out of ATMs. I am looking for the cheapest options. I may choose to keep the money in my pocket to save money. Every penny counts. Every dong counts. Marilyn Mitchell. Rick Arnold. Nicholas Littlejohn. Jess Franklin. Mea Omnia. Restore Main Street. Eric Frendo-Cumbo. Adam Wills. Paul Walker."

Landlords Self-Rent?

2013-09-23 - Monday - 12:00 AM - Me: "Jesus was and were and is and are the Word..... Jesus is good to the last drop. Now, why am I not dead yet from Jesus-Caused Clogged Arteries?.... Edward Nims, why would Jesus pay rent for living in my heart when He's the Landlord?

Prove He Didn't Exist

2013-09-24 - Tuesday - 11:33 PM - I wrote on Facebook: "Clarence Welker is in denial. People need to prove that Jesus does not exist because most people know that He is there. The majority rules. The jury know that our own conscience is guilty of running from the things that we know to be true. Joseph Holmes is also in denial as well. Who is going to pay for your sins?" Clarence: "lol the majority rules , what an asinine and deluded statement. Sorry pal but the number of people that believe something does not make it more or less true.... By the way Joey Arnold 5 billion people disagree with you that Jesus is lord or god. So even by your own statement you are wrong.... I always wondered how it is that the death of a person ( or so called person, Jesus) actually translates into you/us being forgiven for our "sins". Sounds like to me it is just a case of most people not wanting to accept responsibility for their own actions. Really it comes off as cheap and deceitful. But who am I to point out the obvious flaws in the "Truth"." Me: "Who said I am hijacking other beliefs? It is actually the other way around. Satan is always stealing things from God, including the so-called pagan holidays of Christmas and Easter.... Our existence is proof enough that God still cares. That rich man asked if he could come back to warn people about Hell, but you know that some people will still deny Him.... Why do we need to provide evidence for God when God is the creator of evidence?.... Edward Nims, all our righteousness is as filthy rags. Our very best is still mud and garbage. We are not perfect. God is perfect. God demands perfection. No matter how hard we try, we cannot be good enough for His standards that is in and of ourselves alone without the saving blood of the lamb.... Lincoln Phipps, the purpose behind the fairy tale of evolution is to explain away the creation.... JD Kain, science must be observed. It must be tested. Gravity can be study in the present tense. Can you study the big bang in the present tense?.... Evolution is not about destroying Christianity, but in destroying the reputation of God who is not directly connected to religion.... Rosemary Lyndall-Wemm, what I say does not come from me. It has nothing to do me. What I say are not self-assertions because I did not make these things up. I am only a messenger. Don't shoot the messenger..... Clarence Welker, if God is not real, then please leave this forum because you are wasting your time. Do something that is more useful and productive."

Back Talk

2013-09-24 - Tuesday - 11:41 PM - Kyle Smith - "When a friend is dissing another one of your friends behind their back, do you ever wonder what they are saying about you behind your back? You should!" Me: "Things would go much smoother if I just didn't have a back (to talk in back of) to begin with."

Blood Bond

2013-09-26 - Thursday - 08:11 PM - How do sisters become friends while brothers become enemies? How can two bloods be so different from each other and yet so united and bonded together through something deeper than blood and fire and water itself?

My Vietnamese Name

2013-09-27 - Friday - 12:44 AM - What should be my Vietnamese name? I want to have a nick-name that is in the Vietnamese language. Submit your ideas to me. Winners may win the grand prize of forever being remembered as my Vietnamese Name Giving Mother, that is even if you're male. Ted Pickett: "Pho Nguyen." Me: "Nguyen = New River, right? What does Pho mean?" Ted: "Pho..it's a beef and rice noodle soup." I also wrote: "@Elly Na, I want a name that describes and illustrates the kind of person that I am clearly, so that people can begin to see my purpose in Vietnam. I want people to see me as a bubble of fun." My name: "He Who Adds (the Meaning Behind Joseph): ông cho biết thêm người." Original Oatmeal: "I like Long and the Nhan (Heart of Gold). I want to start making videos on Youtube, and writing, and other things as well. I want to do some things only in Vietnamese. I think I should first have a Vietnamese name first. I want a new Vietnamese identity and persona." Love An Anna: "tHIEN nAM. THIEN IS GOD . nAM IS SAI GON CITY. my name should be the "God of this city?"" RIP Painting Propaganda on Facebook. Peter Rasp - Ram Reflection. I asked on the 24th: "What's the difference between fun and funny?" Vince Warren: "Fun is a verb...having fun. Funny is a reaction to a situation or other verbage?" Jen Pableo: ""Let's have fun." .... "It is a funny movie.""

Revolution Hawaii

2013-09-27 - Friday - 06:10 AM: Facebook Blogspot Review - Andrew Fries - "I think, for the most part, humans are very cynical creatures. We focus more on the failures and the upsets and not the victories and triumphs. But that very well might be my personal view of humanity projected on everyone else. For I am a chief offender in that regard..." I replied: "Facebook has Hash Tags like Twitter?" 07:00 AM: I asked on CS: "Do foreigners grow on trees?"

Dexter Goes to WOLBI Argentina

2013-09-29 - Sunday - 06:18 AM - How many schools does Word Of Life have? There are the Word Of Life Bible Institutes in New York, Florida, Canada, Argentina, and are there any other schools, colleges? I am sure Pete Steele would love to be the president of a West Coast WOLBI. I would love to see a WOLBI in Japan for Kazu Kato and one in Africa for our African friends. There should be at least one WOLBI for each continent.... I would think that Brazil would have a WOLBI before Argentina because isn't Brazil bigger? Is that WOLBI in Argentina just for the world famous Argentina steaks? Dexter was going to be a student at the Argentina WOLBI, but then something happened in the series finale of that last episode of Dexter, that is season 8. 02:46 AM: Lucas Campbell was tagged in Maggie Campbell's photo. I wrote: "He's a sarcastically sophisticated intellectual, and not just a grumpy old brother, haha." 02:27 AM: Fulton Hawk was at Tim Hortons in Vancouver BC. I replied: "Always Fresh & Always French." 02:55 AM: On CS, I wrote: "I am Looking For a Room For Rent & For English Students: I am a white-skin American. I wear glasses. I was born and raised in the United States. I am a fluent English speaker, teacher, and tutor. Want to practice English for free? Want to build a website? Do you have a room for rent apartment? I want a small room for around 4,000,000 dongs per month or less in District 1 of Saigon. I am an artist. I play guitar. I play piano. I sing, dance, teach, counsel, tutor, invent, design, build websites, make movies, videos, things. I have been making movies and films since I was ten years old. That is 10 years old, since the year 1996. I have been in Vietnam for the past ten months since November 2012 (last year). I have many trades and skills. I am a comedian. I am an inventor. I am a writer. I am an artist. I am a philosopher. Me and a friend are making the newest social network since Facebook, that is called Mea Omnia. Want to practice English for FREE. Do you have a room for rent? There are many things I like doing. I like helping people. Be my friend." Tiem Long: "Hi Original Oatmeal Joey Arnold. Nice to meet you. My facebook is Tiem Long. I was working at the Tan Son Nhat airport. I want to learn English more. I have an apartment in District 4 near District 1. We can have coffee and discuss."

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Stole Bike - 2013-09-11 - 1243370_503169829777979_111915775_o.png
2013-09-11 - You Stole My Bike

2013, September

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Sue Trang Nhi

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