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Who are your favorite comedians, comedies, comedy, humor, jokes, funny people, animals, things, places, words, films, shows, or whatever? Surprise me in the comments, below. Say whatever you want, no rules, because what is funny to me may not be funny to you and vice versa and comedy is offensive when it is not funny by nature, like life. Here are some of my favorite comedians, as follows:

Millennial Millie:

She is beautiful, blond, smart, creative, fast, like Paul Joseph Watson (PJW), and she is on fire. Young people love her like PJW, Mark Dice, and Louder with Crowder. Her videos are going viral like Tomi Lahren and Red Pill Black Candace Owens.

Lionel Nation:

He is a lawyer and an Edutainer (Educator + Entertainer) on social media. He is a political analyst. He is very witty in his daily live stream videos where he talks about current world events, news, and compares it all to historical fundamentals. He asks questions. He is smart, has followed Qanon, Trump, Alex Jones, and more. He says it's not about Tommy Robinson or Roseanne. Well, it is and it is not. Long story short, there is always more to it and the more you know, the more you laugh, haha.

George Carlin:

First saw him at the Shining Time Station, a children show about talking Thomas the train engine. What time is it? You mean right now or the time when you asked me? The present time comes and goes, gone with the wind. Keep thy religion to yourself, he said. Don't trust government.

Steven Crowder:

The Mug Club is full of creative parodies dubbed with current world issues. The Louder With Crowder show is more popular with young adults than CNN or most cable networks.

Robin Williams:

He played Peter Pan in Hook, which was inspiring me to fly, to find my happy thought in 1991 when I was six. He played Popeye the Sailor Man, like the Hulk but Spinach instead of Anger for becoming a Transformer. He was a funny Patch Adams doctor as laughter is medicine for the soul. He was a gay version of android Data in Bicentennial Man. He went to Heaven & Hell in What Dreams May Come. He introduced me to Vietnam in Good Morning Vietnam. Later on, I visited Vietnam. He played a crazy man in One Hour Photo. He was a woman in Mrs. Doubtfire. Later on, I played a woman with Lincoln Hawk in Long Beach, California, in 2009. He played the Genie in Aladdin, which was more contagious than I Dream of Genie. He played an alien in Mork & Mindy & I thought I was an alien. He was a penguin in Happy Feet. I'm a fan of Penguin from Gotham. Love Batman. Robin was a jungle book boy turned Tarzan in Jumanji. Played an aging reversed Benjamin Button boy in Jack where he died at an old age of like 20. Bill Cosby was in that film. He was a scientist in Flubber and a psychologist in Good Will Hunting. He was USA President Theodore Roosevelt with a horse, sword, hat, glasses, & mustache, in Night at the Museum. You can click here for more of his acting career in movies & in television from 1977-2015.

Paul Joseph Watson (PJW):

Obama is not Counter Culture. Paul will tell you that. Paul has these epic videos that blows people away, like Mark Dice, Tomi Lahren, & Kanye West, all mixed into one. Paul is a Jedi.

Eddie Murphy:

He played a black version of Mister Fred Roger. He was going to be in the Ghostbusters. He was in Beverly Hills Cop in 1984, a year before I was born. Was in the Remember the Time music video with Michael Jackson & NBA basketball star Magic Johnson. He performed with Ricky Martin. He played in the Nutty Professor, an adult version of Steve Urkel in Family Matters, in where they both try to impress the girl through a Power Rangers Butterfly Effect transformation but girls want you to be you and not something fake. He was the donkey in Shrek.

Jay Leno:

For Late Night, he was better than David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Fallon, Conan, and others. Leno was a defense witness in a Michael Jackson trial in 2005. Legally on television in America, Leno was not allowed to tell jokes about Jackson during that time but he had Roseanne and others tell jokes on his behalf. Leno has a show all about his garage of cars. Tim Allen also loves cars. Like Roseanne, Tim Allen, and others, Jay Leno was fired because they were not left, politically. They were very popular, but were all fired as they were red pilling independence, free thought, like Kanye West and Tommy Robinson and Alex Jones.

Mark Dice:

The first thing I do in the morning each day is, first, go to YouTube, second, see if there is a new Mark Dice video. Third, watch it. His political commentary is amazing. Truly a highlight of my day each day. Puts a smile on my face.

Mr. Bean:

Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) is better than Communist Charlie Chaplin (CCC). Mr. Bean, like me and Chaplin, didn't say much until like that Rat Race movie. Bean has a tender heart while Chaplin was kicking people in the butt. Bean was seen getting into trouble while Chaplin was usually causing the trouble. Chaplin subliminally was encouraging open borders, like Soros. Chaplin said that all people can be the same. Agreed, but historically, genetically, culturally, generally, on average, religiously, so far, that is scientifically not the case as far as we can see, and we can see that if we study history and current times. Family first over Chaplin's Globalism. Rowan was in the Lion King. He was in a Rambo parody. He was in a James Bond film. He was in Johnny English. He was in Monty Python. He was in Oliver Twist. Johnny English Strikes Back (2018).

Anthony Cumia:

He is an older version of Steven Crowder. Here is a video here where Anthony interviews Gilbert Gottfried, who was the voice of the bird in Aladdin. Cumia is pretty smart like Lionel. Cumia has had a radio show since 1995, similar to Alex Jones. Cumia has tons of interesting guests.

Favorite Comedians

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Those are also my all time favorite shows and actors.

You love Mark Dice?

Great post. Thanks for the tip on https://www.bitchute.com/channel/pauljosephwatson/ he's awesome!!

Dlive has money like Steemit. Dlive over Dtube. Not sure if Bitchute has cryptocurrencies as well but it is a great alternative to YouTube, regardless. The competition between these blockchain websites are great. Paul is also found at http://PrisonPlanet.com

Thanks for the tips! Have great day xx

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